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Rhinoplasty in 1 week with Dr. Medawar (Beirut) Lebanon

I've been scouring RealSelf rhinoplasty forums for...

I've been scouring RealSelf rhinoplasty forums for quite some time and decided to create my own blog of sorts. My procedure is booked for the 4th of August so I still have quite a bit to go but I thought that communicating with people who have gone through the experience or are about to will help me stay sane in the meantime. :)
So here goes my story -
When I was younger, I had undergone an injury which caused my right nostril to slit. I didn't think much about it then as I didn't really care about my nose. It got stitched by a surgeon who did a terrible job. However, when I turned about 17, my nose and my crooked nostril started really bothering me. While I'm generally OK with the overall shape of my nose, the nostril makes it appear quite crooked from the front.
All my family members think that I'm making a big deal out of nothing and tell me that they really can't see what's wrong which is frustrating. What I don't understand is why many people think that it's perfectly acceptable to get retainers in order to have nicer teeth, but when one wants to correct any other physical aspect, they find that unreasonable. My nose does make me feel insecure - I don't feel confident posing in front of the camera at all and I had spent about 5 hours editing all my wedding photos. This is really the last thing I want to be focusing on right now. I just feel that improving my nose will significantly improve my quality of life.

I have been in touch with Dr. Charbel for about a week now and my surgery is booked for the 4th of August. Have already booked my flights and I'll be staying at the Tamar Rotana Hotel which is quite close to the hospital where the surgery will take place.
I am very nervous and excited at the same time. Mostly nervous about GA (I do plan to consult if any other options are available) and the fact that I really want to achieve a very subtle change which is obviously not the easiest.

EDIT - I am having trouble uploading photos for some reason.

Sending simulations to the doc

I just discovered this app called Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite so I decided to send some photos I created to the doctor (I just e-mailed him my original photos before and explained what I wanted). Let's see what he says.

Some Celebrity Noses I Really Like

Do you think I should go ahead and send some of these to my surgeon?
Obviously, I know that having a nose that's identical to a celebrity's is never possible but I'd like him to see the kind of look I like. Thoughts?

1 month to go!

Hi guys!
So I have exactly 1 month to go... feeling so excited yet nervous. Last night I even had a dream that I was undergoing surgery. Yupp... I know.
So at this point I'm trying to compile a list of things I'll need after my surgery (including meds). I'm a little confused because some people wrote that they were taking anti-inflammatories post surgery whereas I read that these can cause blood thinning and excessive bleeding. If anyone has a good list of essentials I should prepare beforehand, I'd love to hear it. I'm going to another country to have the surgery done so I really need to bring these items along with me.

List of Essentials

So I compiled a little list of essentials I'll need for the surgery.
- U-shaped travel pillow
- Vitamin C
- Chapstick
- Cough drops
- Spray water bottle
- Antibiotic ointment
- Facial wipes
- Gauze pads
- Q tips
- Saline nasal spray
- Bromelain
- Pain killers (Panadol?)

I don’t think I’ll stock up on oral antibiotics unless the doctor says it’s absolutely necessary as I’ve gone years without taking any.
Do let me know if I missed out anything important.

GA Question

So, just like in so many other reviews I have read, I am also really scared about GA. On top of that, I don't know anyone who has personally gone through GA - no one in my immediate family has had it done (besides my cats when they were getting neutered but can't really ask them, can I? :P).
I think it's just the thought of me lying there and having no control or recollection of what's going on around me. That's really scary to me. Also, in most reviews I've read and the rhinoplasty vlogs I've watched, everyone just says - I passed out and then woke up, etc. Did anyone experience any dreams during GA? How does it feel to go under?

I like her nose too

Just a short update to keep track of more noses that I like. That would probably sound very strange anywhere else. :)

Just 2 weeks to go!

Hi guys,
I have exactly 2 weeks to go! It's finally starting to feel more real. Naturally, I'm feeling nervous. I'm actually more nervous about the entire surgery than the healing process (I can bear pain alright) and the outcome. The thought of going under still freaks me out a considerable amount. I have a feeling that I won't be able to sleep the night before surgery and will probably be a nervous wreck on the day. :(
Today I also received a message saying that my nose is perfect and that I shouldn't be getting any procedure. This is pretty much what I've been hearing from my family the whole time and it does get a little bit annoying. I know that people mean well but I don't think they really understand that my nose has brought me a lot of suffering over the years. No, I haven't been bullied; it's all a matter of self-esteem - avoiding cameras, standing in a certain way when talking to people so I face them at the right angle... just basically feeling insecure.
On a more positive note, I've been drinking a lot of pineapple juice from my special pineapple glass. :)

Just a week left!

