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After having four children (the last a c-section)...

After having four children (the last a c-section) I was left with an uply over hang of skin and a loose tummy. I work out (I am a runner) but yet nothing I was ever going to do with my personal trainer would have changed the look of my "mummy tummy".

I had consultations with 5 doctors over the space of 18 months until I found the doctor that made me feel the confidence to go ahead.

I travelled to Belgium (I live in England) and stayed for 5 days.

I am so happy with the results so far although I was not prepared for the pain. I think it is more painful than my c-section but maybe that is just because you forget exactly what pain was like?

I am 6 days post op and already I am delighted with the results - I can only imagine how much happier I will be when the swelling goes down.

I wasnt after a super flat tummy so opted for the mini tuck instead of a full tuck as I didnt want my muscles stitched or my tummy button moved. The cut went just as wide as a full tuck, which is ok with me as I know it will fade with time.

I was on the slim side to begin with so this procedure was to mainly get ride of the loose skin and lipo out any fat deposits from my upper abdominal area.

I sure once the swelling goes down (and I finally use the bathroom!) then my tummy will go even flatter :)

I am still in a lot of pain but I am sooo happy that I finally did this - my Doctor was amazing!

Photo Update

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My Doctor was kind, caring and professional. He answered my questions by email before the procedure and never makes you feel like you are being a bother. His work is excellent and I will be going back next year for more work if I can (breast uplift, implants).

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Looks great! Thank u for sharing your pictures , I can't wait for my stomach to loose that "Dunlap" I never wear dresses for the same reason no matter how much weight I've lost it still there BLAH! :)
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Thanks so much for posting. My stomach is very similar to yours but I am really afraid to get a TT (I have 2 small kids at home and while I do have help, I'm the primary caregiver). I have had 2 consults to see if any form of lipo would help and was told that I definitely need a TT. I have a 3rd consult tomorrow and will ask about a mini. Neither of the other doctors even brought it up. I'm not looking for perfection, just better than how I look now. You look amazing and I'd be thrilled to get that result. Again, thanks for posting your pics.
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I know how you feel. I waited 2 years before I went for it. My biggest worry was the scar but to be honest I wish I had gone for the full tuck as the scar is the same size in my case. Having said that I LOVE my results and have today emailed my doctor about having my breasts uplifted - after 4 kids (and breastfeeding) they arent as they used to be :( Motherhood sure does affect the body.

Let me know how you get on and thanks for the compliment - I do feel so much better about myself. Dont listen to people who say negative stuff - go with your gut!!!

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Mummy Tummy, Glad u like your results. The difference in before and after is rather profound.

I had a mini 2 days ago w musc. tightening.....still quite a bit of swelling in lower ab. Can't wait to share picts once a few days pass.

I'm not encouraged when I hear of loose skin after the procedure. I hear of this quite a bit. Did they use an incline chair during the procedure? My chair was like a dental chair. Wondering if that is the norm.

Take care......thanks again for sharing your picts.
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I was on a flat bed but to be honest I had some loose skin above the navel which a mini is never going to fix - I knew this going in.

I look forward to seeing your photos - the swelling doesnt last long (didnt for me) but really it took a good 6 weeks for everthing to feel somewhat normal for me again.

Look forward to seeing your photos :) I hope you heal fast and am not in too much pain :)
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Thank you so much for posting and for including photos. There are not many mini tummy tuck reviews and a lot of the ps say there are very few mini candidates. Your after photos look great!! When was the procedure, how are you doing now....and I would love to see some more photos now that you have had more time to heal. I am scheduled for March 3rd and nervous! Thanks again!!
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I am having my mini on March 3rd...but I am so nervous that my Dr. has made the right choice for me. my stomach looks similar to your before picture except I have stretch marks...I couldn't tell from your pictures if you did or not. Mine are fairly light though but my PS said they will look a lot better when they are pulled tight. I am worried about my belly button being stretched downward and how the loose skin above the belly button will look....if it will be loose. I agree that I didn't want the bigger scar and I am not looking for perfection (which is why I am not concerned about getting rid of all the stretch marks)...but I am concerned about the belly button.
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I was given the option of a full tuck but was worried about the size of the scar (I still wanted to be able to wear a bikini). I opted for the mini (only addresses skin below belly button) and I had lipo on the upper abdominal area.

I still have some loose skin (only if I am really critical and start pulling on my tummy) so I suppose a full tuck would have gotten rid of all of it BUT I was never looking for perfection - just to get rid of the saggy overhang skin that used to sit over my csection scar.

My scar does run from hip to hip but I heal well and it's already starting to look good.

It was VERY painful (I fainted the first night from it) but I would go through it again as my confidence has gone up so much and I can now wear figure hugging dresses without wondering if my belly is showing.

Have you seen a few docs for opinions? I saw five before my gut instinct said I had the right guy.
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Thank you for your reply. I"m so glad to hear that it was a success and you are pleased with the outcome..... looking forward to seeing your new pics. My dr. is giving me an option of mini or full tuck. Im told the mini is less invasive but the full will give me better results. Im so nervous, not knowing which to do. Were you also given the option of both mini or full tuck?
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Hi... your pics look wonderful. I am considering a mini tummy tuck. I exercise on a daily basis doing lots of aerobic, weights, and yoga. How long was it until you were able to resume your exercise routine, and how long did the swelling to go down and made a full recovery?
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I was lucky with the swelling so that wasnt too much of a problem.

I love to exercise (run, gym etc) and the thought of not being able to exercise for 6-8 weeks was quite daunting.

It soon went by and I had my first run at the end of December (I waited for 6 weeks). I am now back in the gym and I didnt lose too much fitness.

I am SO happy that I had it done. Let me know if you do it. I just posted another photo (but it needs to be reviewed) in case you want to see more how it looks now.
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The heading of my review was edited - this was NOT done in Germany!! My surgery was in Belgium. Thanks :)
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Thanks for letting us know. :) I've fixed it so the correct location is shown.

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