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I'm 8 days post Brazilian butt lift. Been very...

I'm 8 days post Brazilian butt lift. Been very careful not to sit, lay on or put any direct pressure on my buns. This isn't easy, especially if you've had several areas liposuctioned as well and don't have a lot of "alternate" areas to lean on for support!

The fat was harvested from my upper/lower abs, flanks, lower hips, lateral back and upper arms to part of the armpit area. Needless to say, having just the lipo alone would've been a lot...but adding the fat transfer to the butt has made this one tough recovery.

I was awake for my procedure- a drug called Versed was used and something known for it's relaxation/amnesia qualities. Did it work? I don't want to scare anyone, but if you have the option of general anesthesia, I'd highly recommend it. I remember most of my procedure, including waking up to a giant needle stabbing me in the buttocks repeatedly, my legs kicking and flailing but no one doing anything to relieve my discomfort. In the end, Versed did nothing to resolve my "memory" of the please talk to your surgeon about the type of anesthesia administered.

The day after surgery, I was almost appalled at the size of my bottom. Swelling, bandages, a Depends undergarment and sweatpants will do that. I didn't like the look of my butt as it was slightly distorted and I could see most of the fat had been placed up high (reason being- doctor said fat will drop with time)

A few days later, my bottom was still pretty sizable, but not as grotesque looking. Today, day 8, it's basically where I want it, which means, I'm sure there will be some volume loss still. I hope not much.

The staff was right about the recovery'll need to baby your bottom for a while. This is not a surgery for someone averse to pain. Being that my doctor injected the fat under the muscle adds to the additional discomfort, I feel. It feels like two bricks under your skin the first several days. Pain gets better, then when I think I'm on the road to being pain-free, it kicks in again.

I opted to have everything done in one shot for the highest recovery of fat for this procedure. In turn, I've experienced a pretty rough recovery. Would I do it again? Yes. There is an investment involved in looking the way we'd like...unfortunately, this sometimes comes in the form of pain.

Pros: Immediate results/ nice new body contours. I...

Pros: Immediate results/ nice new body contours. I had a flat bottom my entire life. Finding clothes that were flattering or fit properly was an ordeal

Cons: Very painful procedure, both during and after surgery. No guarantees that fat will take. Large investment for uncertain result.

Per popular demand for an update- things are...

Per popular demand for an update- things are pretty much the same. Not much fat took. Considering the amount of pain, cost and mediocre results- wasn't worth it. Looks like I'm not alone.

My doctor was forthcoming about possible results...

7 Sep 2012

My doctor was forthcoming about possible results (good and bad), post operative care and that not all patients achieve their desired results. Since I was having lipo, I figured I'd attempt a fat transfer at the same time. You win some, you lose some. In the end, my body contours are 100% better simply from the lipo... a better fat take would've just been the icing on the cake.

Second fat transfer did the trick. Over 2 years later and staying put...

I had my procedure repeated about a year later (fat transfer to butt), which meant I was fortunate to have a few other areas fat could be harvested from. The result: A better result second time around. My fat has stuck and my contours have continued to increase and improve since the 2nd procedure. The added volume worked wonders. When I experience slight gains in my weight now, it has a tendency to go to my bottom.
Name not provided

Though my results were not as hoped, this does not mean I was unhappy with my doctor. I did months of studying on stem cell fat transfer before my procedure and selected a doctor based on this knowledge.I selected him based on his experience with stem cell fat transfer, the high volume of them he performed and verifiably happy patients.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Who was the doctor that did the procedure
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can you post pics?
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any update
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I had my procedure repeated and more fat harvested. The result: A better result second time around. My fat has stuck and my contours have continued to increase and improve since the 2nd procedure. I guess I was lucky to have had a few more areas the doc could harvest from... and the added volume worked.
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Hello, I am trying 2 be referred to a Surgeon in Puerto Rico, does anyone have any recommendations?
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Did u get the surgery done in Puerto Rico?
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  • Reply upset now that Ive read all this!...:(
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Don't despair, Starr. Every body is different and responds differently to fat transfer. My butt actually started to grow months after the surgery...not very much, but the fat that was put there definitely seems to respond a bit to my weight fluctuations.

Definitly make sure (if you do this) to find someone highly experienced in fat harvesting and transfer. It is a delicate art and should not be left to just any doctor.

There is a post somewhere around here where a gal found a Seattle doc who'd never done a fat graft to the buttocks, but was willing to give it a go on her, and charge her a lot of money to boot. I think that's ridiculous.

There are a select number of docs who know this procedure and do it well. Those are the ones you should seek out. Keeping in mind, results can vary. There are good and bad results.
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Fat transfer results are not always considered permanent. What looks good 3, 6 months and a year down the road can still be reabsorbed after a few years. I've seen reports where great looking fat transfer results went away after a few years.

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I am sorry you went through that and are unhappy with the results.I had my BBL with Dr. Salemy in Seattle.(Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) I am happy with the results. I am 6 months out and the fat has stayed, even after losing 12 pounds. I recommend him and his staff.
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Yeah , Avanti in Bellevue, I have a consult with them next week. I looked for all of there PS on the Plastic Surgery Certification web page and none came up. I will be asking at the consult why this is if they claim to be certified PS. I'm just trying to get a general idea on prices. I am down to Dr.camo ( Mexico ) and Dr. Salama (Miami) .
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I think in my opinion that the best fat for bbl is subborn fat
Cause if the Dr uses fat that u recently put on
As soon as u loose wait that fat is the first to be gone so there goes your bbl results
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Yes. That's what my doc used. The most stubborn fat that lived on my body- the fat that wouldn't respond to diet and exercise. The belly fat. Just goes to show, sometimes the fat quality doesn't matter.
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Exactly why I didnt try to gain a ton of weightleading up to my surgery. Im only 17 days out but nothings changed since day 7.... im hopeful :)
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In my case, it doesn't apply because he's not there anymore.
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How come no one likes to say there surgeon
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Does anyone know of a good Brazilian Butt lift surgean in Puerto Rico?
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Hello Sputnik, I am considering the BBL and I live in Seattle. Who performed your procedure?? So far I have meet with 2 PS and they have never performed a BBL. Thank you in advance.
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I am local as well, but honestly it is not a common procedure here and it may be well worth traveling for.
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how are you doing now?
I am sorry if I missed it, but who was your surgeon?
I am looking at doing this procedure in June. I will not do local, however!
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I did my procedure with Dr. Leonard Tachmes in Miami Beach...he is super awesome...there are a lot of Good and Skilled Board Certified surgeons out there...just do your homework.....on things like how often they do that particular procedure etc....but I love my new figure...under my profile has my own topic blog and my pictures are on there...take a look yourself...
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None of the surgeons currently listed on the Avanti (Bellevue) website are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Not even Board certified Surgeons. Yikes!
I am so glad no harm came to you.
I am sorry you did not receive the results you hoped for.
Thank you for sharing your experience with others.
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Oddly enough, their consultant told me that their doctor was board certified. Which means you should absolutely check credentials firsthand, for YOURSELF and not take anyone's word for it!
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I am sorry if I missed it, but who did your surgery?
I love in WA and researching procedure.
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