Chin & Jaw Reduction Surgery

Surgery booked & planned for september with Dr...

surgery booked & planned for september with Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen

•sliding genioplasty
•mandibular angle reduction
•lower boarder mandibular shave

My chin is too vertically long and also too wide, I also suffer from a square boxy jaw.
I dream for a beautiful oval and feminine face! although I don't have much hopes for that, I do hope there will be an improvement I will be happy with . .

Also wish to have rhinoplasty surgery with Lucian Ion, whom I have consulted.


can only hope surgery will bring a real change, I dread a subtle nonexistent result.
& still also need that nose done...

what i'd like

change of plan

have decided to change surgeons to Bart van de Ven.
I have done this because of more information and pictures of Bart's work being available, I become uneasy of the results that nvdd could achieve as Ive barely seen any photos and what I have seen of his work is very subtle.
Bart has some impressive and blatant chin reductions in his portfolio, this is what I need.
I hope he'll try his best for me

glad to be home

done, home, swollen.
hope it was worth it.

If anyone wants info on the clinic, care or hotel to stay etc.
Pm me, be happy to answer any questions.


The swelling has to deflate and I believe a smaller face is emerging ! However, what is left is concentrated under and around my chin so I still can't really make out how much length has been reduced.
I'm slightly concerned I may have some skin sag under my chin, but hopefully it is just swelling. . .
For those planning to undergo such surgery, I really recommend these 3 things.

Bromelain Capsules - really does help with the swelling

Arnica Gel ( don't really rate the pills or the cream, found them useless! )

Beeswax Lip Balm ( peppermint) - I've had no peeling or dry lips whilst using this and the peppermint really helps refresh.


Bruising mainly on neck really

one thing I've noticed.

I seem to have lost some of my ability to taste, most things now taste of nothingness and I seem to want to put extra salt on everything for any sort of flavour.
I can't taste chocolate, omg :(

Dent and sagging

I feel awful today.
I seem to have a very obvious dent on he side of my face at first i thought it was bruising but it is actually a shadow, this side used to be my "good" side so to speak, so now this side matches my otherside, ugly all around.
It seems to be created by sagging skin underneath and perhaps swelling above as it looks like ive got a saggy jowl. I really do hope this goes as it looks as though i still have swelling this side, tthe skin underneath though? I doubt it. Feel like giving up today tbh.

+ dent


sagging or swelling


collage of swelling&bruises

lol, if anyone was interested.
This is about as severe as my swelling/bruising got, not god awful just odd looking.

