Chin & Jaw Reduction Surgery

Surgery booked & planned for september with Dr...

surgery booked & planned for september with Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen

•sliding genioplasty
•mandibular angle reduction
•lower boarder mandibular shave

My chin is too vertically long and also too wide, I also suffer from a square boxy jaw.
I dream for a beautiful oval and feminine face! although I don't have much hopes for that, I do hope there will be an improvement I will be happy with . .

Also wish to have rhinoplasty surgery with Lucian Ion, whom I have consulted.


can only hope surgery will bring a real change, I dread a subtle nonexistent result.
& still also need that nose done...

what i'd like

change of plan

have decided to change surgeons to Bart van de Ven.
I have done this because of more information and pictures of Bart's work being available, I become uneasy of the results that nvdd could achieve as Ive barely seen any photos and what I have seen of his work is very subtle.
Bart has some impressive and blatant chin reductions in his portfolio, this is what I need.
I hope he'll try his best for me

glad to be home

done, home, swollen.
hope it was worth it.

If anyone wants info on the clinic, care or hotel to stay etc.
Pm me, be happy to answer any questions.


The swelling has to deflate and I believe a smaller face is emerging ! However, what is left is concentrated under and around my chin so I still can't really make out how much length has been reduced.
I'm slightly concerned I may have some skin sag under my chin, but hopefully it is just swelling. . .
For those planning to undergo such surgery, I really recommend these 3 things.

Bromelain Capsules - really does help with the swelling

Arnica Gel ( don't really rate the pills or the cream, found them useless! )

Beeswax Lip Balm ( peppermint) - I've had no peeling or dry lips whilst using this and the peppermint really helps refresh.


Bruising mainly on neck really

one thing I've noticed.

I seem to have lost some of my ability to taste, most things now taste of nothingness and I seem to want to put extra salt on everything for any sort of flavour.
I can't taste chocolate, omg :(
Frans Noorman van der Dussen

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Hi replicalove, I might want to go to this surgeon as well and I want the same kind of procedure. Is it possible to see some before and after pics? Thanks in advance :)
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I will write a better review with pictures once my swelling subsides and can make a comment about the result
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Alright take your time :) Heal well!
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I have had a consultation with Bart Van de Ven and will have one with Noorman Van der Dussen in September. I am Belgian too. I'd like to have a jaw reduction, lip lift and revision rhinoplasty. Bart Van de Ven's work does look good but I have read that Noorman Van der Dussen has a particularly good eye for the aesthetics of your face as a whole. How much did both doctors say that they'd shave off your jaw? Bart Van de Ven told me that the ideal female jaw starts 3 cm beneath the ear. But that's one dimension. I don't really understand how the ideal proportions are horizontally.
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Evelynnn I'm from Belgium as well. I have had a consultation with Noorman Van der Dussen. He does seem to have a good eye for aesthetics. Can I add you on facebook to talk about it? Ik praat dus Nederlands :)
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I've sent you a private message. In het Nederlands:)
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I think if you're after a subtle result, perhaps NVDD is your best bet? He certaintly does have a good eye, he picked up all my problems without me having to explain everything. I'm sure he creates balanced faces, I just didn't see any photos or reviews showing this so I decided to go with Bart to ease my axienty, at least I have some idea on what he can achieve.
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Awesome, hope the surgery turns out well and that the result will be very pleasing!! Heal well ! :) Is it possible to post some pics a few weeks after surgery? Thanks in advance!
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Yes, lets hope so ! Yes I will update for people whom are interested in the surgery, however I have decided to change surgeons
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Ooh ok, why did you change surgeons all of a sudden? :O
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because i wasn't confident that nvdd could provide the results I wanted and having seen no evidence that he could do what I want either. The work I have seen of his, is very subtle not really what I'm after.. so have decided to go with bart van den
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Bart van de Ven* even. Although booked, haven't heard much back as of yet ;(
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Did Nvdd say something about the ideal shape of a female jaw and chin? Dr. Bart told me that the ideal jaw starts 3cm below the ears and that he would shave accordingly. However, I'm concerned how it would look getting older. Jaw bones lose volume when one gets older ( I think it's better to be conservative as to be aggressive. It's really hard after plastic surgery to get used to your new look. It always looks worse than it does, because you're used to your old face. For me subtlety is what I want.
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Hey. I've been on several consultations with this doctor and am planning on having sliding genioplasty done as well, along with rhinoplasty and something with my jaws.
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hello, Sorry I haven't seen your comment until now. Have you booked your surgery at all yet?
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Thanx. Its all with its risks. I just think sometimes the risks might be worth it and othertimes not. Hoping mine is worth it. Will post pics when I go thru with it.
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Are you from Belgium? Because I am. I have been on a consultation with Frans Noorman van der Dussen. I have been thinking about making a change on my nose, chin and jawline as well. Could I add you anywhere so we can talk more freely?
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Not from belgium. Sorry. In north america. Sure feel free to add me elsewhere. U can pass on an email
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Oops. Sorry. Lol. U weren't speaking to me. Got confused when the update came to my email. Still new on this site.
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