Looking Forward to my Tummy Tuck on December 7th, 2010 - Belleville, NJ

I have a lot of excess skin after giving birth to...

I have a lot of excess skin after giving birth to two sons and loosing 85 pounds. I am having four procedures at once: tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation and a Lipoma remove from the back of my left upper arm. I am very excited and at the same time think of the surgery. I know I will be ok since I have a good doctor. I don't have any pics yet.

My appointment went well today. Three of the drains, tapes, bandages and drain's stitches were removed. The last drain will be removed next Thursday. How do I look? My son and adoptive daughter told me it looks good and normal. I am not brave enough to look yet. The incision and stitches under my arm keep me feeling a lot of pain. I noticed my breast are normal size; it takes time for them to settle. I have a sport bra with sleeves and a tight binder to support my midsection. I dont know how I am going to sleep tonight. I have to see my medical physician soon because of the Lipoma and to have a check up. The biopsy results are not back yet. I would like to know how you girls manage to sleep at night, how you bathe for the first time since I still have stitches. the idea of a shower is painful.
I slept on the couch, back propped up and knees over 2 pillows until my drains were removed (day 10 PO.) Then I finally got back to bed 2 nights ago. I even slept on my side last night with a pillow between my knees. It was really comfy.
I wasn't allowed to shower until the drains were out so it was sponge baths and hair washed in the kitchen sink.

You've got the extra problem with the lipoma so your recovery is different. Take extra care!
Thanks, Daffy. I still don't feel comfortable on the bed and still on the recliner. Today, I am feeling all my incisions for some reason. It could be the barometric pressure because it is going to snow. I no longer have the tape holding the incisions and my stitches are internally.

I had my surgery on December 7th: Lipoma removal,...

I had my surgery on December 7th: Lipoma removal, breast lift, implants and tummy tuck. It took eight hours since the Lipoma was huge. We started around 645 am and to out around 5:30. I was at my private room around 830pm.

I didn't feel pain and felt very good when I woke up the next day. I don't remember and all my family was there to let me know the details. I paid for an extra day at the hospital. I had some minor discomforts such as low BP, low oxygen, a temperature and couldn't urinate. By the evening, all became normal and the next day I was able to go to my first appointment to remove one of five drains. I felt so good that I started to take Tylenol. I ended in a lot of pain and following the doctor prescriptions. I am taking Keflex and Vicodin.

On Monday,the 13, the post op 6 days appointment, three drains, the bandages and tapes were removed. I was put on a sport type of bra with a sleeves jacket over it; then I was put on a tight garment around my midsection.

Tuesday, the 14, I took my first shower and that was scary with one drain left and all the stitches. My left arm is where it hurts the most. It went well and now have clean hair and body. The binder garment was a challenge to put back; my two sons were able to wrap it around me. I keep doing my breathing exercises and walking around the house. I am taking it easy because I want good results. I am taking my multi vitamins and vitamin C, too.

How did you sleep last night? I hope better. Read you did take the shower does feel nice to be clean.
I am sleeping better after taking chamomile tea. Yesterday, I was afraid to shower because of the tight garment. Today, I showered, the last drain was removed and have another light garment. Next week, on Thursday, the stitches will come out. My left arm still painful and I dont feel the breast or tummy tuck. I am taking the Vicodin every 6 to 8 hours for the arm.
Hi Ivette, I haven't heard from you in awhile. Sorry you aren't sleeping well. I did the best last night since my first in the hospital but still not straight through. I am now only taking tylenol as my PS prefers. I took tylenol PM last night and that made me very drowsy and I think it helped me sleep. The shower thing is good and bad. It was hard getting in and out. Your body kind of screams at you without the binder and tight bra on. I feel like a little kid my Mom helped me get everything around. We put a chair in the tub and I sat while I soaped up. After I was in awhile the warm water felt pretty good running over those tight feeling breasts. It was hard to get out and get dried off. But it feels so good to be clean. We did it around bed time maybe that is why I slept so well. i am not doing much of anything except laps around the house so hang in there. Try the shower tonight if you can maybe it will help you sleep.

Thursday, December 16, eight days after 8 hours...