Next week, at this time, I should be out of surgery. I'm starting to get really nervous. I'm also excited. It's really a mixture of different emotions at this point. I can't imagine how I'll feel on the very day and the night before.
I got myself this little neck pillow. Isn't it cute? :)
Dr. Charbel Medawar

We have communicated via e-mail so far and the doctor seems friendly and genuine. He is prompt to reply as well.

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Best of luck!
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Thank you! :)
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General Anesthetic - I was really worried about this aspect too. Truly the anesthetist comes to talk to you and explains everything, you already have a drip in your arm and they gave me a 'cocktail' as I was teary and anxious, that felt like a little xanax, took the edge off enough to be calmly wheeled into the operating room. Then they put the mask over your nose and mouth and ask you to breath deeply then, nothing until you are waking up again. I also hated the idea of being out of control and losing time but you know by the time you have waited and worried so much before you go in I think you feel ready to sort of let it go and the nurses are very kind and reassuring.
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Best of luck!
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Thank you so much! :) I think having a reassuring anaesthesiologist really helps though I wish I didn't have to be put to sleep. I even spoke to my doctor about this and he said that going under GA is the best option for a rhinoplasty because if you're not fully asleep there's a chance you'll feel some pain and on top of that all the sounds, etc., can be really distressing, too. I'm glad it's all over for you. Your nose looks great in the photo you posted. :)
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Did you go?
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My surgery is on the 4th of August.
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Keep in mind the celebrity noses you have shown are very pretty but Carey Muligan´s nose seems to be the most realisically one for your nose since it´s already short, Doutzen´s nose is pointy but not as short as Muligan´s.
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I actually like Carey's nose the best myself. :) I know some people might think her nose is quite wide but I actually like that. Doutzen's nose has a somewhat "pinched & pointy" look to it - I still love her nose but I think Carey's is already quite similar to mine and I really want to have a natural look.
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Just my opinion, your nose is already short and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to shorten it. I would consult the surgeon and ask him to show you a computer image of what it would look like if shorten.
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My nose is not super long or anything but I still feel that the tip sticks out a bit too much and honestly, in close-up pics, all I can see is my nose. My nose on someone who has an overall bigger face might actually look small but it is a bit too big for my own face.
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I agree! "Shorten" means to make it more turned up, decreasing length from area between eyebrows through to tip.
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I think what you mean you want is for the projection to be decreased...
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I think the noses you like have the tips too high. They will probably give a full open nostril look from the frontal view. I follow Samer Khouzami (a lebanese makeup artist) on Instagram, and nearly all of his models have this awful upturned nose. It doesn't go with Arab features, in my opinion. I would go with a slightly stronger nose.
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I know what you mean but if you notice from the photos I posted of myself, my nose already has considerable nostril show. Essentially, I just want to shorten it a bit and lower the bridge to give it a more feminine look and sort out one of my nostrils which looks too squarish thanks to my accident. I have a small face and petite features and I feel that my nose is just a tad bit too big for my face.
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Actually the reason the arabic girls look awful is because they go to unqualified surgeons who doens´t know where to stop so they end up looking pinched like Haifa Wehbe instead of "natural". I myself look a tad bit arabic because of the slight hump on my nosebridge (my nose is really small and the tip isn´t superbad just not ideal) but because my nostrils show I know I will look better in the upturned nose.
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Your list looks great!! My doctor prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.
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Yaaay... Thanks!
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Check out my review I have all the items listed!
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Thank you, dear. I checked out your list and it's really good. Could you just tell me if you took any oral antibiotics or pain meds post surgery?
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My surgeon didn't prescribe oral antibiotics. I guess they put it in my iv. I took pain med post surgery for a couple of days, maybe 3 days post and then I stopped because it was making me drowsy. Mine was a revision and the recovery was pretty hard. I think you'll do fine just relax.
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Q tips, peroxide, and antibacterial ointment, nasal spray, frozen peas and baggies to ice cheeks with...
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Thanks, dear. Were you also on antibiotics and pain killers?
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I am considering this doc for a possible revision, so I am really looking forward to seeing your photos. Good luck, take care, and wishing you a swift recovery and a beautiful result : )
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Thanks, dear. Will keep everyone posted. :)
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