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To Tummy Tuck or Extended Tummy Tuck.. that is the question. - Bel Air, MD

So my pre-op is this Tuesday. I need to decide if...

So my pre-op is this Tuesday. I need to decide if I can settle for a regular TT or get the Body Lift which will smooth my back fat as well. It's a 3k difference plus larger area to care for while healing.

I think a LBL and an extended TT are different. I'm having an extended TT... But nothing done to my legs or back side. I have excess skin to remove so my scar will extend a little further than my hip bones. I am having flank lipo, but nothing done to my thighs, legs, or butt. I think a LBL addresses more areas than an extended TT does.
That's my understanding too but that's what the dr coded it in my quote for. My pre- op is today so I will ask that so that I know for sure what changes I can expect past a smooth tummy and back fat removal. Thank you :)

Pre-Op appointment

This morning I had my physical, blood work, and then pre-op appointment. I just decided to just go with the regular tummy tuck. The doctor told me that I could smooth out my back with working out and weight loss so decided to just go ahead and save the money. The Dr specified that the TT will address my biggest concerns so that was good to know enough. I him that I'm deciding not to get a belly button, he was at a loss for words even though I had mentioned previously. He said that most people will find it abnormal didn't recommend it but, but in the same sentence said it made his job easier so I if that's what I want then he"ll do it. I just had to sign a consent form which I'm totally okay with, I just really don't feel like I want to deal with a belly button and I don't plan on wearing a belly shirt, but if I do then I just won't have a bellybutton so oh well. Lol. I paid my balance and reviewed all my instructions and prescriptions. This is real you guys!
No belly button at all? I didn't even know that was an option...
Yep, you can have them not add your old one or create a new one ( if that was option that needed to be explored). I'm so fussy I just rather not risk not liking the look and less to worry about.
I don't like my old one! Can't wait for a cute belly button!

When it rains it pours

Had some plumbing issues at home when I'm trying to save leave at work so that was a mess including my liability with the association for water damage to my neighbor below. Had to appeal a grade in a class so that was another battle. My mom will be coming to help out so I'm doing major spring cleaning and am pretty consumed with all the above emotionally . She doesn't support the surgery, says I'll have a ugly scar and I just need to lose weight ( despite me explaining extra skin can't be removed with weight lost). I'm not sure it's even a good idea to have her come considering it might turn into a " I told you so" situation if I voice any dissatisfaction along the way. I am taking the Friday of surgery and Monday off and working from home for about two weeks so I lucked out my boss approved that. I'm excited about my surgery and doing my best to stay grounded because stress is the last thing I need considering the physical trauma my body will soon endure. I need to update my paperwork ( Will, who can make medical decisions in case of emergency etc since I'm separated and don't need an ex having rights when we are estrange) so that my daughter is covered in case of anything ( she's 13 and I'm a single parent). Does anyone have recommendation on temp disability insurance in the event there are complications- like AFlac ( better safe than sorry right?)

The latest

Well my bathroom is getting an overhaul so the tile had to be torn up and carpeting in room next next to it plus drywall. Professor was a jerk so I my grade apeal was denied and been out if work for two days between migraines and handling all the people in and out my home working on repairs. Trying to take it easy though because this too shall pass and as Whitney said," I wasn't made to break".

Getting closer

Turns out I'm getting a bathroom remodel out the deal so I picked out floor tile sample so that the restoration company can match it and ordered the most amazing bathroom vanity fit for a princess with carerra marble ( it's essentially my daughters bathroom) . Going to continue to hit the gym everyday that I can now and excited overall.

Getting myself together

Just watched a fellow youtuber's video on what she really needed post surgery or I started my shopping. Picked up some Tylenol, Arnica bruising roll-on liquid, and my prescptions. My PS prescribed hydrocodone 7.2/ibuprofen 200 mg and Zofran. I didn't get any muscle or anxiety meds, guess I'll have to ask if needed and I don't want to feel any pain so I'll probably need it! Lol. The instructional sheet mentions not to use any anti-inflammatory two weeks before and one week after surgery so I'm not sure why the doctor prescribed pain med that contains ibuprofen, I guess I'll have to call and ask. If anyone took this combo after surgery let me know or good pain management combos in case a switch is needed. Still need to get more supplies plus cook ahead like veggie soups and prep my veggies and fruits for my green drinks. I'm so excited. I sit at work trying to stay as busy as possible so that time will pass quickly ( I know I'm such a kid) lol.

Home stretch!

Come Friday I will be joining at the Flatside ladies!!! These days can't go fast enough. Been drinking tons of OJ because I'm not sure if I have allergies so maybe getting a cold. Either way, the runny nose isn't cute. I still need to get a few supplies but am as ready as I'm ever going to be.
I liked my belly button until my second baby tore my muscles and gave me an umbilical hernia. I can.not.wait to have a cute little belly button again! Then again, I have a long torso (3.5"-4" between bottom of last rib and top of hip bone) so I'd look strange with that huge space and no hole there.
I'm only 5"1 and torso is pretty short too but now you have me thinking!!! I'm so torn. One of the VS models doesn't have a belly button and it doesn't look unsightly I though. The only think is my lack of BB will be a dead giveaway I had a surgery ( not that I paticuliarly care though)
Think really hard about it. Once he closes you up without one, you can't turn back. If you later decide you miss having it, and I'm sure it will be cute if done by a good surgeon, it's going to cost you thousands in anesthesia and surgery center, plus time off work and another recovery to get your belly button back.

Super excited!

Tommorow is the day y! I still haven't decided on the belly button thing you guys but my sister and friend couldn't even fathom the idea of me not getting one ( they might have even been grossed at the fact that I wouldn't have one). I will decide what's best for me though. Still need to do some minor errands after work today. I've had migraines all week so already feeling crappy.

