Upper Arm Liposuction - Looking Forward to Sleeveless Tops This Summer

I am 38 years old and have spent the last few...

I am 38 years old and have spent the last few years working on getting into shape and being as healthy as I can be. I workout 3-4 days a week and spend a lot of time trying to tone my whole body including my arms. But, I've been continuously disappointed that the fat on my upper arms never changed even though the rest of my body changed. The women in my family have genetically very big upper arms (I've always called them farm arms). As we age, they get saggier and turn into 'bingo wings'. For that reason, I haven't worn sleeveless tops since my 20's. Last year I had abdominoplasty to remove all the excess skin on my tummy left over pregnancy and had such a great result that I decided to get my arms done this year to complete my new look.

10 days ago I had arm liposuction on the upper arm area. I had only a local anesthetic. The initial injection of the anesthetic fluid into my arms was very uncomfortable, but not really painful. The actual fat removal was not painful at all. The whole process was pretty quick and after the compression bandage was put on I was up and moving around and feeling pretty good. I had pain the first night and took some painkillers, but by the second day I had just some soreness, but felt quite ok.

The compression garment is not very comfortable and since I move my arms so much, it has been difficult for my skin, but I have another week to go. I'm really determined to wear it as long as possible to help my skin retract as it should. The doctor said I should wait at least 2 months before assessing the retraction and of course, the recovery can continue on for months after. I am already very pleased. The difference is amazing. And I know it's going to continue to get better. I'm very excited for the summer and feeling more confident about wearing tank tops and swimming suits. Just like with my tummy tuck last year, my only regret is waiting so long!

It's now almost 3 months post-op and I...

It's now almost 3 months post-op and I don't think my arms will change much more than now. I'm still very pleased. My arms look normal now and in proportion to the rest of my body. I've had lots of compliments this summer and people are amazed that I don't have any scars. I feel much more confident. There is some loose skin under the arms, but it's more the normal skin that appears a bit for someone my age so it doesn't look strange or saggy. I've posted an more recent pic to see the final result.

Dr. Visser at the Wellness Kliniek

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Hey Lena May,

So glad you are happy with the results. Did you take down the photos? I don't see them on the review for some reason. I've been considering getting arm liposuction and transfer the fat elsewhere but wanted to see real patient results. If you've taken them down, is it possible to PM me the pics? I can send you my email address from there. Also, by chance did you experience any fat redistribution? This happens to some women but not all, especially if only a small amount is removed. This is my biggest fear with getting any type of lipo/fat transfer.

Thanks so much!

- Julia
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Hi this blog is very nice. it will provide a lot information about liposuction.thanks for posting this
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hum your skin looks like it tightened up pretty nicely. I just started considering this, your before looks a lot like my arms and we are the same age extra sagging was my concern but yours looks really good..
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Well it's been over a year now and they are still in good shape. I gained some weight during the winter and they started getting a bit bigger again but I lost it this spring and now they look good again. If I ever start to feel self-conscious about my arms I just look at my before pics! Then I feel better. Good luck!
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Amy Lynn--Do you know how many inches you lost on your arms? Or how many cc's they took from your arms?

I've just had mine done three days ago. So far I've lost an inch on each arm--but I'm hoping this reduces a bit more. My surgeon removed 500 cc's from each arm.
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Oh okay!

What about scars for liposuction of arms though. Did the dr say that it'll be permanent scarring if there is?
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Oh sorry! I just realized you answered my question about scars!

I'm really worried about the scars that's why!
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There will be scars if you have skin removed, but for just lipo there is just a tiny hole made either at your armpit or your elbow. I had mine at the elbow and it is so small that you can't really see it.
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Hmm okay! Are the scars gonna be permanent or will they fade overtime though?
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Thanks! (:

How about the abdomen one? How long did you have to wear your compression garmet for?

Oh & are there any permanent scars?
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No scars on my arms for the procedure I did.

I didn't just have lipo on my abdomen. I had a tummy tuck so the healing process was longer because they removed fat, but also a huge amount of skin. They didn't do anything with my muscles because they were in good shape (otherwise recovery would have been longer). But, I wore the compression garment for closer to 5 weeks for that one. I think if you just do lipo then you can probably do it for less. Also, I have scars remaining from the tummy tuck around my belly button and the incision across the lower part of my abdomen. The scar has been slowly fading and will probably turn white after awhile like my c-section scar did, but I'm still waiting. It's not bad though. It is hidden under my bathing suit and panties and it's not horribly ugly or anything, just a red line.

Let me know if have any other questions.
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Your arms look great! Just wanted to check, how long did you have to wear the compression garmet at your arms for?

Also, how's the recovery as I'm thinking of getting liposuction done for my abdomen & arms! (:

Do hope to hear from you soon as I plan to go for it in 2 weeks time!
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Hi! I wore the compression garments on my arms for 2 weeks full-time and then just during the night for one more week. Recovery didn't take that long really. Arms are not 'perfect' for whatever that means, but I'm really happy with the outcome and have no regrets. Lipo recovery is pretty quick if you're healthy and don't smoke. Nowadays with the techniques they have, you are up and about the same day. Just feels you had a hard workout. I took over-the-counter pain medication for a couple days and that was it. Probably depends also on your doctor and their skill level. Also, note that I opted out of being put to sleep and stayed awake during the procedure. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it was over quickly and I think cutting back on the heavy drugs was also helpful for a faster recovery. They can give you something to keep you calm if you want even if you're awake if that stuff makes you nervous. It just feels very weird and you can hear the fat coming out. Kind of gross. :-) Good luck!
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My surgery was done by {edited}. The price did not change after consultation. The total cost for both arms was 999 EUR. I have no stretch marks on my arms and the skin has reduced even more since my last pics. The procedure was traditional lipo method. They did have some bad press over the last few years with the previous doctors there, but both of those doctors are gone now and Dr. V seems to be really good. I also have a friend who had her breasts done there with great results also by Dr. V. Sorry for my late reply. I thought I'd get a notification from RealSelf when my story was posted, but I didn't and so I didn't even know it was online and that people had responded! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Edited by Sharon: We've added your doctor's details to the review. Thanks!
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Congratulations on such a successful outcome! Do you have any stretch marks on your arms?
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No stretch marks. I have absolutely nothing that indicates that I had anything done to my arms.
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Are the prices on the wellness site for real? Or do they change after consultation?
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WOW!!!! Your arms look amazing! I'm looking to go to Belgium also for surgery who did your surgery? Iv been looking at this place called wellness kliniek.
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Your arms look very thin and toned. What kind of liposuction you had? PAL, Vaser, Smart Lipo? I'm having my arms done using traditional Lipo/PAL method this Friday, June 18th.
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where is your doctor, i love your arms. i got really big arms and want to do lipo on them. i also want to do my abdomen, flank, back, and maybe inner thigh. please get back to me. thanks in advance
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