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Belgian Rhinoplasty by Dr. Marcil - Belgium, BE

Hi, my story is not that different from the...

Hi, my story is not that different from the others, but I'm sharing it because it offers me a lot of help to be able to read how other people experienced their rhinoplasty. My nose has always bothered me, it literally prevents me from being happy. It feels, to me, as if wherever I go, whoever I meet, people always see my nose first. As if I can hear them thinking how big it is. I know this isn't how everybody thinks about me, but that's how unhappy it makes me feel. The instant I had the money, I called the doctor for an appointment, first to get some more info and to see if I liked him or not. It all turned out great, so I made the call for the actual operation. I've never been so nervous or excited before. The 4th of November, a regular monday, but for me, it's D-Day. Still have one more pre-op appointment to go, and I'll update my review afterwards. Fingers crossed. I'm just a little scared that I'll still think my nose is too big after surgery, like, maybe he didn't make it small enough. Any of you guys expercienced this fear? But I'll ask him the same question on the 29th of October :)

Pre-op consult

So, last Tuesday I had my last consult before the actual operation. I got a blood test, and I payed for the operation. Right now, I'm just counting down the days, Monday is the day. Finally.

I can't stop looking at my nose in the mirror, I keep pushing it into another shape with my fingers. I'm really curious. I told the doctor about my fear of still having a big nose afterwards, he assured me it wouldn't be the case. He looked me straight in the eyes and said: "No, I will make it shorter and smaller, it will be fine."

Right now, I'm not nervous. But I'm sure I'll feel nervous when I'll be there on Monday. The surgery will pe performed at his private practice, and I will meet the staff before having the operation. I have the appointment at 11 a.m. Fingers crossed!

First hours post-op

I had the surgery at around 11:30 pm. It lasted about 2 hours. I just got home, the doctor said I was fine so I could go home and rest. So, here I am, with a blocked nose, and a soar throat ( from intubation). So this afternoon, I'm going to rest, a lot, even though I find it hard to sleep like this.
My nose is very swollen right now. The nurses were very kind, so was the anesthesiologist. He had to put the needle to sedate me in the vain running across my wrist, rather than in my arm. But it didn't hurt a bit. He told me he had already injected a little bit of sedation, so I immediatly felt high and sleepy. But I tried to stay awake. Although I can't remember anything. I can still remember the doctor putting a marking on the birth mark I asked him to remove. But after that, black out. I woke up in a cozy bedroom, it took me a while to realize it wasn't 'my' room. Then I went to my room, still feeling a little dizzy, but I soon started to feel better.
I'm having my drains removed on Wednesday, and the cast comes off on Saturday. So, right now, I'm going to bed :)

Day 2

Just woke up from a terrible night of sleep. I slept a couple of hours, but I kept waking myself up with the weird sounds I make, now that my nose is fully stuffed :)). Besides that, no pain at all, just turning nice and blue. I had to change the drip pad, simply because it was completely filled with blood. I carefully pulled it off and managed to change it all by myself.
My nose is very, very swollen, looks a bit like a pig's nose, or a cow's nose to me. But tomorrow, the drains come out, so I'm excited to see how it will look :).

Day 3: nasal packing removal

So, this morning I went to the hospital to get my drains removed. Oh. My. God. It doesn't hurt like hell, but it kind of does, I don't know. All I know is that the doctor put some pressure on my cast, so it was tighter. The first day, he left some space between the cast and my nose, so there was some room for swelling. When he pushed it back, it was really sensitive, but it wasn't really painful.
The packings, well, I don't mean to scare you, but it hurts pretty bad. He pulled them out one at a time. The first bit doesn't hurt, it itches. But when he started to pull the part that was almost in my sinuses, THAT hurt. But I didn't cry or anything. I moaned, and told him it felt sooooo good to have them removed. Because it's a HUGE relief.
As soon as I got home, I rinced my nose with the sprays he prescribed me, I loved how it makes my nose feel fresh and clean.
Right now, I have to wait until Saturday, then he will remove the stitches, both in my nose and on my forehead, and the cast will come off. I hope the swelling reducew quickly :)

Day 4

It's been 4 days now since the surgery. I feel much better, I still have a blocked nose because of internal swelling but no pain, and no longer a 'heavy head'. The bruising is getting better also, although I still look a bit like a hamster :). It still feels a bit sensitive to breathe sometimes, but I can taste my food again. And I can drink soda without having the bubbles 'rise up into my nose'. Do, it's all good :)

Waiting for my smile to come back

I almost forgot to mention that I still can't fully smile. It's because they cut into some of the upper lip muscle, so that the nose has less tension on it. The muscle should regrow quickly, but until then, all of my smiles look fake. My upper lip is so stiff, I'm having a hard time brushing my teeth. But it's already getting a little bit better

Day 5

Just one more day and the cast comes off :). Right now, there's not really much to say. I've still got a blocked nose, but it's getting better every day. And I'm waiting for the bruising to go down. I am a little bit nervous for tomorrow, though, because I'm sure it will sting to get the stitches pulled out.