Almost missed my surgery!

My phone came off the charger and if it wouldn't have been for my bf taking me and arriving early it would have been OVER! OK so everything went AMAZING!!! Dr. Birely and the staff at the surgical center were the best. I was initially in a lot of pain when I awakened from the anesthesia, but Nurse Karen who was amazing checking my pain levels and giving me something for the pain and a drink and crackers to take on my car ride so that I could take my medicine on the way home made the process better. Binder won't he coming off until 48 hours so I haven't seen myself but bf says the change is evident!!! My daughter has been the best. She's like the mom everyone wants. She feeds me soup and looking after my drains and just always checking in me ( she's 13 and I'm 32-not sure I ever mentioned that) ! It's about 7 hours after the surgery and I'm feeling a lot better. Can anyone give me tips in the drains. The right one drains thicker and want to be proactive about avoiding clogging.

Btw I DID get a belly button!

I woke up this. I woke up like THIS!

More pics and btw doc took almost 7 Pds of skin off!

Took off dressings today and unveiled a miracle

Feeling discomfort from the drains, pressure when you move so can't wait until they come out. Daughter is still being amazing. Post op appointment Tuesday. I can tell I will def need to hit the gym extra hard so that my body matches my new tummy. I am very happy with Dr Birely's work thus far. Also, my bb is like tiny and not even a big deal. Very happy about that :)))



You're looking really good! Did you get the extended TT or LBL?
Thank you. I got neither. Just a regular TT. I still have a bit of back fat but that was expected and fully prepared to tackle that via weight lost
You look great already! If it wasn't for these darn drains my tt would have been a walk in the park. I try to make sure that they are emptied at least every 4 hours. By the 3rd day the output will be less. Don't be alarmed if the color of the output changes. Mine is starting to turn a little yellow and I'm told that's normal. Since you're daughter is a great helper, you'll do fine. Happy healing!

More pics

You are looking hot!!! I LOVE your belly button too. I think you made a good decision about that. I hope my PS does that good with mine! ;•)
Thank you. I hope you get great results as well :))

Post-op appointment

Everything is healing as it should be. Doc stated we could work out a sooner drain removal if I'm under 25cc per day. I explained the discomfort and how I didn't like the pain meds so after some deliberation I was prescribed Dilaudid. I actually thought each day I was better getting but turns out the real pain of the healing process is what I'm feeling NOW, it's the oddest feeling. I still love the results but this pain right here!!! I have no feeling below the bb. I can shower now and next appointment is next Tuesday.
You're looking good so far, this is just your first week and it will only get better!! I didn't like my old belly button, and I'm not too fond of the one I have now...either way I'll not be exposing my tummy in public so... Anywhoo... Happy healing Hun!

Like a rock

Ugh my stomach feels like a rock and I'm a Frankenperson. The tightness I feel I don't even know where it's from, is it the incision? Steristrips? The healing process and the body repairing plus the numbness? It's just odd and I don't like it!!! I could have had my drains out but dr wasn't available so I wait until the original appointment this Tuesday. Oye!
Great results!!!! He did an awesome job!! Happy healing to you!!!


I feel so much tightness was unsure if the dr removes the stiching ( the black wires) around incision and bb or do they dissolve on their own? At first I thought it was the steri strips that caused the discomfort and I removed them and it helped a lot but there is still this Frankenperson element to the tightness of the stiching. Drains come out Tuesday but the Dr already said that isn't the cause of my uncomfortableness. Any insight ladies?
You look great... Feeling uncomfortable is normal because of the swelling. You will also experience the swell hell I'm sure you've read about. It will all go away but you have to give it time. Happy healing!!
Thank you very much!
Thank you!

Feeling really great

On Wednesday this week is when I started feeling human. I went to get my hair done that day and I couldn't stop peeking at my waistline! I went back out today for errands and getting dressed was such stress free, and effortless ( I used to have to dress around the tummy before). Stitches come out next week and it will be interesting to see what my belly button really looks like because right now it looks oddish. I also can't wait to get back to the gym so I can work out the other issues going on ( I'm down 13 pounds since surgery 2 weeks ago!). I'm very happy with my decision and only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.
Your doctor did a very good job. You look amazing. I've found that wearing my cg helps a great deal with the swelling. It makes me feel so much better. Try to find you a good one to help you.
Thank you! I def need to find something I can wear at work under dress clothes since I've been wearing high waist spanx but as it gets warmer that's going to be tricky
Thank you. I don't really have any swelling I feel, just the numbness under bb area and tightness from insision but it gets better everyday :)

Outfit first day back at work ( last Monday)


Still doing great. Went to the gym on Thursday for a light workout, it felt great ( working out is really vital for my mood I notice). It's funny because the newness of a flat tummy has worn off. I feel like my stomach has always been flat ( tightness and incision sensitivity aside). Everything just feels like ,ok flat tummy, check AND next! Rest of body is now looking at me like " OK , great for your tummy but what about us?!" Lol. I didn't go on this journey with intentions of being a swimsuit model because I know that trying to find happiness in waist to hip ration isn't what makes me valuable but it's really interesting the direction the mind wants to take you if you allow it.
You look great. I'm scheduled for my TT with Dr. Birely on May12th. Did you have the pain pump? I opted not to get it but im having second thoughts.
I didn't get a pain pump. He prescribed hydrocodone but when I went back to see him 4 days after surgery the real pain kicked in and I ask him to step it up with the meds because what I wasn't given wasn't cutting it. Good luck tommorow.
Oh ok. My doctor prescribed my dilaudid but now I really wishbi would have gotten the pain pump.

Scar pics

Very nice job on the scar, looks great!!!! Low and super thin. I love it.
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