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I am 51 years old and I wear a 36 DD. I have been ...

I am 51 years old and I wear a 36 DD. I have been experiencing upper back pain, shoulder pain and permanent indentation from my bra strap digging into my shoulder for the past 5+ years. I have had chiropractic, therapy, acupuncture and a MRI done over the years. I am a Medical Device Sales Representative and I do a lot of driving 5 days a week. Needless to say gradually my pain has worsened and my posture is totally ridiculous . My PCP had recommended I have breast reduction surgery for the last 3 years. However I have put it off as long as I could . So in March 2013 I went back to my PCP complaining with severe upper back pain. He insisted that I reconsider his recommendation for the surgery. I had gained 50lbs which did not help matters and not only was having increased pain but I now had hypertension and borderline high cholesterol and had to start prescription drugs to keep it under control. I advised my PCP that I would consider getting the surgery and ask him to set up an appointment with a PS. He did just that and 3 days later I had my first consult with my PS. He agreed that I do need the breast reduction and a lift. I advised him that before I would really consider the surgery I wanted to lose the 50 lbs that I had gained and if my insurance would cover the surgery I would agree to do it. He agreed that i should lose weight prior to having the surgery. In April 2013 my primary insurance BSBC approved the surgery at 90 % and my secondary also BCBS would cover the other 10%. So I immediately started a very strict diet /exercise plan. I have lost 45lbs and no longer need the prescription medications because my blood pressure is now under control and my cholesterol is excellent. Since losing the 45 lbs I went back to my PS to inquire if he still recommend that I need the surgery. He did confirm even though I lost weight my breast did not get any smaller and they are sagging even more. My surgery is scheduled for December 4th, 2013 @ 7:30 a.m. So here it is only 2 weeks away and I am so scared. I am mostly scared of the anesthesia. A few years ago I had a small unrelated procedure where I had general anesthesia and it was done out patient. I ended up having to be admitted because I had a problem waking up. So scary!!! This week I have really been nervous and on edge. I am feeling really anxious. My pre-op appointment is this Monday with my PS and I am hoping he can give me something to calm my nerves. I have my pre-op testing this Tuesday. It's getting down to the wire and a part of me is excited and again I am really nervous too. It looks like I will be....."Dressing up the Girls for the Holidays". Lol


Oh yeah I forgot I'm also 51 years old so part of me thinks this is a foolish thing to do but I'm sick of the pain. My doctor has tried to get me to go to a PS for 6 years now. So I finally went and now I'm 9 days from surgery. Just a wee bit scared.
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51 is just the begining of the next path in life and you will need to be comfy say your goodbye to those boobies and be prepared for pain free living and cute tops!! Lol everything is going to be Great!! Im only 33 and i cant take it anymore o dont know how you out it off so long. Wait I do cause i put it off for 3 yrs and my shoulder dents are not going to forgive me.. We are going to be so happy cant wait. Wishinh you the best!!
I was 64 and very sorry I didnt do it before......will never regret it.....good luck to you.

pre-op appt

Yesterday I went to my pre opp
appointment with my PS. He said I did not need any side lipo, so that should hopefully make my recovery and little easier. We discussed the Anesthesia and he understood my concerns. He told me to discuss it again with the anesthesiologist at my pre -opp testing today. I am feeling more confident about my procedure. My PS will. be doing the anchor procedure on me. I told him I want them to be a nice firm C cup and that I want them high and tight. My husband and I also watched a video there on breast reduction. My surgery is now just a week away and I am really excited and ready for this. I can't wait to see how my new smaller breast will look in my new smaller size clothes. So excited to be " dressing up the girls for the holidays"!!!


Just a couple more days until you're on the other side. I'm wishing you well and I hope your recovery goes smoothly.
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Thank You!! I am a bit nervous still. I have to be at Memorial at 5:30 Wednesday morning. I hope I'm doing the right thing by having the BR.
Don't worry, I'm sure you will be one of the women who wished they'd done it sooner! You really need to be patient with your recovery, you will know from here that people go a bit stir crazy when they want to do stuff and show off the new breasts before they're really recovered (and the breasts take longer to assume their new shape than most people expect). So prepare to take it steady and look forward to enjoying your new breasts in the New Year. Good Luck! Xx

Getting Excited tomorrow's the big day!!

