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I was 16 when a friend of the family described my...

I was 16 when a friend of the family described my body as “squared”. I don’t remember why she said that or what the context was , all I remember is that everything got dark around me, and I wanted to die. People don’t realize how insensitive they can be, especially when talking to an adolescent. But anyway, it didn’t stop there, throughout the next 10 years of my life, I started to realize that there are multiple ways people can point out all the imperfect features of my body:

“ you have such a pretty face, too bad your body is not as nice” , “ you are a full pear shaped body”, “ you have a nice body if it wasn’t for your “default” ( which means defect, implying to my large hips and thick legs), “ everything would have looked so much better on you if it wasn’t for your bumps”.

The problem is that diets didn’t work, I would either gain the weight back, or lose weight in the wrong places. It made me chronically insecure about my body. And being insecure is a feeling I absolutely despise. To cut the story short and go straight to the day I had my laser Liposuction for hips . I was exhilarated, it was simply too good to be true. The first few days were a bit hard but that is normal after any procedure and it was worth it. My doctor was very keen to explain to me how the procedure worked and this made me feel in safe hands .

Now, a year later, I can’t stop looking at my body in the mirror, I cannot believe these are my legs, and these are my hips. Now I know why celebrities look so good! My happiness was contagious, soon both my sister and my mom got their “mommy tummies” done. Laser Liposuction really made me feel beautiful and comfortable with my self.

Dr. Maya Zayour- Primed Health Specialists

Dr Maya Zayour listened to my story and how I had struggled with my body , she was very professional and highly experienced . She gave me all the time I needed ad followed up with me after the procedure to ensure I was doing well . Her staff are very welcoming and professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Laser liposuction can add significant improvement in body contour and can help tighten the skin. I use a combination of laser, ultrasound, and tumescent liposuction to address unwanted fat on the body. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles
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Thank you Dr Raffy for your comment. Actually, laser lipo changed my life. I did it in Beirut , Lebanon. I would highly recommend it to people who have a good lifesytle and excercise but still has resistant fat. Laserlipo works excellent for such people.
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My friend also had laser liposuction in Lebanon by a female doctor. She indeed looked very different after lipo. She did her tummy, love handles and back and it made her look much younger and more fit. Most importantly, she now feels great about herself and we can notice how much it boosted her self-confidence!
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Hi Jessica I live in Norway, i am coming to lebanon for two weeks for the holidays i am looking into doing laser liposuction for my tummy in Beirut. do you think i can be have it done and recover in two weeks only?
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Sorry Nima. L for the late reply! I am not sure if my answer would still matter. May be if you come to Beirut in the spring break? :) I have had the first laser liposuction (thighs and hips) under general anesthesia and it took me a week to fully recover(I went to work earlier but was not comfortable). I recently had lipolaser to my belly and love handles under local anesthesia and I was a little bit sore only the next day. Bottom line: 2 weeks is mre than enough. If you come, enjoy Lebanon!
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Hi Jess, i am sorry you had to go through this, it's torture that most girls going through today. I sooo know what you are talking about. i have had my tummy and thighs and hips done about a year ago , and it went really smoothly... i never thought that surgical or laser procedures are a good alternative. NOt until i saw for myself.. it is magical ... the most important thing though is to learn gd eating and living skills alongside .. so that you have better results inside out. :)
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Hi Queenrania , you can check her website , best of luck :)
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Hi Jessica, I'm planning to get the lipolaser treatment in Lebanon, Beirut. Could you please kindly refer me to the doctor you saw?
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Hello Megan , I am doing very well and I am emotionally more stable and confident of my self and of my body . Yes these small words can harm us a lot and I happy I had my procedure . I will keep you updated with what happens with me and thank you for having this wonderful website .
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Hello Sonia S. I had my inner and outer thighs done as well in addition to my hips . It is such a relief and believe me it is not as scary as you think and after you see the results you feel grateful for doing it .
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I have a "mommy tummy" myself and I would loooove to see it gone. I don't know though if I will ever have the courage to get laser liposuction. Good for you! Were you able to get this result u r talking about with lipo to hips alone or did u have the thighs done as well?
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I am so sorry to hear the cruel comments you had to hear over your life. I can see how that would be very, very hurtful. It is amazing how pain endured from those kinds of comments can form us into much more sensitive people though, so though it can be hard to see the positive side to any treatment like that, perhaps that is one.

It is great to hear how much you are loving your results! Please keep us posted on how things are going for you!

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