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Did LOTS of research and decided on lapband...

Did LOTS of research and decided on lapband because it was the least dangerous. Banded 11/08. The first 25 pounds were super easy, but then I had to get with the program. In the next 3 years I lost 100 pounds.

In 06/11 I had lower body lift, and all the typical work women want. Then in September I began getting very sick, and the band had slipped. Me and my doctor tried everything to save it, but I ended up with a perforated stomach with emergency removal on 9/11. Honestly, and I am not going to lie here, I thought I was dying. It was truly the most terrifying moment in my life, and my poor husband's too. Spent 1 night in the ICU, and got out of the hospital 4 days later. Was sick for several weeks after, but was emotionally drained after that experience.

I was in a rut for about 4 months, and am just now coming out of it. But the one thing that I have said, even through all the hell I went through, and you can even say I'm crazy if you want, is that I would still recommend the band. It got me where I wanted to be, and I would never have done it on my own. I was on my way to having it removed (was going into surgery the next day) when I had to have the emergency removal. God just had other plans for me, and the rest of my weight loss journey (or maintaining or whatever it will be from here on out) is on me.

You have to do your own research, make educated decisions about the WLS you are thinking about, research your doctors and facility, and just be realistic about what you think you are capable of doing for yourself. Email me if you have any questions and I will be happy to try to help. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Two years ago my wife had lap band surgery. For awhile it seemed to work, however; she stayed sick all of the time, throwing up everytime she ate. I kept taking her back, taking her back to the Dr. and he kept insisting that her body would eventually get used to it. It has never gotten used to it. Yesterday she went in for the camera deal to look and see what was going on. It showed a lot of bacteria. If it showed bacteria then does that mean she has had it all along from the band being placed too tight and cutting something? We have to go back tomorrow to see the Dr. again. He wants me there and I am a nervous wreck as I feel he has some bad news to tell us. In the meantime I have been checking and it seems the very same port they used to put in and take out for tightening and loosening the band they had a recall on last year. Last frigging year and this Dr. did not know anything about it? Are you kidding me? Now I am afraid my wife is going to have cancer or something. The Dr. mentioned yesterday that the band will probably have to come out, YOU THINK? and he will have to remove some of her intestine and put a sleeve in there or whatever. Anyone have any information on any of this? My wife is terrified. She threw up in bed "Again" at 2:00 this morning and was miserable all night. I pray she is alright but I don't have a clue where to go next on this. I will wait and see what the Dr. has in store, but frankly not convinced he is a genious on any of this. We told him months ago she threw up everytime after eating, mosting during the night and he acted like it was ok I think I got his attention yesterday after the come to Jesus I had with him over it. He will not tell me anymore until tomorrow when both my wife and I have an appointment with him. Thanks
You can always try to get a second opinion if you are not happy with what your doctor is telling you. However sometimes finding another surgeon who will take you on may be a problem, but it would be worth it, in my opinion. I am not a doctor, just someone who had a bad outcome in the end. My experience was that the continuous vomitting was a band problem that shoudl have been removed a lot sooner than it was. Some people just can not tolerate the band, from what I've read. Be persisitent, and don't give up. Good luck!
Yes. I had a little pity party and gained about 10 pounds but I pulled myself out of it and I am doing great. I know I will have good days and bad and I'll just deal with it. I have a regular exercise regimen now that really helps. I kicked those ten pounds back down and if I don't lose another pound and just maintain where I am then I will be happy. If any more of it wants to fall off, I won't complain! Thanks for asking!
Schrapps/Christus St. Elizabeth Bariatric Center

Would definitely recommend Dr. Schrapps. Not really feeling the love for his partner, although he probably saved my life while my doctor was out of town so I will not bash him on here. Lost 100 pounds in 3 years, perforated stomach almost 3 years later so it had to come out and I will probably never be a candidate for another WLS due to the location of the perforation. BUT I would still recommend the band. It is a tool, and it will not work by itself, so do not expect it to do it by itself. You still have to eat right and exercise, this will just help with your portions. If you follow the program, it WILL work for you. Even with the issues I had I would still do it again. I feel like I have been given a head start to be where I am today, and I am ahead of where I thought I would ever be.

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