I will get my rhinoplasty in 2 weeks!!! I'm sooo...

I will get my rhinoplasty in 2 weeks!!!
I'm sooo nervous !!!!!
This is my second operation, I had a tip correction 2 year ago ,but was not satisfy .... The first one was in Belgium with doctor van look .that was in Antwerp , a I'm not so satisfy ,
Now I'm going to doctor Abbout , he is very good in rhinoplasty ....

Before nose tip correction

I didn't like the tip

Before tip correction

If I smile it is so huge!

Before tip correction

That was my nose ,before the tip correction, I didn't like it! It was very wide , the tip was bulbous.
2 years ago I did a tip correction with doctor Van look in Antwerp but I don't see much difference , so I wil have my second rhinoplasty again, I'm so scared because I don't want to look fake our plastic! I'm really nervous ...,

3 march is my operation

My god i'm so sick today , i'm having fever,and everything hurts me.....
Why now????? I really hope that i'm oké monday....
Today very early in bed , and i have to sick it out'.
I had my last consultation 4 day 's ago and hope That i Will be fine.

Yes i did iT

Im in The hospital now
9 clock they operat me, en before i know it is already over

I'm home

Today was the big day...
I'm home now an don't have any pain at all!!
My nose is bleeding an I can breathe , but I'm feeling happy !!!

This is dr abbout marwan from Brussel

He is a man with little words
But he is good in his work

4 day

No bruised face !
Vitamin c and arnica really helps!

Cast is off

My cast is off!!
I'm happy my nose is still very swollen but I can see already much difference !
The cast came off at home ,so I could see very good the results!
Monday evening I had to go to my doctor , he was happy with the result too , he taped my nose and then really horrified .... He pinched my nose very hard !! 4 times could take it anymore, he says that to keep the nose fine I have to pinched it lots of time!
I never here something like that!
But he is the doctor I think?
So I'm squeezing my nose all the time :-)

Tape off today first day of work

12 days , more natural

I'm so happy , my nose is so swollen but I can already see that it's beautiful !!!

New nose

Before and after

Almost a month !

My nose is change everyday
I wish the swelling go's away
Guess I'm very impatience

Not happy

Hi ,i'm not so happy anymore ,i feel like my nose d'idnt change much

In The frist 2 weeks my nose was thin and The top was small,now my nose is like my nose before! I now That there are a lot of swelling but i'm sad,
I feel like a spent my money and time .
I really hope it wil change...
Is this normal? And it doesn't help That a have really thick skin
I guess i have to have patience.....

Nose 1 month and 2 weeks

Swelling swelling swelling

1 months and 3 weeks

The swelling is going down little by little...
Everyday my nose is changing !
I went to my doctor , and he will start to give me some steroid in 6 month, why I have to wait so long ?

Before pict.

My nose before my operation

3 months

Hi I can believe it is 3 months already ! I don't have problems but still have swellings!
I can see little difference , but hope that il will change a lot !

3 month


Old pict:-)

The swelling is going down

Nose almost 4 months

I'm very happy now , I now it takes long time for the final result , but I'm already very pleased how my nose look now.
It is a natural refind result !
People tell me that I look good , but they don't really see that I did my nose

Before and after

Almost 7 months

I'm happy, my nose is geting beter and beter!
Doctor Abbout

I have to go back , one week before operation , the doctor is quiet arrogant , but he is good ! I sent more pictures after the operation ...,

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You look stunning really!! :-)
  • Reply
Dizzydolly83 so sweet of You Thank You xxxxx
  • Reply
Thank You foxyboxy, it really takes time! But is was worth it xxxx
  • Reply
Your nose is coming along nicely.
  • Reply
Thanks zooster, how is your nose? Hope your doing fine! Xxxx
  • Reply
You look beautiful girl. I'm very happy for you!
  • Reply
I'm really happy with it ramzbb , and i know That it Will even get better x
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it looks so good! love how straight it is and it fits in with the rest of your features so well xx
  • Reply
Very pretty looks like you were born with it !!
  • Reply
Thank you twinny05 Xox
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I agree with the other comments. You were Beautiful before and still beautiful now. Very subtle changes are always best. Love it!!
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Thank You jackson1 I see improvement every day And it takes a lot of time during my thick skin Finely I'm starting to like my nose!
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Your nose looks awesome! Very happy for you. Mine is getting better too especially in person. Xoxo
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Hi zooster i'm fine my nose is geting smaler and nice And yourself ? Hope everything is fine Thanks for asking sweety
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How are you?
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Wow! Your nose is so cute now!
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Thank You lillyvan777 xxxxxx
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You look amazing! I can see a great difference in the width of your tip, it's much more narrower. Thank you for your comment on my review, I've only just logged on after a long time and found it :) I'm 4 months post op and a little swelling is still there but it's getting better every month.
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Patience en waiting is the only thing we can do i guess ! Xxxxxx
  • Reply
Mumoffour, You look amazing too!!!! Wow what a difference xxxx
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the progress I've seen on you from day 1 to month 3 is amazing!! you're stunning and thank you bc your story is making me feel better about myself !
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Thank You longislander916 So sweet ! It Means a lot to me Xxxx
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You are so pretty anyway and look even prettier now! Happy healing. It can take ages. I know it took over a year and more for the tenderness to go away,when I had my first op after breaking my nose.
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Hi What do you mean he is quite arrogant. I am having consultations for secondary rhino at the moment and will be seeing Dr Noorman van der dussen on the 18th May. I feel that the surgeon would not be right for me if I cannot communicate effectively and arrogance is not something I can put up with.
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