Perlane in Nasolabial Folds - Poor Results

I've just come back from a reputed plastic...

I've just come back from a reputed plastic surgeon to have my nasolabial lines treated. I'm almost 47, but I have a tight, narrow face with hardly any sagging; only these lines that bothered me.

I went in very prepared, had read loads on the topic and had a short conversation with the doctor. He was calm and kind and he addressed my questions. The nurse applied numbing cream and I was left to relax in a room with soft music. 10 minutes later the plastic surgeon invited me back in his office and injected me with less than 1 syringe of Perlane. The actual procedure took 5-10 minutes at most. It was painless but for the mildest sting as the needle went in. The doctor said I could come back for a top-up because he'd keep the leftover from my syringe for a couple more weeks --I appreciate that! He gave me an artica-based cream to apply to the treated area twice a day. (I'd like to add that I've been using artica tablets to minimise bruising for a week prior to the injection).

I'm pleased with the result: my face looks natural and rested. First impression when I looked in the mirror: very little change, but immediately after I noticed that the lines had softened considerably. My greatest fear was that my smile or facial expression would be affected and that has NOT happened. I'm happy. There's some tenderness and some heat in the treated area, but that's normal. I also notice a tiny little bit of lumpiness, but that is easily massaged away between thumb (inside mouth) and index. I also think I was charged correctly: 300€ is not overpriced. Now, whether this whole procedure has really improved my overall look is another question. Has it worked on the nasolabial lines? YES.

I may update this review or post another one as the days go on. I wonder how long this will last. So far, so good.

UPDATE: I'm not positive anymore. In fact,...


I'm not positive anymore. In fact, I'm disappointed. I knew that initially the swelling would play a role, but since then, barely 6 days later, nearly all correction in my face is lost.

My PS didn't use enough of didn't inject it properly, or something else, I don't know.

I only know that my nasolabials are very visible and almost worse than before. In part that is caused by the slightly more elevated area just above the nasolabials, thus casting a shadow.

Anyway, I know I can return for a top-up. I wonder if I should have it either dissolved or corrected with more. Anyone?

Anyway, I'm changing my evaluation to poor and adding 4 photos. You can hardly speak of a correction, can you? I could have used the money to buy a nice dress.

I'm going for a correction the day after...

I'm going for a correction the day after tomorrow. I'll give my evaluation after that. Hopefully it'll be better.

I'm really sorry to hear of your negative result. However, I posted another review (for some reason I couldn't edit and add to this one anymore), but it never got published. What I wanted to say is that I went in for a correction and I'm now really pleased. My plastic surgeon injected more Perlane and some Restylane to soften out the more superficial fine lines. As I understand it, Perlane must be injected a little deeper than Restylane, but I couldn't tell you for sure; I've read a lot about it though, and I think if you have an experienced doctor she problably knows what she's doing. If it's any help or consolation, I would advise you wait before having it dissolved. As it turns out, I also had a slight blue-ish discoloration along some points in my nasolabial lines, but that did disappear. Interestingly, my PS advised me to get Radiesse next time because it would give better and longer results. I'm very hesitant, because it's not a hyaluronic acid. Would you be able to tell me anything about Radiesse? All in all, to summarize, I would say: wait a little. The discoloration will probably resolve itself. It did with me. The result I have now is very modest, yet definitely an improvement. I will certainly go back for more. I paid 300€. That is really cheap, compared to what you paid. I can give you his address should you consider having a treatment abroad.
Ive read about your experience with perlane and actually ive just had my upper cheeks done with it, at first i thought it looked good but after all the swelling subsided it was a different story, i have greyish discoloration on my upper cheeks and a little beneath my eye. (she used some resty too with the perlane). its especially visible in floresent lighting, and hard to conceal with makeup too. i adressed my concerns with the doc, and she said she had injected part medium depth and part superficially in order to get a good effect (as she put it!) well iam gutted, i paid £800 for this and now iam contemplating hyalaise to get it dissolved. to my knowledge filler is meant to be placed deep under the muscle or over the bone to get a natural looking result, i had juvederm 2 years back and had a stunning result as it was placed deep. never had perlane in nasolaible folds though so iam just woundering how deep was yours injected there? did you get any colour left from it? anyway iam gutted, and will be going for juvederm again once this is out, will be going to a different doc too. let me know how you got on with your second visit for perlane. regards. x

I went in for a correction 2 weeks after my first...

I went in for a correction 2 weeks after my first treatment. I'm now 6 weeks post Perlane and very pleased. My plastic surgeon injected more Perlane and some Restylane to soften out the more superficial fine lines. So I basically got a very finished treatment for a very good price! The lines around my mouth themselves are definitely softer. Obviously they haven't disappeared and you can still see them, but they no longer looks like they were "carved" in my face, which is what I aimed for. I hope this lasts as long as they say it will. If it lasts until winter (8 months), I'm definitely going back for more. Adding some photos to illustrate. Hope this helps everybody.

I'm much happier! I went back, he topped it up...

I'm much happier! I went back, he topped it up with more Perlane and Restylane and the lines are definitely better now! Adding photos to illustrate. Hope this helps you all!

Much happier now! My surgeon topped it up with...

Much happier now! My surgeon topped it up with more Perlane and some Restylane and 6 weeks later I'm definitely pleased with the results. I feel I have been treated very well and paid a very good price.

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