I am so appreciative of all the support that everyone on here has giving me. It has definitely helped me overcome some of my biggest fears and concerns. I am feeling more relaxed and just ready a tad bit nervous but can not wait to see the new me. Thanks again everyone for all the words of encouragement and for sharing your BR experiences. xoxo


Hi, by this tomorrow we'll be on the other side- the small side!! I'll check back in with you tomorrow. I hope you get a good night's sleep. I'm scheduled for 7.30am tomorrow. Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery.
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Hi, Can't hardly believe it and yes we will be on the other side very soon. Small sounds so good to me. I hope you get a good night sleep as well. So funny my surgery is at 7:30 a.m. too!! I need to check in at 5 :30 . We have the exact times. Best of luck to you and can't wait to see your post.
Good luck tomorrow!
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10 hours and counting............

It's been a real long day for me emotions going in all directions. I have been suffering for many years with all the pain and discomfort of having these big saggy breast. I owe each and every one of you a huge "THANK YOU" for all of your support. It has been a real roller coaster for me. Seeing all the pics of each and every one of you has made me realize I can do this and will be so much more happier. I am trying to take the advise of many of you and try to relax but it is so difficult not to think and dream of how I will look, every second of the day. My P S will be admitting me to the hospital following my surgery for a day or two for observation. I have all my stuff in order for my recovery. My husband took off the whole week to take care of me. I will be off work until January 6th so I am looking forward to reading, updating and following up with all. I am sure I won't be able to get a wink of sleep all night but that's okay because it's all worth it!! I am posting a few more" before surgery" pics because the pics of everyone else on here really helped me tremendously and I hope I can pay it forward. Thanks again to all for your support!!


Thank you!!

Today's the day!! Dressing up the girls for the holidays!!

I slept a a few hours last night. All in all I feel really good. Not to nervous at this time. I will be checking in at the hospital in about 30 minutes. Can't wait to see my new small perky boobs!!


I hope everything went well. Can't wait to read your update!
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Thinking of you and wondering how the surgery went. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and as pain-free as possible.
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Hope all went well - see you on the other side! :-)
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On the other side.

My husband and I arrived at the hospital. Once we signed in they took me back to a my private pre-op room. There the nurse went over my medical history once again. Instead of the traditional hospital gown they put a "Bear Paws" gown on me. The bear paws system is designed to offer you comfort and clinical benefits during your surgical experience . Temperature controlled air flows through the gown to keep you warm and comfortable before, during and after surgery. It helps avoid unintended hypothermia by warming you before surgery. Most patients lose the majority of heat during the first hour under anesthesia. Anyway something new and kind of a neat experience . I was very calm and not nervous at all. Vitals were all excellent. My PS came in and did all my markings and in my favorite color purple. Lol. After he marked me the anesthesiologist came in and explained what was going to happen. He said he had a margarita cocktail for me. He had my husband and I say our goodbyes and he put it in my IV. They wisk me off to the operating room. After that I do not remember anything. I don't remember being in recovery or anything. I only remember them telling me they were ready to take me to my room as I was being admitted over night as planned by my PS. Once I got up to my room my husband came in I was very sleepy still and to my surprise NO pain. It has been such a great experience . I had minimal pain maybe just a tad bit of burning. I did not get much sleep in the hospital because I had to get up every 2 hours to pee!! Lol they gave me a lot of fluids. I didn't have to have any drains put in, he said I didn't need them. My PS came in at 11:00 am the next day a changed my bandages under my surgical bra. He gave me 2 Surgical bras and all the bandages for my dressings to do at home. He said the stitches he used do not need to be taken out. I have a followup appointment next week on Thursday. He discharged me to go home. So at about 1:30 I went home. I got home around 2:00. I felt fantastic and still do. I did not do much of anything all evening just relaxed and took it easy. I did not see my boobs until this morning when I took my shower. I love them ,,, I still have no pain at all. My PS did not put me on antibiotics or any other meds. He did give me a script for pain medication but I really don't have any pain so I never took any. My only regrets is that I should of done this sooner!!! Feeling Fantastic!!!


