I will get my rhinoplasty in 2 weeks!!! I'm sooo...

I will get my rhinoplasty in 2 weeks!!!
I'm sooo nervous !!!!!
This is my second operation, I had a tip correction 2 year ago ,but was not satisfy .... The first one was in Belgium with doctor van look .that was in Antwerp , a I'm not so satisfy ,
Now I'm going to doctor Abbout , he is very good in rhinoplasty ....

Before nose tip correction

I didn't like the tip

Before tip correction

If I smile it is so huge!
Good luck on your second op and please keep updating us. You're a beautiful lady. I also have my revision next month and hope this will be last rhino for me.

Before tip correction

That was my nose ,before the tip correction, I didn't like it! It was very wide , the tip was bulbous.
2 years ago I did a tip correction with doctor Van look in Antwerp but I don't see much difference , so I wil have my second rhinoplasty again, I'm so scared because I don't want to look fake our plastic! I'm really nervous ...,
Omg you are beautiful! I hope your next surgery gives you your desired look. Good luck and best wishes!
Diona ,thank you sooo much That's so sweet of you It coming closer ,still 6 days to go .....
I'm so glad you found us and started your story here! You're already gorgeous, but I see what you mean about your tip not changing much after the first procedure. I hope all goes well!

3 march is my operation

My god i'm so sick today , i'm having fever,and everything hurts me.....
Why now????? I really hope that i'm oké monday....
Today very early in bed , and i have to sick it out'.
I had my last consultation 4 day 's ago and hope That i Will be fine.
Thanks adastra ,but I having my rhinoplasty today! I'm leaving in 10 m wish me luck:-)
You look stunning! What a great result :)
Will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Yes i did iT

Im in The hospital now
9 clock they operat me, en before i know it is already over

I'm home

Today was the big day...
I'm home now an don't have any pain at all!!
My nose is bleeding an I can breathe , but I'm feeling happy !!!

This is dr abbout marwan from Brussel

He is a man with little words
But he is good in his work
Thank You so much zooster xxxxx
I am glad to hear everything went well with you. Wow I can tell your nose looks cute already. Happy recovery. Xoxo
Thank you so much sweety Your rhino will be also very nice an cute, I will burn a candle for you xxxx

4 day

No bruised face !
Vitamin c and arnica really helps!
You look awesome already. I also got vitamin c and most of my post surgery supplies today. Can't wait to see your new cute nose!
Zooster,you will see your nose going to be asome!!! Take arnica as well , I took it 2 weeks before the operation , and no bruised face!!! Xoxoxo
I plan to take arnica. Glad you haven't bruised. Xoxo

Cast is off

My cast is off!!
I'm happy my nose is still very swollen but I can see already much difference !
The cast came off at home ,so I could see very good the results!
Monday evening I had to go to my doctor , he was happy with the result too , he taped my nose and then really horrified .... He pinched my nose very hard !! 4 times could take it anymore, he says that to keep the nose fine I have to pinched it lots of time!
I never here something like that!
But he is the doctor I think?
So I'm squeezing my nose all the time :-)
You look great.
Thank You foxyboxy!
Zooster Thank you dear xxxx

Tape off today first day of work

what ethnicity are you btw? you're so beautiful
Thank you ramzbb , I'm half African mixed with Spanish and Belgium blood

12 days , more natural

I'm so happy , my nose is so swollen but I can already see that it's beautiful !!!
I can tell now the tip is more refined. The base of your nose is also narrower. Beautiful!
I'm so happy zooster , it is still so swollen but already very nice, soon is your turn xxxx

New nose

Before and after

Zooster Thank You I Will think of you tomorrow , good luck !!! You will look beautiful too xxxxx
You look beautiful!!
You look great! Nose is beautiful! Now, you're swollen, but with time, I think it will be perfect!

Almost a month !

My nose is change everyday
I wish the swelling go's away
Guess I'm very impatience
Very cute! I hope I get a result like yours!
Thank you kpeton, but there is more swelling now then the first 2 weeks!

Not happy

Hi ,i'm not so happy anymore ,i feel like my nose d'idnt change much

In The frist 2 weeks my nose was thin and The top was small,now my nose is like my nose before! I now That there are a lot of swelling but i'm sad,
I feel like a spent my money and time .
I really hope it wil change...
Is this normal? And it doesn't help That a have really thick skin
I guess i have to have patience.....

Nose 1 month and 2 weeks

Swelling swelling swelling
Hi dear! You have to be patient! I have past so many revisions and if you were happy now, you wouldn't be happy for 6 months or one year because your nose would be too small. After one year you can judge your result!
How's the swelling going x
Hi there. You shouldn't worry as three is still swelling. It looks very nice and will get better with time. Did you tell your surgeon about the width when smiling? Mine is still swollen.

1 months and 3 weeks

The swelling is going down little by little...
Everyday my nose is changing !
I went to my doctor , and he will start to give me some steroid in 6 month, why I have to wait so long ?

Before pict.

My nose before my operation
You are so pretty anyway and look even prettier now! Happy healing. It can take ages. I know it took over a year and more for the tenderness to go away,when I had my first op after breaking my nose.
Hi What do you mean he is quite arrogant. I am having consultations for secondary rhino at the moment and will be seeing Dr Noorman van der dussen on the 18th May. I feel that the surgeon would not be right for me if I cannot communicate effectively and arrogance is not something I can put up with.
Thanks zooster, i hope your recovery is going Well. You are lucky That your doctor give You steroïden shots, i have to wait so long.... Big Kiss

3 months

Hi I can believe it is 3 months already ! I don't have problems but still have swellings!
I can see little difference , but hope that il will change a lot !

3 month


Old pict:-)

I agree with the other comments. You were Beautiful before and still beautiful now. Very subtle changes are always best. Love it!!
Thank You jackson1 I see improvement every day And it takes a lot of time during my thick skin Finely I'm starting to like my nose!
Hi zooster i'm fine my nose is geting smaler and nice And yourself ? Hope everything is fine Thanks for asking sweety

The swelling is going down

Your nose looks awesome! Very happy for you. Mine is getting better too especially in person. Xoxo

Nose almost 4 months

I'm very happy now , I now it takes long time for the final result , but I'm already very pleased how my nose look now.
It is a natural refind result !
People tell me that I look good , but they don't really see that I did my nose

Before and after

Thanks zooster, how is your nose? Hope your doing fine! Xxxx
You look beautiful girl. I'm very happy for you!
I'm really happy with it ramzbb , and i know That it Will even get better x

Almost 7 months

I'm happy, my nose is geting beter and beter!
You look stunning really!! :-)
Dizzydolly83 so sweet of You Thank You xxxxx
Doctor Abbout

I have to go back , one week before operation , the doctor is quiet arrogant , but he is good ! I sent more pictures after the operation ...,

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