Thursday, December 16, eight days after 8 hours surgery appointment. Today, the last drain was removed and I have a more comfortable garment. Stitches will be removed one week from today. I feel better and better each day. My family and friends are supporting me every step of the way. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my medical doctor to make sure I bounced back to a healthy person since I had low oxygen, low blood pressure, a temperature, low hemoglobin...after the surgery. I am still very happy with my surgeon's staff, so supporting and helpful. I has minimum bruising and swelling around my tummy. I dont take off the garments and walk around the house. I am eating all my meals at the table and able to move well. Only my left arm hurts. I finished all my antibiotics and still using the Vicodin every 6-8 hours because of the arm.

Got my drains out today soooo much better. How about you?
Drains are out and I am a happy person not having to worry about empty or forgetting it was there. I went to my medical doctor today. I got a vitamin B12 and asked me to take over the counter iron for the hemoglobin. My blood pressure is normal again. He took some blood and will let me know by Tuesday. I think my hemoglobin is going to be ok. I am doing well after 8 hours surgery.

Hi Ivette,

I am glad to hear you are doing much better.  What a ride huh...

Sounds like you are on track now and all up hill.  Don;t you just feel like a free person without the drains.  It is like a big load off you mind and much easier to dress now :)

Glad you are doing well!

Friday, December 17 went to be checked with my...

Friday, December 17 went to be checked with my medical doctor. Blood pressure is back to normal and I am looking well. I received a B12 vitamin injection. I have to take over the counter iron. I still have pain on that left arm.

Morphine helped at the beginning. Removing the drains was painful and
frightening. Now I can not wait to be out of the garments and feel free. I am very happy with the results. Just not having the folds of my belly and breast is a big plus.

Boy I know what you mean there...no folds is amazing!  How long do you have to wear your garments? 
I am not asking the question of the garments since I can not wait as of now. LOL The one I bought last week is looser and today, I was able to experience why it has to be so tight. When it is tight, it reminds me everytime I go to reach out for something. It reminds me I had surgery. I am planning to wear a garment at least for the first six months to keep the swelling down. Are you using the garment? How long before you took it off if you did?

It is day 11th, December 19 and went to church...

It is day 11th, December 19 and went to church this morning. I felt very good and went out to lunch with friends. After I ate, I felt very tired and very sleepy. I couldn't go to the Christmas Pageant and had to come home to take a nap. I still very weak from all the surgeries. My friend brought me some liver gel caps to take. It increased her hemoglobin on no time. I feel better and better. Thank you God.

I took off the sleeves garment and had the loose tummy garment today. I was very swollen by the evening and I am back to the garments. I am off the medications as of today. My left arm and breast are still painful. I had to go food shopping tonight and I came home dead tired. This is a process and thank everyone for the support.
Make sure to at least take Tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain. I take advil or aleve for my ribcage pain. Hurting can really ruin your day!

December 21, 2010 Two weeks and feeling good. I am...

December 21, 2010 Two weeks and feeling good. I am off pain medication and feeling the pain (mainly underneath my arm and left breast). I am still weak since I went food shopping last night and felt weird after a little while. I took off the garments to wash them and got swollen. I felt the pain. Today, all the garments are back on. I can not fit in the garments without someone helping me. Showers are easier now. I am concerned about the skin since it looks like it is loose under my arms and belly. I don't expect perfection and I am probably way ahead of myself. I haven't read any postings on how the skin looks after two weeks and if any of my friends here experienced loose skin. My skin is so elastic and pray to God that is going to fall in place.

Give the skin some time because I am sure you are swelling and it is not perfectly flat yet.  It will get there..
I am mainly swollen around the belly button area. It is extra skin that scared me. I haven't look again and tell myself is recent. I can not wait to post pictures.
I just use my cell phone and stand in front of a mirror. You can take the pic toward the mirror or flip it around and see what you are taking by looking at the phone in the mirror. Better than nothing. I took some before shots it is neat to see them now after the surgery so you don't forget why you did this.

Thursday, December 23rd going to my PS appointment...

Thursday, December 23rd going to my PS appointment to get my stitches out and see the scars for the first time. I am a bit nervous since I have lots of stitches and the Lipoma arm still hurts. I am praying is not going to hurt as the drains. I am off medications and feeling good about it.

