Uplift and Implant with Dr Plovier Beclinic Belgium

So after about 18 months deciding on the best...

So after about 18 months deciding on the best surgeon to go with in Belgium I have at last paid my deposit and booked flights,hotel etc for 8th September!!
Dr Plovier was my choice from the beginning but somehow I got swayed towards Dr Oelbrandt at Singelberg clinic. Anyway, I had a consult with Dr O and have to say I wasn't that impressed with the fact he really didn't want to combine the procedure and tried convincing me to have a uplift with a tummy tuck, I didn't go for a tummy tuck! At the time though I probably would have booked with him if it wasn't for the fact it would take days for his secretary to get back to me with the simplest of questions. That was another thing that put me off but by the time she had got back to me with a solid date (4 weeks later) I was already booked and had all my questions answered by either Dr Plovier or his assistant Marie who is lovely, nothing has been too much trouble for her.
I am going to be flying over on the Monday morning, surgery is scheduled for 10.30 the same day and will be staying 3 nights.
I'm up and down at the moment, one minute I'm so excited next I'm thinking do I really want to be spending all that money? and full of what if's.
I would really like to hear from others that have had the same procedure with Dr Plovier

Before and after pics to follow soon

All the lovely ladies on this site have given me so much information
and think its only fair to share my story for other people to be able to make a well informed decision just like I have. I will update closer to the time, 87 days to go!! But in the meantime if anyone has any questions the please feel free to ask x

pre op pics

Dr Plovier

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I'm so glad you took the time to get several doctor consults. Will anyone be joining you on your adventure to Belgium? You might find it fun to join a forum of women getting a breast lift with implants this June and July. I will post the Aug/Sept forum for you soon!
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