Since scheduling this surgery s already and Im...

Since scheduling this surgery s already and Im just a nervous wreck. I cant wait to be on the other side of this. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and I feel better already. Only 15 more days uI cant sleep, I keep waking up feeling my belly. I have gone through so many emotionntil the big day!!

Good luck to you!!
Welcome to the forum! May all your dreams and wishes become true!

13 days until my surgery!! My mom is flying out to...

13 days until my surgery!! My mom is flying out to help take care of me and my kids. I have decided to do the Atkins diet to try to get off 10 pounds before my surgery. Last night I could not sleep at all, I kept having dreams about the surgery again. I wonder if that is normal?? I have been on the internet almost everyday trying to find pictures and reviews of people who have had this same procedure. I honestly can't wait for this all to be behind me :)

I wanted to put my weight and measurments for...

I wanted to put my weight and measurments for those of you looking for similar body types.
Weight: 193.8
Height: 5'4"
I had the fleur de lis with MR, HR, and BL on the 31st of January! I am doing well! Won't see my results til Tuesday! My surgery took 6 hours! Good luck to you!
You are scheduled one day after me. I'm extremely nervous too. I keep trying to find people with bodies similar to mine to see what their results look like but haven't really found any. I'm soooooo afraid I'm going to be disappointed. This is ALOT of stress! Lol

Only 2 days, 7 hours, and 46 minutes until...

Only 2 days, 7 hours, and 46 minutes until showtime. I am so excited. My dreams stopped and I am surprisingly normal. Looking forward to posting from the flat side :)
Good luck!
I hope your surgery goes well today !!!
Looking forward to following your story!

Hey all, I am doing great. I am still at the...

Hey all, I am doing great. I am still at the hospital because I went ahead with impatient. Totally worth it its been great to have people taking care of my every little need. I did have a bout of nausea and vomiting from anesthesia but now I feel fabulous. The doctor informed me he was able to remove almost 20lbs of skin alone. I am so pleased with what I see so far. My mom was able to snap a pic while my binder was off but I was in a weird position so my skin looks creased. This was soo worth it :)
Hi! Wanted to see how you are doing. I, too, am having a Fleur de Lis. You looked great PO. Hope you managed to get through the first week without too much discomfort. Give us an update when you can.
Absolutely, I have my first post-op today and I was going to make an update and add some new pics hopefully DRAIN FREE!!! Congrats on having a fluer de lis, it's a very hard decision although my PS recommended it I was so nervous to have such huge scars but now I couldn't be happier. I look forward to following your journey.
You look great! I am so happy for you! Wish the decision for myself was more black and white. I so get why you would have the surgery....there is a great reward for you. I think myself on the other hand may just need to be happy with my tiny roll of skin. Good luck and happy healing!

So today was my first post op appt. It went well,...

So today was my first post op appt. It went well, my ps changed my steri strips and took out my stitches, unfortunatly he only removed one drain. I have another follow up on Tuesday and he is pretty confident he will be able to remove the other 2. I wanted to take a pic without my drains but that was a no go :( My scar is healing nicely my belly button looks great and my T joint looks alive and healthy still. I cannot complain. I will post pictures as soon as I have these pesky drains out.
Looking marvelous! You go girl! Glad ur healing well!
Thanks hun ;)
Wow huge difference you look great. I can't believe your preggo belly....that thing was crazy!!! Lol

So I had another appt. today and he took out the...

So I had another appt. today and he took out the rest of my drains :) So happy I can finally wear underwear again without them snagging on my drains. He said I look fantastic and I am healing well. I feel great and have been doing normal everyday things. I weighed in today at 175.6 That is awesome and I am so happy about that. I havent had the guts to take my measuments yet but I will in a couple more weeks. Very pleased with my results. I will post new pics tomorrow of my scar with most of the steri-stips off.
wow you look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking great!!!!
Lookin good girlie!!!

So yesterday I had my first official "was it worth...

