Best Decision EVER! Dr Charbel Medawar Beirut, Lebanon

After contemplating the procedure for many years I...

After contemplating the procedure for many years I finally decided to go ahead and look into getting it done. I had a friend who had a few cosmetic procedures in Beirut and she couldn't tell me enough how good it was over there. I was recommended Dr Charbel Medawar at Advanced Derma Plastics so after a few phone conversations and emails booked my flights and the surgery!

Dr Medawar was fantastic, very professional and friendly really put me at ease and listened to what I want! I know I was being a difficult client as I only wanted a really subtle change and was panicking that my nose would look really scooped out and upturned so I made a big fuss about NOT having it like that, and he was very reassuring and assured me his work is much more subtle and refined!

On arrival at the hospital, very modern and clean with really good facilities, everyone was very kind and helpful - I don't speak Arabic or French which are the main languages over there but most of the nurses/doctors spoke English so didn't have any trouble communicating. I had a GA - which I was concerned about as I had a bad experience with post-op depression previously, but the Anaesthetist was really reassuring and explained she would give me moderate sedation ect so would have minimum after-effects.

I woke up feeling totally fine, not much pain - which was really surprising. After sleeping a little I went back to my hotel with the nasal packing and painkillers!

I had some brusing mainly under one eye and some swelling, but in general my recovery was really good - very little pain and I didn't feel any after effects from the GA!! I travelled back home on the Sunday morning - just under 48 hours after my op, didn't have any problems on the plane, was a little bit swollen probably from the pressure but got up walked around and kept hydrated so felt totally fine!

One week later I saw a Dr at home to remove cast and stitches as my surgery was open, nose looks amazing! Took a little time to adjust to it but the tip looks fantastic - not upturned, and the bridge looks so good! Still a lot of swelling especially at the tip making it look a little bulbous but I know this could just be swelling so will be looking forward to seeing the final result once it is all settled!!

In general I had a really great experience, Dr Medawar was fantastic and the surgery in Beirut was better than I could have imagined. Really happy with the results so far, would highly recommend him to anybody considering travelling abroad.


Photos before and after....

A few photos from before and after to show recovery process. I will put some better before and after shots of all different angles when I get the time xx


Droopy tip with hump on bridge

Front and Side view - before and after!

5 week post op update....

Still super happy with the results, swelling is definately still there as there is a big difference when I dont tape my nose up at night especially at the tip, so I think it still has a way to go. There is a small lump under the skin on one side feels like a tiny movable teenytiny pea shape - but you cant see it at all so Im wondering if it is just scar tissue and since is isnt visable I guess it isnt a big deal!

I have a verrry slight bump at the bridge, it is soo much less prominant than before and only on one side. I'm not sure if it is due to swelling or if one side has just been filed a little less so the bump is still a little visible. I'm probably being pedantic but it is a little annoying as the other side is perfect. I will wait a few more months as it could still be swollen!

In general the healing has gone really well and still v happy with results taking the swelling into consideration.


A few people asked about my lips, they were done by Dr Martin Kinsella at Re Enhance Cosmetics Hale in Manchester and London UK. He is absolutely amaaazing at fillers would highly recommend to anybody in UK wanting subtle look!


10 weeks post...update

Swelling has completely subsided now at the tip. Still taping at night though it has become a bit of a habit! I still looove my new nose, but from one angle it still has that slight bump at the bridge - it is verrry very slight but I notice it. In reality it is not an issue and it makes it look more natural, it isn't something I would try to fix since I am so happy with the results as a whole so wouldn't want to mess around with it again!
I've noticed my eyes still have dark circles and look a bit sullen, which I never used to have. Not sure if it is aftermath of the op or if I'm just really tired, wonder if anybody else noticed this? Using Ben Nye Banana Powder highlighting powder to lighten it up which works a treat anyway would def recommend!

If anyone is going to Lebanon right now

Stay safe
Dr Charbel Medawar

Professional, friendly, really listened to what I wanted and delivered the subtle, refined result I was hoping for. Highly recommended.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I just wanted to let you know that your results came out beautiful! :) Hoping mine will come out the same :)
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Damn girl you look gorgeous! I will have my rhinoplasty at Dr Charbel Medawar at the 23th of December. I hope it will look as good as yours! xx
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Absolutely beautiful! You looked very pretty before too :) i want to ask how much was the whole operation? and was the accommodation expensive? Thank you xx
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Hi! You mentioned that a friend had few procedures done in Lebanon, can you please tell us a bit more about it? As what kind of procedures, which doctor she used and how do you find your friend results. Where did you stay in Lebanon? I tried to pm you but I didn't get any reply. Hope you can answer this. Have a wonderful life.
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I would like to go to Lebanon for a Rhinoplasty.
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love your new nose, looks amazing!
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Amazing !!
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how do you make an appointment? and where do you stay?
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Love it!!!!!
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You should post before pics..your new nose is sooo cute and perfect!!
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Oooo. & what is it that you inject in lips?
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Woooooow. Looove your nose! What the heck!
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I am considering of going to the same doctor since I have exactly the same looking nose as you on the before picture, but I wonder could you please upload a new picture where you are smiling widely? I really want to see how your nosetip reacts to that since I am considering either a nosesurgeon in Poland, in US or in Lebanon.
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hey , the nose job could only make you look better cause you are already beautiful. i am a lebanese guy i hate my nose and i am looking for a great doctor.also i have the same concerns as you, i dont like an overturned piggy nose but nose is so long and wide im scared the results aregoing to be a piggy unnatural nose.
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Your nose looks good.
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Hi, i like your nose so much! It looks really good and suits you and you are pretty anyways. I was wondering if the doc had to break bones during surgery. Are you finding any difficulties in breathing? Do you recommend the doc?
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Yup I cant recommend enough he was amazing. No difficulties breathing whatsoever! I don't know about breaking bones I don't think so it was more filing I presume but who knows!
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Really love the results. Would it be possible to PM you to get a direct e-mail to Dr. Medawar?
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Gorgeous results!
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I cant seem to get hold of the same doctor!!
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Flora32 I went to this site and under contact us you should be able to submit the enquiry, just attention it to Dr Medawar. He responded to me by that method, hope this helps you!
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Thats wonderfully helpful, thank you. Hope ur recovery is a speedy one and u feel no discomfort.
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did you get in touch with him honey. if not inbox me and i can send yiu his numb x
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Hi, I got a reply from an email I sent to himc saying when I go to lebabon to book an appointment. No such luck with a direct response from him though. Thanks for your patience in giving me info. Has all feeling come back to nose yet?
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Not all feeling yet it is still a little numb at the tip, but my friend who had hers a few years ago said she still has some numbness! It really doesn't affect me in any way though so it is all good! Thats odd, I had a telephone consultation and booked in with him prior to going to lebanon as I specifically went just for the surg. Maybe give Advanced Derma Plastics lebanon a call (google them for his website) and explain that you want to speak to him directly and I am sure he will give you a call. The numbers are: T: +961 4 444 525 M: +961 3 852 685 x x
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