December 23rd - The outer stitches are out and the...

December 23rd - The outer stitches are out and the rest will dissolve. I am back to the tight binder and have to keep wearing the garments. I am still swollen. My next appointment will be January 6. I am feeling better without the stitches. I have alligator skin and going to apply vitamin E. Any suggestions?

Ivette, what a difference in your tummy. WOW! You look great and the girls look so goooood! You are going to drop so many sizes in your pants. I can't wait to see what size you go down to. I am so happy for you. You can't go through this without having some scars but the scars are nothing compared to how you are going to feel in all new clothes. You really deserved this for you. Give yourself time to heal. Everyone is different. Look at my bruising compared to Jenbob having hardly any. We are all different some are going to swell more, some will bruise more we just have to let it take its course and wait. Keep your spirits up and enjoy the holiday season with your family.
thank you baby blues; it is a big difference from a size 26/28/32 to a size 14/15. I have lost a lot of weight and feels good to have a flat tummy instead of so much skin. The website and all the friends here, keep me very positive about the scars and all the work done. My left arm still hurts and the rest is a dream come true.
Where did you get you r surgery done and how much was it? You look good in your pic!!Do you have any before ands after pics?

December 25, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

December 25, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Yesterday, I was able to dress for church and felt so good. No one will believe I had so much surgery. Yesterday, was the first time I saw all my incisions without the tape. I was alone and felt nervous looking at them. I had to talk myself out of my thoughts; thanks to all of you at this website I know it will get better. My skin is very dry around my torso and decided to put vitamin E all over. Wrong thing to do because all my incisions are hurting since then. I am wondering when it is ok to apply vitamin E and massage to the incisions. When did you started? Did you get the dry skin?

when do you need to clean the belly button? it's been 4 days so I was just wondering and do i wait till the tape comes off before cleaning it out.
I didnt touch the belly button since I have an inner. On my next office visit, I asked the girls to clean it out. Wait until you are taking a shower and then you can clean it yourself by running the water. What I did was to put the Bacitracin all around not to get an infection. Then, the nurses taught me to clean it with sterile saline solution and pad it with the gauze. After not cleaning it, it will smell nasty.
Wow Ivette, you look AMAZING !! Congrats on doing so well so soon. I only hope that I heal as quickly as you have. Thanks for the advice on finding the photos ! You talked of SNOW?? e are 30 degrees and have had rain for 20days .!! Might start to build an Ark.

December 27, 2010,twenty days post op and feeling...

December 27, 2010,twenty days post op and feeling good. Last night, I experienced incision pain. I woke up itching like crazy; thanks God for over the counter meds, Benadryl. I was able to go back to sleep. I am moving around like before. My left arm is better since I can lift it today. The first week is when I needed the most help. Once the drains and stitches were removed, I felt back to normal. I am careful with everything I do; five minutes here and five minutes there gets a lot done.

December 29, 2010, 3 weeks and feeling really good...

December 29, 2010, 3 weeks and feeling really good. My left arm is not hurting as much and I am able to raise it up. Today, I was able to visit a friend and went shopping to get another garment. I am still swollen. My breasts feel very sensitive to touch today.

December 30,2010 Painful day feeling all my scars...

December 30,2010 Painful day feeling all my scars.

December 31, 2010 It was a better day and was able to do laundry with the help of my son. Met with friends and came home to rest.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year and wish you the best. It feels good to start January 1st with the new body and feeling well. I had a lot of pain on all my incisions on the 30th. I wonder if anyone has experienced a lot of pain after having so many good days.

January 1-2, 2011,I went to church and out with...

January 1-2, 2011,I went to church and out with friends. I am feeling great and can lift my left arm higher. My tummy muscles don't hurt when I sneeze anymore. My breast areola are very sensitive all weekend. My implants are hard and still on top of my breast. I am wondering how long it take for them to drop.

January 3-5 Back to work and feeling the new...

January 3-5 Back to work and feeling the new routine. I felt the pain of opening drawers and moving files around. Everyone likes the new me and my coworkers are helping. I can not wait for my day off on Thursday to rest and see the PS.

