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After reading countless reviews, and having had a...

After reading countless reviews, and having had a few of the girls visit this surgery its now come to the point where i cant stop thinking about having it done! So ive gone and booked my surgery with Dr Ulens! Im so excited and love reading everyone reviews any advice anyone could give me i would really welcome!

86 days to go!

12 weeks to go! And I've just bought a creamfields ticket so there goes some of my savings oppsy! But so excited as by then I'm sure I'll be pain free! Can't stop looking at under wear and bikinis! Resisting the urge to buy just Incase I buy the wrong sizes

What shall I wear?

I know I've got a while to go, but I don't know what to wear after the op, I'm travelling back the same day! I'm probably mad but I want my own bed! I want some nice comfortable clothes that don't look like I'm in my pjs on the train :-p

58 days to go!

its coming round quick! but not quick enough!
I have a large collection of wish pics now but do i just take the on my phone and show them that way or shall i print them out so its easier to see!

Yay they're here!

I'm going to do my update now very early in the mornings since I can't move or do anything else feel like I am stuck my boobs are so tight this morning!

The day of the opp went so well arrived at the clinic the place was lovely was fairly busy to be fair! So my boyfriend and I say in the waiting area for a while till I was called in! Then once I was he waited in the waiting room for me bless him! Dr ullens took me through all the sizes and what would be best for me! She said moderate would be best size for me as that wouldn't leave too big of gap in the middle as my boob are far apart apprently lol! She said 280cc moderate but to me that seemed too small if wanted bigger if she could fit it In and it would be ok, whilst I was under she tried couple and decided 330cc moderate was the best!
I was happy to find this out yay!
I feel like when I havea little peak that there not to big but just normal sized which is what i wanted so, perfect can't wait to see them properly in a few days when I can take my bra off for a wash!

After the surgery when I woke up I was in pain but once I was allowed a drink and my tablets and allowed to leave I was fine! We got a cab back to Brussels and had a few hours to kill before the train so a full fat coke and a pizza could not have been a better choice I felt so good after! Wasn't till about 10pm that the pills wearing off and it's hurting more and more :( now this morning i am so stiff feel like I cant get out of bed!!

Sorry for my rambling essay! Lol!

Day Three

The pain on the actual day of the surgery to me now seems nothing compared to the next day after! saturday and sunday was the worst for pain for me! I have been sleeping upright rather than laying down, i just cant see how i would ever get back up again if i was to lay down fully on my back, so ive used lots of pillows to prop myself up, i have found ive been waking up at half four every morning in pain! I would take my pills and go back to sleep then when i get up again in a few hours time its not as painful! Ive tried to keep busy i cant sit down for too long, i get so bored and uncomfortable and stiffen up! if i walk around a little bit and try keep moving a little i feel a bit better! This morning i woke up and the pain wasnt anywhere near as bad as the other days! so i prey it will get better from here! wooo! i had small shower yesterday but didnt get any pictures my phone wasnt near me :( so ill try again today and upload some!

Few pics day three

4 days

I swear i feel about two dress sizes bigger than last week! my belly is huge wont go away :( ive seen some people say that it takes two weeks for bloating to go fully from all the tablets and the opp etc hope its soon as now i love my boobs and hate my belly lol!

The pain is going at last! I actually managed to wake up without wanting to scream every move i made!! Ive stopped taking painkillers as regular now just a few now and then.

I took my bra off yesterday for 5 mins to have a feel and a proper look, feels so weird! Feeling greedy by wanting them bigger already! but i know this size is more natural for me but cant help feeling greedy now!

I think my right boob is slightly more swollen still than the left, specially up top top they even out!

Pics day 4

1 week today!

Yay it's been one week now, no meds really any more the pain isn't that bad! Had my first good night sleep where didn't wake up too stiff (although I am in bed still and not actually got up yet lol) but usually I can't wait to get out if bed as it was uncomfortable laying down now I'm quite happy laying in! Actually bought 4 bras yesterday being off work is lethal gets me shopping too much! Bought lace little bralets so nothing proper just yet, I'll do that when I can be officially measured! I think I'm round 32D/34C at the mo which is exactly what I asked for so now I say I want bigger (its just pure greed haha) ???? they're getting softer by the day which I love! Have my birthday in two weeks so for one day only I want to get out of this bulky bra and just wear something else!

Walking around long distances hurts me a little it makes me ache, I probally shouldn't be walking around too much but I get bored and need to get out the house! But even good shopping is a chore, I wore my bulky bra and a fitted high neck top and it was nipple galore! I'm
Sure everyone was staring ahhh!

Two weeks tomorrow!

Cant actually believe its been 13days already! I'm doing everything as normal now really, still struggling to open a heavy door, or a tight lid on a bottle or something, didnt realise how much you use your pec muscles for! lol, theyre dropping loads already had my stitches checked out removed shall upload some pics tomorrow!
one tiny concern is that i have a dent on my left boob in the cleavage! ive spent the last hour looking at other peoples storys on this and theirs went away once the swelling had gone down and once they had dropped into place a little more, ( ive been having a hour break from my bulky bra in this heat as it drives me mad!) but since my dent horror im going to wear it nonstop now! as im paranoid lol! but i think it shall smooth out in time!

