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Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins...

Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins surging up on my nose. My doc treated them with a device which is similar to veinwave, called fcare systems evrf. Seven weeks later I am full of red/brownish marks and new veins have also shot up. I have later understood this device is not entirly safe, so if you get your veins treated, check what machine is used. this machine is produced in belgium and has received warnings in the usa. maybe this can happen with any type of vein treatment but my opinion of this one is not good. has anyone else used this machine pls reply

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Your information may be helpful to others in the future. Sorry to hear about your results. Did the veins exist prior to your rhinoplasty? Just curious what your doctor's response was? Will you go to another doctor for a second opinion? Take care and keep us posted!



I have since tried veinwave and though this did notgive me marks, it doesnt help either, the veins come back.
To all reading this review: Mr. Newmann owns the Veinwave company, so he should disclose that before responding. Let me point out the misleading portions of his response: - There is absolutely a risk of scarring and pigmentation changes with Veinwave, as there is with any treatment that is delivering energy to the skin. As a doctor, he should know better than making such a misleading statement. This is not unique to Veinwave. IPL's and other modalities can cause pigmentation changes and scarring as well. But Veinwave is certainly not "side effect free". - There is no clearance rate established for the Veinwave in any publication. This is a number that Mr. Newman has manufactured in his own mind. This is a very misleading statement. - The Veinwave is not cleared for use on the face in the US. As a doctor, he should at least let patients know this from the outset. Obviously physicians can use whatever they believe is the best treatment for patients, but Mr. Newman should exercise more responsibility when interacting with patients and recommending treatments on sites like this. If you are in the US, please consult a US-board-certified physician before following the advice of a foreign physician whose credibility is questionable.
I have treated many patients with veins post Rhinopasty and post face lift using Veinwave .Generally the veins are cleared in one session.Ocassionally it may be necessary to do a second top up at 4-6 weeks in refactory cases if there was previous inflammation.There is no risk of scarring or pigmentation with veinwave.The clearance rate with this type of vein is 95% ,with no long term recurrence.Brian Newman MD.FRCS. consultant surgeon
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