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After giving birth to my second child I gained an...

After giving birth to my second child I gained an impressive 50lbs (and that's after giving birth!) My body was no longer "my body". After defeating a scary post part depression time, I snapped out of it (Thank God) and got my 210lb behind to the gym. I have now lost those 50lbs! And am motivated to continue on to lose another 20. The more I lose the more I see my stomach "wrinkle" around all my tiger stripes (stretch marks) and came to the realization my body will never bounce back to where it was before the babies. My boobs are no longer boobs lol I was a large B, small C size before my babies... I haven't even shopped for new bras after the babies and know my bras are way too big for me now. My initial want was a breast augmentation upon reaching my goal weight. But upon looking at all the amazing transformations for mommy makeovers I thought "What the hell, if I'm going to go for the BA, then might as well go big or go home and go for a mommy makeover"

I scheduled a consultation to see Dr Lehocky in Bakersfield, CA. and was ready to seriously consider this surgery. They set me up with Stephanie who recited several scripts about the procedures but was very nice overall. To make a long story short, after a 3 hour long consultation (yes I had that many questions) I agreed to leave a deposit for the procedures: full tummy tuck, silicone breast augmentation, and liposuction of my lower back. All for a WHOPPING $12,750! They did discount $500 for leaving a deposit at my consultation, and a $250 discount because I will not be financing the amount. So that leaves me at $12,000. She allowed me to leave the date open until I'm ready to commit to a specific date however it MUST be scheduled within 1 yr of leaving my deposit or else I forfeit my $3,000 deposit. Pretty harsh huh?
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Dr. Lehocky was very patient. I can't even remember how many questions and what ifs I asked him and he was very thorough with every answer and even joked around with my husband (who joined me at my consultation). I will definitely continue to update my experience with him as I get closer to actually having my procedure done. I'm hoping for a great experience!

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Wow great job with the weight loss.  Keep up the good work and it will all pay off.  
The thought of losing the deposit alone would keep me motivated.   You got this girlie!
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Thanks so much! Motivation is definitely on my side right now! Lookin forward to great results. Pics soon to come. :)
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That would be wonderful:)
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