So yesterday I had my first official "was it worth it" moment. I am 3 weeks PO and feel great but sitting around not being able to life anything, and not being able to work out is really getting to me. My T-joint isnt healing properly and is starting to come apart :( I will be getting re-stitched tomorrow morning but this makes me sad. I do feel so much better when I see myself in the mirror and I know this was all worth it. I will just be staying as positive as I have been from the begining. My Doctor is great and I know he will make this right.
From reading things here, it sounds like the T-joint can be the hardest area to heal. Hang in there! You look amazing and it will keep getting better!
Sorry for the frustrating setback! You look great and that too will be past history in no time. I'm 3 weeks too and It's a really frustrating point - you are starting to feel like you want to do things again but know you can't for a good while :( At least we'll be in great shape by summer!
Yea my doc said because my stitches were coming open I wasn't allowed to do any lifting :( right when I was allowed to do light workouts oh well if I do what he says I will get better in no time. I can't wait for smear though

Hey all, I saw my doc today and I must say I love...

Hey all, I saw my doc today and I must say I love my Plastic Surgeon. He is wonderful. He took time out of his saturday to sew me back up. It took 30 min and I was out of there. I was bummed yesterday about everything but today is a new day and I feel put back together :) Hoping all you girls on here are healing well and feeling great. Just remind yourself that its okay to have bad days, and if you have to cry then just cry. Tomorrow is a new day, Love and happy healing to all.
hi how are you???
Geez you need to put a sexy pic warning on here girl! You look amazing! Curvy lady! I'm sure hubby has had a difficult time keeping his hands off of you! Hugs gorgeous!
It is a bummer ....but in a few day just a memory...hey ...but you look great...

Hello Lovely Ladies, So I am just about 6 weeks PO...

Hello Lovely Ladies, So I am just about 6 weeks PO and I am feeling great. I got the go ahead last week to finally start working out again. Good thing too because I feel HUGE. I think after everything is said and done I am only about 5lbs smaller than I was pre-op :( Which sucks considering he took almost 20lbs. But as of yesterday I am back at the gym and its going great. my current weight is 188.6 and I would like to be around 170-175. My incision has finally started to settle down a bit. Its a very bright purple color like when you have a new stretch mark, so that lets me know it is starting the healing process. I started my silicone strips and my twice a day massages. I will be taking some new pics soon. I am still so happy I had this done but my biggest complaint is that I am still a bigger size than I was pre-op, is this normal??? Oh well, hopefully getting back to the gym will help in that department. Anyway keep your eye out for some new pics, talk to you all later :)
Wow you look great, can't wait to have a flat stomach.
Thanks Hun, I know you will love your results :)
Some people gain weight because our mobility is so limited during the recovery process, noticing it is the first step which you do p, then working out is the second step which you are also doing meaning you will be fine!

*7 weeks Post-OP I feel totally normal again. I...

*7 weeks Post-OP
I feel totally normal again. I can do everything except abdominal workouts. Sleeping on my side stomach or in any position is comfortable. I have complete feeling everywhere and I am so happy with my results. I am currently doing my silocone scar stip treatment on my verticle scar only because that is the one that shows. My horizantal scar is flat and very thin and I am very happy with it. I will be having a revision just so my PS can take out more skin from my hip area plus I have a little dog ear. All in all I am very happy with the outcome. I have dropped a dress size *whew* I was so worried when just a week ago my pre-op pants were too small and now they are too big. Thank you for all the support through my journey. Its not quite over yet, but it has been much appreciated. I posted new pics too :)
What a difference from your before pictures!  You look so great!  Very flat tummy!  Good luck with your revision & let us know how it goes.
You look great and I am glad that your T- Joint is healing nicely. Well done !!!!

*PO 3 Months* Hey all, So its been 3 months since...

*PO 3 Months*
Hey all, So its been 3 months since my surgery. Overall I am very happy I did this. I will be having scar revision on my verticle scar as it has healed and looks very wide. My tummy is flat as a board though and I look so much better in clothes than I ever thought I could. I do have 15 more pounds to lose until I reach my goal of 165. I have been able to do everything that I did pre tummu tuck even crunches and sit ups :) I hope you ladies are healing well and check out my new pics.
You look wonderful! ♥
You look great. So nice to hear of another successful fleur de lis procedure.
You look wonderful

*1 year post op anniversary*

It's been a year since I had my tummy tuck and I am do happy I did this. It took almost 9 months before I never saw another day of swelling. I feel totally normal like nothing ever happened. My weight fluctuated through out the year but I am finally at my normal weight. I currently weigh 170 pounds and wear size 12-13 pants. I am so happy I did this and would recommend it to anyone. I do think maybe I wasn't the best candidate for the fluer de lis because I really do believe I could have achieved the same result from just a normal tuck. All on all life is good and I am very happy :)
You look great! I am hoping I achieve the beautiful results you have with my procedure :)
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