Day 6 - Cast Removal

I finally got my cast removed. It is still swollen, the doctor told me my nose will be another 2-3 mm shorter once the swelling went down, but it's already a huge difference. It pinched a little to get the stitches pulled out, and he used a disinfectant before and after. The smell of it was strong, I had a hard time breathing. So I told him, he smiled and said "You're going to be drunk".
Monday I have to start massaging my nose three times a day.

Day 6

Rhinopasty, almost 4 weeks ago

My nose is a little less swollen every day now. I keep taking pictures with the ipad to convince myself that it is smaller, because somehow, the rotten thought of a huge nose still hasn't left my mind :(. Besides that, I'm still happy I had the surgery, because I know there's a difference.
It is still sensitive to the touch, and sometimes the inside of my tip feels stingy. I also get a lot of crusting inside, so I take a Q-tip and gently remove the crusts. Because else, my nose gets stuffy. I don't remove the crusts from around the stitches though, don't want to tear anything.
Right now, I'm just waiting for my tip to get less swollen, because I don't like how it looks right now, and it feels so hard.

3 months post-op

My nose is getting less swollen over time. There is still some swelling where he fractured the bone (it's still a bit sensitive), and on the ridge of my nose. But I'm already enjoying life with my new nose. It feels as if I'm reborn, without the shame I had before. And because the Dr told me my nose will still get a little smaller when the swelling is all gone, I'm even more happy than I am now. The scar has almost disappeared.

Rhinoplasty, almost 1 year post-op

I'm already 'used to' living with my new nose. I feel free!
There is just some minor swelling left, but it gets better over time
Dr. Marcil

I have already been on a first consultation, he is very kind and gentle, a bit distant but this will get better I suppose. He explained every little detail of the surgery, and the post-op care, all my questions were answered

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Hola soy Luz Lopez, el 11 de Octubre del 2013 el Cirujano Plastico Edwin H. Moreano me hizo una lipo escultura con inyeccion de grasa en los gluteos, que no se me be nada prometio sacarme grasa de estomago, cintura espalda, que no lo hizo no me saco grasa de espalda, cunado yo le diji q yo no estaba conforme con los resultado, el se molesto, lepague 8000 dolares, el solo le imporata el dinero es un ladron xq no hace bien su trabajo, le pregunte cuantos litros de grasa me habia sacado, me contest q no sabia, que en el hospitan donde me habian hecho la cirujia estaba el record, si el tenia mi expediente tenia que saver, pero como no es un cirujano plastic, solo es un ladron que engana a la gente, nunca tiene tiempo despues de la cirujia, cundo hay que ir averlo para la consulta el solo anda corriendo siempre lo deja a uno hablando solo, yo no lo recomiendo por que es pesimo.
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glad you are loving your new nose. im 3 weeks post and i've a little lump on my bridge its depressing me keep taking pics as it feels worse then it looks just hope it doesnt get bigger with time
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How long is the process from the appoinments before the surgery to the actual surgery?
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I've had my first appointment about two months ago. Then I spent a couple of days thinking about whether or not I would have the procedure done by this doctor or not. As soon as I figured it out, I called. Within 5 weeks, I would have my surgery. I just had one more pre-op appointment, a few days before the operation
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Do you have any more pictures :)
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Hey, sorry for the late response! Well, I just added another one ;). I'll keep adding some pictures now and then until my nose 'feels' healed
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wow look great . were in Belgium is your doctor situated! and is your price at top in euros or dollars?
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Thanks! He is located in Vloesberg (also called Flobecq). The price I listed here is in dollars, it costed me 3 250 euros
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Thanks so much It's so hard searching for the right surgeon im happy you got what you where looking for
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I can already tell the swelling has gone down in just a few days! Excited for the unveiling tomorrow!
  • Reply
Yes, excited indeed!
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Aww, thanks!
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I'm amazed that you get the drains out so soon! It is what it is with the swelling. I see a tiny nose in your future, brave one!
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wow yes that's swollen and completely blocked off! Your profile looks great so I'm sure you are going to have great results! just gotta wait which is the hard part!
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I'm glad surgery went well! You did it! Yay!
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I can't wait to see your new nose! I have the same fear- of waking up and basically having the same nose :( My surgery is tomorrow, I hope it goes as smoothly as yours did!
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I'm sure it will go fine! I'm curious to see your results!
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Oh gosh I feel exactly the same, my nose makes me so self conscious! I have the same fears too! Good luck for Monday, I have mine on Friday. I hope you get the nose you have always dreamed of!
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Thanks! Fingers crossed ;)
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Hey were in Belgium are you going have you heard of doctor bruno de meyere
  • Reply
Hi. Well, my case Oudenaarde, Ename. No, haven't heard of him yet, but that might be because I haven't really googled him yet?
  • Reply
But the doctor works at the hospital in Ronse, and has a private practice in Flobecq
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Hi, I am going to have consultation with him next week. How is hi??
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