my before photos

sag/swelling? lumpy alien head

i'm not liking things atm.
Frans Noorman van der Dussen

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Hi melonhead, I wonder what is going on your side! My chin nearly got over the swelling phase now, but the double chin is still there and I am now so depressed every time looking at this in mirrors. I don't know if it will ever go... :(
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Aw don't despair! ; 3 ; On a forum someone said they had the same thing and was quite upset about it but thought it was perhaps down due to their age, but it eventually went away on it's own - it's just the skin redraping it's self over the new structure. Hopefully shall be the same for us !! Still very early days for you! Theres not much new with me, I think my smile is slowly starting to return to a more normal position. I however still have really lopsided swelling, not liking how my left jaw looks at the moment, look's kind of jowly. Will try and post another picture when I'm looking less of a hobo x
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Haaaa, hope so :) I'm also glad that you're gradually getting your smile back. A good sign huh. Well today I turned on webcam to see my own face and realized my chin popped up asymmetric on the computer screen. ASSYMMETRIC?!!?!! Upset all around. +__+ Don't know if it was because of the lighting or what the heck ever...
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Maybe just swelling. Like my friend told me swelling doesnt know what symmetery is . How is feeling in your chin? Im still utterly numb and very little sensation in my lip, it bothers me and im constantly having to apply chapstick. I feel like i cant get back to normal because of this, its like having a blocked nose after a cold you notice it and it makes you feel yucky because of that hmm
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Strangely, my chin has better sense in 6-7 days after surgery. Now it is totally normal with feeling. But let me tell you this doesn't make me feel any better lol, (if it was numb I could at least deceive myself "oh well it's still swollen". The truth is I can feel everything now so I guess swelling is minimal). I still crazily lisp btw, so I can't speak fast. Do u have the same trouble? I think it will take more time to get your feeling back as the surgery was way more complicated, but it should be back sooner or later. I just asked my friend and she said it took her around 6 months to have feeling on chin. You are not the only one! :)
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Did she ever regain full feeling back on her lip? assuming she had numbness there at all. Yes I did find I had a lisp for a little while, now it's more mumbling and I have to work harder to project my voice clearer. Although I've always mumbled anwyay LOL #grumpy. May I ask why you chose a different type of chin surgery to your friend, do you think you've achieved enough difference with your surgery? I don't know if I'm going to like my result tbh, I seem to be getting uglier as each day passes if anything lol ;o I seem to be in a very oblivious state of mind at the moment, but I wonder if I will become depressed or regret it all if things truely don't turn out alright.. I suppose atm theres this sense of ~*hope*~ but also just -- want to back to normal as in energy&feeling etc.
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On consulting day I discussed with my surgeon that my jaw is very narrow plus I have a long chin, he recommended me to burr chin from bottom instead of chopping off bone in the middle. The reason is that after your central chin bone is cut out then screwed together, there is excessive bone of upper part which needs shaving further to make curve smoother, thus can make my facial width appear even more narrow. Now after surgery I'm really worried if my surgeon did it right... My friend said she had numbness on entire lower jaw and lip and it had completely gone after 1 year. But after 6 months you should begin feeling something, so be patient :-) I saw your pic today with lopsided swelling, did you try using heatpack more frequently on that side? 80% of my swelling has gone but what irritates me most now is the sagging skin under my chin which gives a feeling of double chin. Ecckkk. I didn't recognize this on your pics, so at least you have something to not be worried about haha. I have been looking at mirror for last 4 days, trying to see any improvement but it seems from zero to none *crying*. However as u said, let's hope :-) you are still much swollen so there's plenty of place to improve!
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And oh I'm also not happy with my result atm, I feel my face looks gaunt, asymmetric, and just As Long As Before. The sagging skin even makes my chin longer. @----@
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Hi melonhead, I have just gone under surgery to shorten my chin 3 days ago (I am an Asian girl with very narrow face and long, v-shaped chin. Sometimes I feel I look like a witch). My chin is just like yours right now, swollen with a feeling of sagging skin. But don't be worried. I have a friend who had this type of surgery before and she said its normal, just swelling and it will deflate within 2 months. Hugs :):):)
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Heya, thankyou for the comment and assurance! It is nice to hear from someone going through the same thing, may I ask if you're numb at all? still can't feel my chin at all! is kind of gross to touch ha
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Same thing here! My chin has no feeling at all and it is weirdly swollen. Just like you, I really hate the sag underneath my chin and hope it won't be there for so long. I don't know if you already can open your mouth or smile/laugh normally? I cannot even smile because of the swelling (well, actually I can smile a bit but it is the ugliest smile I've ever seen in me). Plz keep your post updated. I will also tell you what is going new on my side :D
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By the way, may I ask if there is any screw fixed on your chin bone? My doctor simply shaved from the downmost chin so there is no screw, anyway it may vary from case to case so I wonder how yours is.
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I can open my mouth alot better now, I couldn't before! literally had to wedge food through the back of my mouth with a spoon. I think going back to work helped as I was talking alot which loosened my jaw up I suppose. My smile is still weird, it's like higher..? I don't know if this perm, I hope not? But I wonder if having the chin bone reduced it has changed the position somehow? but if I was to do a closed teeth cheesy smile I can no longer see my teeth at all, just gum! I hoping it's because my lower lip is still totally utterly numb and swelling in the area as it all feels very tight and awkward still, so when I try to smile I lift my top lift higher than I would normally? I don't know.
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But no, in the few weeks after surgery I could barely smile at all haha, like you say it's a very ugly small smile ahaha. I think there is with me because he does it like a sliding genioplasty, so theres a huge chunk chopped out and then bolted together I believe.
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I see, my friend had sliding genioplasty too, and bolts could be seen on her X-ray. Now she looks fine. At least she smiles beautifully. Before she didn't dare to smile at all. You r right, higher, smaller, and gum-showing smile is what I see in the mirror now, but it will change by time, that's what my friend told me... Had you been told how many millimeters of your chin bone would be reduced before the surgery? For me, it is 5mm. I'm not sure if it was exactly 5mm cut out during my surgery? I will know today evening, my doctor promised to show me my chin bone (eww, I am excited and scared at the same time, I don't really want to see a human being bone and moreover it is mine, lol). But I feel like my face is even longer than before, and it looks like a milk box which is flat and literally rectangular shaped :( Hope it's just the swelling that gives such feeling? May be I should spend less time in front of the mirror and stop imagining. Anyway, it has been more than 2 weeks for you and do you see a lot of changes from the very first days after surgery? It is my 4th day now and I didn't recognize much improvement for last 2 days.
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Sorry typing this from phone so excuse me if little makes sense . I think i was told preop consult, but ive totally forgotten measurements, i would like to know. I think it would be kind of cool to see the bone i wish i couldve seen mine aha. I think it is best to stay away from mirrors! I feel even now it actually gets worse! Im tryin to be patient but i dont like the way im looking at the moment. The first week is he worst, the 4th day youre either at he peak of swelling or coming to it. It gets easier though as each day passes on eating, sleeping especially. I dont know about you but for the first week i kept waking up at like 3am and then as each day went by i was able to sleep a bit longer but i did seem to feel awful afterlaying down! Only now is a lay in actually enjoyable! Early days sleeping made me feel worse! I understand what you mean about milkbox face aha, i had that and now i feel i look gaunt but with a weird blunt square cjin/jaw i look odd, even reptile? Lol! I dont know.. I hope things will eventually settle into a nicer image
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I will also note i have uneven swelling even from day1 that was obvious and it still remains now. My left is very mch still swollen
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