Yay - happy for you - It really is much easier than we can believe. Keep resting!
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Thank you!! Yes so far so good!! Still no pain meds needed!! I am just resting most of the time. I have been walking a bit but only inside we have a lot of snow and it is extremely cold outside. I have been using my arms as normal just no lifting or pulling. Can't wait to see them when I shower again tomorrow. Today when my husband changed my bandages I only had a small dab of drainage and so far very little bruising.
We are all on the same plane of life together
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2 days post op

Today has been great. I have been doing exactly what everyone has told me to do. Relax, Rest and Recover. I have been up walking a bit but only inside. We have a snow storm passing thru today. It's really cold out there so great to be able to stay in and enjoy it looking out the window. I really don't have any pain or complaints. I know it's only been 2 days but so far it's been a great experience. I have only seen my new boobs once and can't wait to get my shower tomorrow so I can admire them again!! My ps suggest that I keep the surgical bra on at all times and only take it off for my daily shower. Does anyone know when the PS will take the tape off? I think he will on my fu appt but I was wondering if they put new on or just leave it off?


Thanks for the review! Dr. Wanless is doing my reduction next month, too!!
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You are welcome! Dr. Wanless did an excellent job on my breast. I am very happy with the results so far. I also had a very good surgery experience. I really never had much pain at all. I have not had to take any pain meds at all since being dc'd from the hospital on Thursday. I even went to the mall and dinner on Saturday 3 days post-op, I was exhusted but no pain!! I go for my 1 week f/u visit tomorrow. I am so happy for you. You will love having smaller perky boobs. I know I do!! You live close to where I live. I live in Shiloh. Which Dr. referred you to Dr. Wanless?
You are doing so well, thanks for posting, it gives others encouragement. Less than 4 weeks to go for me now.
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Doing great and loving my new boobs!!

I am doing excellent , so far I am very pleased with my results the size shape and nipples look good. I know that i probably still have some swelling but not really to concerned. It would be okay if they end up a tad smaller. My biggest concern would be that they do not drop to much. Love where they are now. I go for my 1 week f/u tomorrow. I am wondering if this tape will get removed? Also I have 2 super ugly bras that I have to wear per my PS and they have lots of compression and smash my boobs!!. I am hoping he will let me wear a different support bra. Ugh!! So ready to dress up the girls for the holidays!!


Good to see things are healing will for you!!
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I live at Scott Air Force Base. My PCM at the 375th Med Group referred me.
Oh .....he is really good. I am a medical sales rep and I call on all of the doctors in the area and I have talked to a few of them about him and they told me that's who they had do their wife. Also I talked to a few nurses at the dr's offices and at the hospitals that also had theirs done by him and had no complaints. You will be in good hands!! - Good Luck and I look forward to following your post!!

1 week post-op

Just a small amount of yellow bruising.


Excellent result, you must be so happy. Boob envy here
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You look amazing for just 7 days post op - super!
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1 week post op follow up.

I had my 1 week f/u visit today. My PS was very pleased with how my recovery is going. He said everything looks great!! He said i still have a little swelling but not a lot. He did not take the tape off but he did say that I could wear my Under Armour sports bra when I go out!!! Yay!! That pretty much sums it up!! I am still very pleased with my results and I am feeling pretty awesome!! Happy healing to all!!!


You look amazing !! I wanted to read one more story before I go to the hospital in one hour. I'm glad I picked yours. It has helped calm my nerves a little.
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Thank You!! So glad to be able to help calm your nerves. I am thinking of you today. Just think soon you will be joining all of us on the other side. Good Luck!!
Super! I am wearing tape for 3 months - at 5 weeks now - scars totally flat and thin. I feel more secure all taped up.......3M micropore - I am using the very narrow one as the wider made me itchy.
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Dr. Wanless

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