Chin & Jaw Reduction Surgery

Surgery booked & planned for september with Dr...

surgery booked & planned for september with Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen

•sliding genioplasty
•mandibular angle reduction
•lower boarder mandibular shave

My chin is too vertically long and also too wide, I also suffer from a square boxy jaw.
I dream for a beautiful oval and feminine face! although I don't have much hopes for that, I do hope there will be an improvement I will be happy with . .

Also wish to have rhinoplasty surgery with Lucian Ion, whom I have consulted.


can only hope surgery will bring a real change, I dread a subtle nonexistent result.
& still also need that nose done...

what i'd like

change of plan

have decided to change surgeons to Bart van de Ven.
I have done this because of more information and pictures of Bart's work being available, I become uneasy of the results that nvdd could achieve as Ive barely seen any photos and what I have seen of his work is very subtle.
Bart has some impressive and blatant chin reductions in his portfolio, this is what I need.
I hope he'll try his best for me

glad to be home

done, home, swollen.
hope it was worth it.

If anyone wants info on the clinic, care or hotel to stay etc.
Pm me, be happy to answer any questions.


The swelling has to deflate and I believe a smaller face is emerging ! However, what is left is concentrated under and around my chin so I still can't really make out how much length has been reduced.
I'm slightly concerned I may have some skin sag under my chin, but hopefully it is just swelling. . .
For those planning to undergo such surgery, I really recommend these 3 things.

Bromelain Capsules - really does help with the swelling

Arnica Gel ( don't really rate the pills or the cream, found them useless! )

Beeswax Lip Balm ( peppermint) - I've had no peeling or dry lips whilst using this and the peppermint really helps refresh.


Bruising mainly on neck really

one thing I've noticed.

I seem to have lost some of my ability to taste, most things now taste of nothingness and I seem to want to put extra salt on everything for any sort of flavour.
I can't taste chocolate, omg :(

Dent and sagging

I feel awful today.
I seem to have a very obvious dent on he side of my face at first i thought it was bruising but it is actually a shadow, this side used to be my "good" side so to speak, so now this side matches my otherside, ugly all around.
It seems to be created by sagging skin underneath and perhaps swelling above as it looks like ive got a saggy jowl. I really do hope this goes as it looks as though i still have swelling this side, tthe skin underneath though? I doubt it. Feel like giving up today tbh.

+ dent


sagging or swelling


collage of swelling&bruises

lol, if anyone was interested.
This is about as severe as my swelling/bruising got, not god awful just odd looking.

my before photos

Frans Noorman van der Dussen

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Hi melonhead, I have just gone under surgery to shorten my chin 3 days ago (I am an Asian girl with very narrow face and long, v-shaped chin. Sometimes I feel I look like a witch). My chin is just like yours right now, swollen with a feeling of sagging skin. But don't be worried. I have a friend who had this type of surgery before and she said its normal, just swelling and it will deflate within 2 months. Hugs :):):)
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Heya, thankyou for the comment and assurance! It is nice to hear from someone going through the same thing, may I ask if you're numb at all? still can't feel my chin at all! is kind of gross to touch ha
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Same thing here! My chin has no feeling at all and it is weirdly swollen. Just like you, I really hate the sag underneath my chin and hope it won't be there for so long. I don't know if you already can open your mouth or smile/laugh normally? I cannot even smile because of the swelling (well, actually I can smile a bit but it is the ugliest smile I've ever seen in me). Plz keep your post updated. I will also tell you what is going new on my side :D
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By the way, may I ask if there is any screw fixed on your chin bone? My doctor simply shaved from the downmost chin so there is no screw, anyway it may vary from case to case so I wonder how yours is.
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I can open my mouth alot better now, I couldn't before! literally had to wedge food through the back of my mouth with a spoon. I think going back to work helped as I was talking alot which loosened my jaw up I suppose. My smile is still weird, it's like higher..? I don't know if this perm, I hope not? But I wonder if having the chin bone reduced it has changed the position somehow? but if I was to do a closed teeth cheesy smile I can no longer see my teeth at all, just gum! I hoping it's because my lower lip is still totally utterly numb and swelling in the area as it all feels very tight and awkward still, so when I try to smile I lift my top lift higher than I would normally? I don't know.
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But no, in the few weeks after surgery I could barely smile at all haha, like you say it's a very ugly small smile ahaha. I think there is with me because he does it like a sliding genioplasty, so theres a huge chunk chopped out and then bolted together I believe.
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I see, my friend had sliding genioplasty too, and bolts could be seen on her X-ray. Now she looks fine. At least she smiles beautifully. Before she didn't dare to smile at all. You r right, higher, smaller, and gum-showing smile is what I see in the mirror now, but it will change by time, that's what my friend told me... Had you been told how many millimeters of your chin bone would be reduced before the surgery? For me, it is 5mm. I'm not sure if it was exactly 5mm cut out during my surgery? I will know today evening, my doctor promised to show me my chin bone (eww, I am excited and scared at the same time, I don't really want to see a human being bone and moreover it is mine, lol). But I feel like my face is even longer than before, and it looks like a milk box which is flat and literally rectangular shaped :( Hope it's just the swelling that gives such feeling? May be I should spend less time in front of the mirror and stop imagining. Anyway, it has been more than 2 weeks for you and do you see a lot of changes from the very first days after surgery? It is my 4th day now and I didn't recognize much improvement for last 2 days.
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Hi melonhead, it doesn't look bad. But i know what you mean. I'm not an expert either so i'm not sure what it might be. Could be swelling of course. Do you have some before and after pics as well? What do you think of the result? Is there a big difference from before? Positive or negative?
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Yes i think there is a big difference in height, although its funny how quickly you forget how you were. So shall try and find some pictures to compare. I dont regret the surgery, worried about the sagging though. However i cant see much change in my jaw? I dont really like the outline of my face still, i havent achieved an oval or v-line shape as of yet and yeah i dont notice any difference in my jaw i question if it was even touched but shall have to see how things eventually settle.
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Is it not possible that you don't see any difference in your jaw because your chin is shortened, making your narrowed jaw look bigger?
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Yes I have thought of this also. I'm hoping there is still swelling left to go because my smile is still disorted as well, although other people can no longer see noticeable swelling anymore.
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Hi replicalove, I might want to go to this surgeon as well and I want the same kind of procedure. Is it possible to see some before and after pics? Thanks in advance :)
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I will write a better review with pictures once my swelling subsides and can make a comment about the result
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Alright take your time :) Heal well!
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I have had a consultation with Bart Van de Ven and will have one with Noorman Van der Dussen in September. I am Belgian too. I'd like to have a jaw reduction, lip lift and revision rhinoplasty. Bart Van de Ven's work does look good but I have read that Noorman Van der Dussen has a particularly good eye for the aesthetics of your face as a whole. How much did both doctors say that they'd shave off your jaw? Bart Van de Ven told me that the ideal female jaw starts 3 cm beneath the ear. But that's one dimension. I don't really understand how the ideal proportions are horizontally.
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Evelynnn I'm from Belgium as well. I have had a consultation with Noorman Van der Dussen. He does seem to have a good eye for aesthetics. Can I add you on facebook to talk about it? Ik praat dus Nederlands :)
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I've sent you a private message. In het Nederlands:)
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I think if you're after a subtle result, perhaps NVDD is your best bet? He certaintly does have a good eye, he picked up all my problems without me having to explain everything. I'm sure he creates balanced faces, I just didn't see any photos or reviews showing this so I decided to go with Bart to ease my axienty, at least I have some idea on what he can achieve.
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