Uplift and Implant with Dr Plovier Beclinic Belgium

So after about 18 months deciding on the best...

So after about 18 months deciding on the best surgeon to go with in Belgium I have at last paid my deposit and booked flights,hotel etc for 8th September!!
Dr Plovier was my choice from the beginning but somehow I got swayed towards Dr Oelbrandt at Singelberg clinic. Anyway, I had a consult with Dr O and have to say I wasn't that impressed with the fact he really didn't want to combine the procedure and tried convincing me to have a uplift with a tummy tuck, I didn't go for a tummy tuck! At the time though I probably would have booked with him if it wasn't for the fact it would take days for his secretary to get back to me with the simplest of questions. That was another thing that put me off but by the time she had got back to me with a solid date (4 weeks later) I was already booked and had all my questions answered by either Dr Plovier or his assistant Marie who is lovely, nothing has been too much trouble for her.
I am going to be flying over on the Monday morning, surgery is scheduled for 10.30 the same day and will be staying 3 nights.
I'm up and down at the moment, one minute I'm so excited next I'm thinking do I really want to be spending all that money? and full of what if's.
I would really like to hear from others that have had the same procedure with Dr Plovier

Before and after pics to follow soon

All the lovely ladies on this site have given me so much information
and think its only fair to share my story for other people to be able to make a well informed decision just like I have. I will update closer to the time, 87 days to go!! But in the meantime if anyone has any questions the please feel free to ask x

pre op pics

today was the day!!!

So today was surgery day and have to say that so far I cannot fault anything. Dr Plovier and his staff were lovely and nothing but helpful. The clinic is beautiful and is not a patch on anything you get in the uk. I was a bit upset going into the theatre,my last thoughts were my kids and had a few tears but the nurse was lovely and before I knew it was awake and shivering uncontrollably!! I did have a bit of a funny turn,felt sick sweating and dizziness but I think that was mostly down to the heated blanket as I was too hot. After that I was fine. I was in theater by 10 for just over 3 hours and was in the hotel which is also really nice for 4.30.

So far I am happy with my new additions, but as its only day 1 theres still a long way to go obviously but am hoping they'll look a tiny bit bigger once they drop which I'm sure they will.
Dr Plovier wants me to go back on Thursday before I fly home to change the dressings,iI'm preparing myself for them to look horrendous but will take pics and upload after. I'm 5" 4 and have 415 high allergen inspira x

Day 3

So the driver picked us up at 7 for a change of dressing before our flight home. Everything went well and my sister took photos. I couldn't face looking at them properly until I got home and realised that instead of a full anchor lift, I only have a lollipop so im very happy with regards to less scarring! It would have been nice to be told but im happy nevertheless.
Dr Plovier

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can I kindly ask how much have they dropped since? I'm traveling 2 have mine done in 3 wks also what size implant did you have regard
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They feel like they have dropped more than they look like they have if that makes sense but they are getting there slowly. I did have a bit of a panic last week thinking there going to be stuck up there forever but they have dropped the most over the past 4 days. I am really happy with them,maybe wish I went a tiny bit bigger but its a drastic improvement. I have 415 allergen inspiras. I still have dressings on my scars,no infection or anything just my nurse being over cautious I think. I will update my pictures later. Are you going to dr plovier?
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Yes I already have 420 in at the moment so still unsure whether to just have them lifted as want them perk the bigger the implant the chance of sagging again so 415 is ideal I think...I love my size just dropped so much since I had them put in with transform last yr! Nightmare
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To be honest it wasn't really that much more to have implants and the lift at the same time, maybe around 1500 more than just the implants so I think its worth it if you think you'll probably want a lift in the near future anyway. I am really happy with my results so far. Everything is healing well and I think he has done a amazing job. I didn't initially want to go abroad to have the surgery but price was a big factor for me and some of the things you hear on these chat rooms about the after care from some of these big companies in this country is terrible so weighing it all up I decided on beclinic. Will transform not do anything for you as its only been a year since your last surgery?
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No!!! Dr khan is a awful man and there aftercare is a joke... I'm having a tummy tuck and lipo also with dr plovier but have done a lot of research and worry with bigger implant more change of sagging can I ask what size bra u are wearing?
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Tummy tuck is next on my list I'm just not sure if I'm done having kids yet! Thats what I mean about the after care,even if you have your surgery in uk you more than likely won't get what you pay for anyway! I haven't been measured yet I'm still in the post op bra, I did buy a sports bra for when its in the wash and its a E and pretty tight but I'm not convinced there that big to be honest. If they are that big its because of the width. With clothes on they look no bigger than I was before but they do look bigger without. When are you having your tummy tuck and lypo?
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I would think that with a good enough lift and as long as you don't go abnormally huge it should take a long time for them to sag to the degree where your really not happy with them
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Congratulations on your new girls! I'll be having a lift and lipo on Sept. 26, I'm excited but like you nervous and apprehensive. Hope you are feeling OK and healing well...my thoughts and prayers are with you!
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Thank you...hope everything went well with you
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Congratulations! They're finally here! Now you have to be patient (again) as they drop and fluff. ;)
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I'm so glad you took the time to get several doctor consults. Will anyone be joining you on your adventure to Belgium? You might find it fun to join a forum of women getting a breast lift with implants this June and July. I will post the Aug/Sept forum for you soon!
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