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I had a croton oil/phenol peeling. It was horrible...

I had a croton oil/phenol peeling.
It was horrible , the pain and burning are severe.
Now I still have problems with my forehead. It's red and painful.
I also have red and rough spots on my cheeks. Has anybody had the same and will the rough spots disappear later?
Thanks for any comment.

I have found that washing your face with water and a little vinegar is helpful, also putting a wet towel on your face helps.


6 days after using the cortison ointment. I still have phases of heavy burning. I used a cream that is supposed to bring oxygen in to your skin, named chiroxy from Auriga , that soothes a lot. As well as a nourishing cream from Widmer. This was not adviced by my Doctor but are creams that I used normally. My forehead is still tender but is healing on the surface but I can feel that underneath it's not.
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I was given a light cortisone ointment and aquaphore on Tuesday. I hope that it will clear my face but it's too soon to know. I will look at the Q& A. Thanks.

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Still not sure.

I can't tell if it will be worth while. I'm still waiting to heal. Unfortunately this is not predictable but as soon as I know myself I'll post it. In my opinion it never will be worth the pain and anguish I went through. It's certainly not appropriate for sensitive skin like mine.

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