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For years i've suffered headaches, back/neck...

For years i've suffered headaches, back/neck aches, and just being extremely self conscious about my breasts. Before Ihad children, I was a small 32 B/C. I'm currently a 34DD, but at my largest have been a DDD/E cup. Itend t go up and down, depending on my weight. Being a mother/wife, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. I've now decided to do something for myself that I feel that I would greatly benefit from. I LOVE to workout. I use the gym 4-5 times a week, and the "girls" are still there, even after losing a lot of weight! I'm REALLY excited about this life changing journey, but also VERY nervous with being out to sleep for 3 + hours, the recovery and the after results...

Hi Butterfly! When is your surgery scheduled? You are going to be thrilled after you have had the surgery. I know everyone is different, but my pain wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be. There was some pressure and discomfort, but nothing that I would call real pain. If you have had children, I know you can handle this!

Hi all! I'm 5 weeks away from the "big day". I'm...

Hi all! I'm 5 weeks away from the "big day". I'm still going through a lot of emotions about my surgery. I almost changed my mind a few days ago...I keep thinking about what could go wrong? am I being selfish? could I really tolerate the pain etc...Anyway, beside that, I LOVE to read about everyones journey! It's good to know that there are people going through the same thing! My PS surgeon said she only uses the "vertical" incision. Just curious if anyone on here have had that method, and also what they thought of the results and recovery?
Thanks in advance! :)
Hi there! So sorry it took so long getting back to you! My surgery is scheduled for August 8th! I have almost 5 weeks to go! My PS said she would be using the "lollipop" method so, i'm not sure whether that means, less pain or quicker healing? who knows. What incision method did your PS use?
Thanks for the encouragement!

I had the anchor incision, so that there is a scar running underneath each breast. The lollipop is like the anchor in that there will be an incision around each nipple and then straight down, however you will  not have the incision under the breasts. I had no problem with healing and from what I understand the lollipop is often easier to heal because there is one less junction to cause any problems. This next month will go quickly and before you know it you will be part of the post-op gang!

Well this time tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!! I'm...

Well this time tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!! I'm due to be at the hospital at 07.00am. which isn't too bad as I only live 15 minutes away :) I'm so excited!!!! But also scared stif! My husband has been so supported of my desicion to get this done (which helps)...even though he prefers me just the way I am. He has taken a week off work to help out with everything. Today I have scrubbed my house from top to bottem...I feel like i'm "nesting" lol. Some how I don't think that I'll sleep tonight, but that's okay, I'll have plenty of time to rest and do nothing for a while. What's gonna hurt the most is that I wont be able to hug and squeeze my children for while :/
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Let us know how you are doing soon!

Good luck, Butterfly! I will be thinking of you tomorrow! You might not be able to hug or hold your kids, but they can give you gentle snuggles! You will do great! Can't wait to hear all about it!

2 weeks 3 days post-op pics! I really should have...

2 weeks 3 days post-op pics!
I really should have posted before pics to show what a huge difference there is!!!

Today, i'm doing really well. Last week was a little tough, emotionally and was getting a little impatient with the healing process. My incison scars looked very red, "bumpy", and sore right when the steri strips were removed a week ago. Right now, the incision lines are getting smoother and hardly any redness left! I'm actually IN-LOVE with my nw boobies =) I really had to learn to be patient...I mean, it's only been just over 2 weeks!

Heres a little info:

Pre-op I meassured 34DD, now i'm meassuring 34C!!!! Not too small and not too big :D
Thanks girls!!!

Congrats on such wonderful results! Glad you are so happy!
Wow looks great
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