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Hi Everyone, I have a BA planned for the 2nd of...

Hi Everyone,

I have a BA planned for the 2nd of January... I'm so excited.
After having a babygirl and breastfeeding her for 8 months, I went from a B cup to an A :(( ... I'm 25 years old , and I decided that i want to go from an A to a small D ...

The doctor said i probably need 450cc since I don't have a lot of breast tissue left..

Looking forward to finally have some nice boobies again :))

I've tot new boobies :))

Hi everyone,

So today was my day of surgury, at 10am to be exact. First I had I talken to Dr.van Zele About the size, expectations etc. He drawed lines and me and after that I met the anesthesic. Etc etc.

I feel pretty ok, moving does hurt ofcourse and breathing is harder but it's bearable. Let's hope it doesn't get worse or anything. It' been About 12hours ago.

I went for 435cc high profile. I'm 5'8 and 132 pounds.

I'll post Some pictures once I can remove the bra to shower. :)


2 Days post op

Hi girls,

Still feel the same kind of pain today. Slept ok last night but I took tramadol which is a heavier painkiller. I took the bra of to wash myself and took Some quick pics. Don't mind the yellow stuff, it's isobetadine.

Overall I'm happy with how they look, eventhough one breast is a little bit more swollen.

18 Days Post Op

Yayyy, my boobies are dropping :)) I'm very happy with the results ... I finally have boobs again :)

A few Days ago I went to the doctors to have my incisions checked and the little knots of the stiches cut. She asked where I had them done because everything looks so good and nicely healed. So I guess thats a good sign!

Can't wait for them to get soft and fluffy...
Dr. Van Zele

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How are you getting on with your surgical bra and the strap? Mine is killing! Xx
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Because of Washing it (by hand though) it got a rip in the middle... So Needed to buy a new one. The clinic said I could buy a really good and tight sportsbra, so I did. Very happy with the new one, it doesn't cut into my skin that much. :) it's from the brand 'Anita'
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Congratulatioooon van zele is an artist it will look great, take time for your recovery, and sleep tomorrow will be painful you currently still have the anesthesia so you feel ok. But congrate
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Hey I've got mine 8 days after you with dr van zele aswel let us know how it goes best of luck :)
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Thanks! I'll def write some updates here! :)) Keep you posted x
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Hi... Not long to go! Are you feeling nervous? Good luck! X
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Hi ! Oh yes it's starting to come... the nerves :) I'm looking forward to have bigger boobies but not to being in pain and the fact that i won't be able to really hold my daughter (18 months old). Luckily my mom will be staying with us the first 2 weeks. x
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I feel the same RE the nerves part. I have 10 days to go and I'm at Beaucare too. Xx
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I'll keep you posted! :)
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Hey hey im going to beaucare too in december 13. Cant wait. U did a good choice. No worries.
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congrats on your upcoming surgery,any way you can post some pics? we are all here to support you! I am also planning on 450cc high profile in February!
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Thank you. I will upload some pics soon. I took a look at your profile and the before and after pic you liked, it's actually the same result I would love to have. Also, my breasts are a little similar as yours but smaller I think. :) excited for your results as well!
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