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Teosyal Kiss Injections in Lips

Pros of this procedure are lips look better than...

Pros of this procedure are lips look better than they used to before, but the cons is the pain during the procedure is somewhat unbearable!

Hi, I did Teosyal Kiss injections only once in my lips in July 2008, and we are now almost in 2010 and my lips are still fully plumped! Is this possible? How did my injections last 2 full years, and more, as it seems! This is puzzling me because all the information I read on the internet claims that Restylane lasts only a few months, max a year!


Have you heard of fillers last so long in the lips? theres excess filler in my smile line... and uneven injection of hyaloronidase leaving uneven dissolving hence dents... will tanning speed up the breakdown of the hyaloronic acid?
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Is Teosyal Kiss Retylane? I thought it was Hyalornic Acid.. same with me..I got it done 14 months ago and its still in my lips and I want it out because they did a bad job...
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Restylane and Teosyal Kiss are both hyaluronic acids, but they're made by different companies (Medicis and Teoxone, respectively). I'm surprised to hear yours has lasted so long, especially in the lips.

Dr. Slailati

He was very nice and he is quick, yet he does a great job, and my lips look natural

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