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Mini Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Bedford Hills, NY

So everyone thought I was crazy when I said "tummy...

So everyone thought I was crazy when I said "tummy tuck" but the loose pouch of skin at the bottom of my stomach bothered me a lot. No matter how much I exercised or how much weight I lost I skill had that extra skin & it was time for it to go. I had my procedure done 3 days ago & other than the lack of sleep I'm getting from having to sleep on my back I feel great. Day one I was taking the pain killer but they were making me sick so by day 2 they had to stop. I had 2 drains in but one of them came out the day after the surgery & the other one is coming out next Tuesday. I got a little nervous when they were taking it out because I've read in other posts that its kind of painful but it was nothing. It was a little uncomfortable for a second but pretty much as uncomfortable as having it in.
Hi Jessie, before and after pic are great!! I hear you on the loose and saggy skin, I also go to exercise and do a lot of abs but nothing, looks gross, especially wearing a bikini, my kids told me so!! Brats, lol. The lower back pain will dissipate, try not to hunch over so far, that worked for me while standing and I put extra cushion under my butt on the chair. I heard about getting the drain out but it wasn't bad, he pulled quickly, just a burning sensation. That's all I took the narco for otherwise no pain. I did a BA also, my chest was sore the next day and no problem since. Hope your recovery is going well, I still sit a lot and taking it slow. :)
When I was leaving the office they kept telling me I needed to hunch over more but your right I cant do it cuz it just hurts my back. The one drain just burned a little when it came out but that was only in for a day but the other one comes out tomorrow & that'll have been in for a week & the skin is starting to heal around it so I feel like its gonna hurt. How long were yours in before they came out?

swollen & bruised but still pretty happy

Thank you for your story! I too want a TT and have had one consult so far. I liked the dr and his office and feel comfortable with him, but should get a few other opinions. Like you all, people are telling me I'm crazy and things like that! I absolutely HATE my muffin top and just want to wear my jeans without that extra skin hanging over. I'm ok with my weight, just had that roll :) I am in Putnam County, NY and may check into Westchester docs. The quote I got was $8500 + anesthesia + facility, so close to $10,000. Any suggestions? Keep posting updates.....love to see them!
That's not bad for a full TT. Mine was a mini & it was $6000 + anesthesia + facility & they told me it would be another $2000 for a full. I'd met with 2 other doctors before him who didn't offer the mini & told me I didn't have enough extra skin for a full. One of them had actually suggested laser skin tightening which I'd already tried & already knew didn't work so I was a little annoyed. The entire staff at Bellava is fantastic so if you are looking for another opinion from a different doctor you should go see Dr. Lyons there & it's a free consultation.
Your review resonated with me as it is how I felt. Most thought I looked fine as I was but I couldn't stand that bulge of excess fat that hung over and my love handles. I too had a mini TT and lipo along with a BA. Your after pic looks great so far! I'm over two weeks post and feel great but still am trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Can't wait to see more of your recovery.

One week

Yesterday was one week & i finally got the other drain out. I don't know why i was getting so worked up about it because it didn't hurt at all. The hole has already closed & the doctor told me next week when i come back i get the stitches out so I'm pretty excited.
Thank you for your reply! I think I might try Dr. Lyons for a consult. It's nice to have a good recommendation like yours. Keep posting your updates to give me the courage to do it! You look great!!

One month

So its taken me a while to post but week 2 I went back to get the stitches out & it ended up I had a seroma. He drained it & took out the stitches & had me make an appointment for a week later just in case it needed to be drained again. The next day it had swollen to bigger than before & seemed to be full of liquid again but thankfully by the time I went back the seroma seemed to be gone. Now it's still swollen but more so above the scar than below it. It's a little weird to me but not really concerning & he told me to come back in July for a follow up so if it hasn't evened out by then I'll talk to him about it.

3 month check up

When I first called to schedule my 3 month visit I was told the doctor would only be working out of his CT office for the summer & I needed to call there. I was annoyed that no on had told me sooner that this would happen but I called for an appointment & my boss was going to let me leave work early to go to a follow up visit on 7/18 at 4pm. They called me today to cancel my appointment & reschedule for another time saying the doctor had to give a lecture at Yale but by Yale I think they meant the doctor wants to leave work early & go out on his boat. The receptionist at his office was rude & he's apparently never coming back to the office in NY where I had my surgery. He's now an hour and a half away & only see patients on some Wednesdays & Fridays so I have to leave work for over 3 hrs to have my 5 minute follow ups with him. I can't wait for this to be done & will never be going back to him for any more work
Westport Plastic Surgeon

Doctor was very nice & made me feel very comfortable & I absolutely love the staff at this place.

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