I had a little try on of some bikinis i have and i do not fit any lol! even 32D is a little small my nipples pop out! So cant wait to go shopping again!

i went out at the weekend without my bra for a little but had to sneak it back on in the toilets as i ached without it! just aswell i had a high neck top on!

Hope everything remains ok and gets better and better over time as its my birthday weekend next weekend! and although i should wear my bra i think i may try go braless! not sure if this is wise but maybe its ok just for the day

now im rambling lol

pics to follow :)))))

Pics from 10days

Almost 12 weeks

Havnt wrote anything In ages! Guess there wasn't too much to report! Other than now in measuring at a 32E! But it's so strange, there so small yet big too... No one can tell I've had them done, I've left a lot of people guessing still! Notice them dropping loads now each week they change, feeling more smoother around the bottom now too lumps and bumps are evening out been told to massage them to help the scar tissue? Well seems to be helping :-)
It's nice I still manage to fit in all my clothes still! But I really do hate wearing bras I tend to opt for wireless or anything without painful straps! I'll upload some more pics now :-)
Dr Ulens

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Your results are fab, you've got just the look I want. Did you get moderate plus or moderate? Also what height /weight are you? Your size looks perfect.
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Hey, you look awesome! Do you mind me asking why you decided to go to Brussells instead of London?
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I had a friend who traveled to this clinic and came back with nothing but good words to say about the staff and the clinic and her result was so good and natural...and the price was so much better! :-)
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Hey Hun how you gettin on??
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Getting on well! Finally out of my bulky bra! I've found they've dropped so much looking more natural since not wearing that bra! Gone out braless a number of times now yay haha! Not sure what size I am exactly yet! But I think about 32D/DD! How are you getting on?? Xx
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Yh same, I looked squarish wearing that bra, since I've stopped I've dropped nice and round at the bottom, I'm a 34D, I sleep with no bra on just feel more free haha... I've worn backless dresses an worn no bra I love them :) Ahh I'm glad ur doing well!!! xXx
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They look amazing!!!!
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Thankkkks hun! Your a few weeks on now how are yours, they must be looking amazing too! X
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Congrats on your new boobies girl!! They look great! Do you think you are happy with your size? I'm having a hard time picking a size! Not sure if I want to go bigger than my original pick...anywho take it easy! Hope you feel better soon!! :)
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Thank you!! :) I am happy with the size, it is what i wanted pre surgery but i just feel like i want bigger, lol! i think this size is more practical for me its more of a natural size for my shape and they are a C/D size cup which I did say i wanted lol just feeling greedy at the moment! what sizes are you thinking? x
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I can't believe how many women on here say they wish they had gone bigger!! It makes it more difficult for me to pick a size LOL but my original pick is 455cc uhp & round silicone under. I did go back in to my PS and went to my limit of 500cc and it's been back and forth between those two. My PS also recommended I go with the 455's. He said it wouldn't be a big deal going to the 500's but he did tell me they are about a cm over my BWD which is about 11 cm. He told me I shouldn't go any higher than that but he wants me to pick what will make me happy! I feel like the greed could potentially kick in but I'm pretty confident with the 455's :) Your post op pics look awesome girl! Maybe once they start to D&F you won't feel so greedy! How are you feeling? Are you off the painkillers for good or are you still taking them? Can you start massaging them now? Sorry for all of the questions!!
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It's definitely hard to choose what size! Think long term what's best, 455s I think will look amazing without causing extra trouble like being a little over your BWD, and thanks :-) can't wait till they start dropping more it's weird everyday I feel like they're changing, I'll upload more pics today, to me they feel softer already! And I actually had a good nights sleep and officially not woken up too stiff and sore! This is officially day 7 now so yay, off meds didn't take any yday didn't feel I needed too much, I've actually using gel painkiller tho just to take some of the swelling and bruising down becuase it's aching inbwteeen my boobs more and on the edges the gel ibuprofen gel is amazing! I have started a little massaging only becuase I find it eases the stiffness from When I've been sitting too long like under my armpits and around the tops! I don't mind any questions I love it really as I can't talk to no one else about boobs too much as all my friends and family are clueless and don't seem to think there is anything too it in their eyes they're there now and that's it! Lol I wanna talk about boobs! Haha so I'm free for any questions :-))))
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I hear ya girl! Same here I can talk about boobies all day!! That's so great to hear. Your 10 day pics look so good. They are dropping nicely!! Glad they are starting to feel like real boobies :) I just posted a couple pics of when I went to my final consult. I'm going with 480cc UHP! Gel painkiller huh? What brand are you using? Do you have anything else that's helping the healing process? I need to go shopping soon to pick up some products such as that but I'm really not sure what to get! I currently have Arnica Montanta tablets (there's also a gel that I will purchase as well) to help with swelling, pain, and discoloration from bruising. Pineapple juice has the same effects as well since it has bromelain in it! I feel like I should have more products on hand just in case...I just need some help on what to buy!! That and bras lol. 9 days until my surgery =O
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Hi, they're looking good! My surgery is also going to be in brussels. I heard taxis are crazy expensive there? is this true?
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Thank you!!! and the taxis were more than i expected but there no more than any other busy city prices i guess, i stayed in vilvoorde and to get a cab from my clinic to the brussels midi station was around 40euros about half hour drive xx
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I meant to reply to you..not myself haha
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Yay for new boobies! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Ü
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