January 6 - I went to see Dr. D. The pain and itching is normal. Everything looks good and healed. Time to start exercising the girls and apply the Scar Guard to all the incisions. I made an appointment to have laser treatment. I can go back to the gym to do cardio and lift weights up to 15 pounds. I can throw all the garments and wear a one piece Spanx.

January 7- Back to work and looking forward to the weekend. I went to the gym and was able to do a light routine including crunches. The body remembers my routine and everything feels good today. I don't have no pain.

Friday, January 7, 2011 I went to work and felt a...

Friday, January 7, 2011 I went to work and felt a lot better since I rested yesterday. I decided to go to the gym and to my surprise I was able to workout. I did 10 minutes on the stairmaster, 15 at the bike and lifted 4 pound weights to test the chest, arm, triceps... I did some leg exercises and tried the crunches. I took it easy to start and I felt really good about it.

Sat, Jan. 8th, 2011 at home resting and feeling well. The pain and itching is gone.

January 9 to the 13 - I am feeling much better,...

January 9 to the 13 - I am feeling much better, flexibility is back, second week of work, working out at the gym every other day and some of the scars are fading all ready. I am feeling the freezing weather mainly on my breast. I am using a scarf, layers of clothing and heavy coat. My tt and left incisions are healing very nicely and don't feel them at all. I am on my regular routine of cooking, cleaning, food shopping and errands. I feel so grateful that I haven't had too much discomfort and feel very positive about my surgery. My family and friends are a great support and feel Dr. D did an amazing job. I am using Scar guard, vitamin E, Palmers cocoa butter and bathe with olive oil soap. In addition, I am taking vitamin C, Herpanacine that supports skin health, Zinc and OPC Factor.

January 22,2011 - Six weeks after surgery and...

January 22,2011 - Six weeks after surgery and feeling pains again since last Wednesday. Perhaps, I was doing too much too soon since I felt so good. Time to slow down again. Wednesday night I couldn't sleep since I felt a lot of gas movement and I felt my abdomen turn hard as a rock. It was so uncomfortable that it kept me up all night. The PS checked me on Thursday and everything is healing nicely. I have to keep up with the breast exercises since my implants are very high. He mentioned that I had a lot of procedures done at one time and I am not even two months yet. Swelling and pain are part of the healing process. Since I was feeling so great, I went and booked my vacation for February 6. I am praying all the pain is happening within the next couple of weeks and to be pain free for my 2 weeks vacation.

Hi Ivette, haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you are doing well and feeling better.

I went on vacation from 2/4-2/20 to see my mom. I was very swollen and in pain during the plane ride. I am using panti liners to avoid getting the incision irritated since still so sensitive. I am using scar guard, vitamin E, cocoa butter, hydrocortisone cream and bacitracin on my incisions, too. When I return, I got sick with a bad virus for two weeks, with bronchitis and bad sinus infection. I went for my 3 months appointment and it went well. My implants are high and can't get them to drop with the massages. I was told that it can take a year. My belly still swollen. You look amazing and so beautiful. How are you feeling?

February 23rd - It is almost three months and...

February 23rd - It is almost three months and getting better. I just return from a two weeks Puerto Rico vacation. The plane ride was painful and got very swollen for a couple of days on the way there and the return. The weather was ideal, breezy, warm and cool at night. My implants still high and can't wait for them to come down. My breast still look kind of weird. I am very happy with the surgeries and feel great about it. The pain, the swelling and the scars are worth it.

March 13 - I was very sick for the past few weeks...

March 13 - I was very sick for the past few weeks with a flu type virus that ended with bronchitis and sinus infection. I am feeling better. I went for my 3 mos. check up this past Monday. My implants are very high and I am exercising and massaging my breast every day. With all the coughing, my incisions are sensitive. I am using panti-liners attached to my underwear and it helps. In addition, I have used scar guard, cocoa butter, vitamin E and Bacitracin on one side that was raw. It is better and the incisions look good. I have to post new pics to share with all of you. I am happy with my surgeries and waiting to see the final results.

way to go. nice job
I cant wait to see your 3 month pics
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with my choices. So far I have received all the answers and help. The doctor was amazing with all the work he did. My body looks and feel so much better. It takes up to a year to see good results. As of now, I look normal and my family are happy with what they see. I still swollen and I will be posting results as soon as I have pictures.

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