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I Have Pseudoptosis and Am Getting a Lift with Breast Implants - Beachwood, OH

I wanted a breast aug. only but after much debate...

I wanted a breast aug. only but after much debate and seeing 4 doctors, I have decided to get a lift along with implants. All the drs. on this site said that I do not need a lift, but I do not want large AND saggy breasts. First Dr. said I needed a full anchor lift, 2nd Dr. said no lift saline, 3rd Dr. said vertical lift without moving the nipple and saline, 4th Dr. said no lift silicone. So you could see my dilemma. I decided to go with the 3 doc since I felt most comfortable with her. She uses Microvascular echniques (smaller instruments) and blocks nerves so you are not in a lot of pain. And you can NOT even see her scars in post op pictures after a year. I will be getting 330 cc saline (my dr. says silicone can be very harmful) And it is what I feel most comfortable with. I have a lot of breast tissue already so I think they will still feel real. Very nervous...can anyone relate to my situation and share their expereince? Thanks and I will keep updating this as I go through the process.

Getting nervous ....a week and a half away. I'm...

Getting nervous ....a week and a half away. I'm scared that the saline implants will feel unnatural. My dr assures me that you won't see or feel the difference because of the amount of breast tissue I have. Anyone have experience with saline ?

1 week to go: I am getting nervous about the size....

1 week to go: I am getting nervous about the size. I measure 32" above breasts, 34.5 at breasts, and 29.5 under breasts. Not sure what size that is....32 b or c. Anyway I am thinking 300 to 330 saline implants. Are they going to be too big? I want to be a full d. But don't want to make me look "fat". Also, i only took 3 .5 days off from work .... Is this enough time? I have my pre op appt wednesday so I'll keep you updated.

Had my pre op appt today. De Feng answered all my...

Had my pre op appt today. De Feng answered all my concerns and my fiancé feels comfortable with her as well. The surgery is performed in her own clinic. I decided to go with 300 cc saline to go from a 32 b/c to a D. With a vertical lift. She may cut Hal's or the whole way around my nipple but not move it up. I go in this Monday at 6:15 am and should be home by 2pm my fiancé will be taking care of me and helping with my drains- which should be on about 3 or 5 days.

Well I did it! Had surgery 6am and was home by 2pm...

Well I did it! Had surgery 6am and was home by 2pm. I had a vertical lift with 300 cc saline implants. My dr showed me a picture and they look great! I prob could have gone bigger but I was so afraid of looking too top heavy since I am only 5'4" 116 lbs and am a size 0/2. We will c though. I'll post pics as soon as I can lift my arms. My fiancé is so much help! It is hard to even pull my pants up.
I was so scared of the scarring but after seeing the picture I think they will heal just fine. My dr is so great. I am in a lot of pain but only in my chest....it feels like an elephant is sitting on me. The incisions don't hurt just the top of my chest.

I'll keep updating:-)

Day 4: just got my drains out..... I feel so...

Day 4: just got my drains out..... I feel so better & I can move so much more. Not sure if it was that Percocet that I took. I only have one Vicodin left & my doctor wouldn't prescribe me anymore. My back was starting to hurt from being stiff. I will upload pictures in a little bit. I am happy with the results so far. I have to push them in towards each other twice a day.... anyone else have to do this adjustment??

I am a little concerned after looking at the pics...

I am a little concerned after looking at the pics I posted (day 4) that they are too small? Or too far apart? Can anyone relate? I know they will drop but will they come closer together?? I guess I am just second guessing going 300 cc. But I started a small C and didn't want to be too big for my body (5'4" 116 lbs size 0/2)

Day 5: Went to work today. I tried to drive but...

Day 5:
Went to work today. I tried to drive but then realized that it hurt to turn the steering wheel??? So my fiance drove me. I am in so much pain right now (the Dr would not give me more pain meds) so I only have taken tylonol. I think maybe I wrapped myself too tight with the ace bandages?

I feel that I should be able to drive by now?? I do feel a little bloated too (even though I took a lazative to go to the bathroom) Did anyone feel bloated for a while after surgery? Or still be in this much pain?

Thanks for any advice/feedback :)

Day 6 Update: I loosened the wrap and it seemed...

Day 6 Update:
I loosened the wrap and it seemed to help my breast pain but I have severe back pain! I think it is worse than the breast pain. I woke up twice not being able to move from sharp pains in my upper and middle back.
Anyone else exsperience this?
I am not a whimpy person and thought I had a high pain tollerance so I am very fustrated that I still can not drive and feel this pain. I updated day 5 pics.....I am very happy with the results so far :)

1 Week post - Op: I am feeling a lot better...

1 Week post - Op:
I am feeling a lot better today! yay! I still have to sleep almost sitting straight up or I get back spasims. The breast are still very sore but the pain is tolerable. My fiance has to help me wrap with the ace bandage and put my surgical bra on and put shirts on over my head. It helps to let the ta-tas "breath" without the ace wrap and bra for about 10 min a day when I am bathing or getting readyf or bed. I will drive tomorrow for the first day.

My am able to sqeeze them and they feel pretty soft and real :) I get the bandages taken out in 2 days and will post pics and update then :)

Day 15: went to post op appt. today. I am still so...

Day 15: went to post op appt. today. I am still so sore! But only in my breasts and chest muscle now...back is feeling ok though. I still can not raise my hands above my head (annoying because I need to get my underarms waxed-haha) My Dr. said the pain is normal and may never go away because I went so big compared to my frame. I dont think 300 cc is that big???

Did anyone else have a lot of pain 2 weeks after?

3 WEEK UPDATE: see pics I am feeling so much...

3 WEEK UPDATE: see pics

I am feeling so much better now. Have a lot more range of motion...but left side still hurts when I do certain things. I have not started using any scar treatment yet...hopefully will get to go ahead from Dr. today. I am thinking of getting Maderma and silicone sheets. Anyone use these?

So far, I am happy with them....wish I went bigger though because in clothes I kinda look like I did when I wore a push up bra. But my Dr. said I could not go bigger because of my small frame. But girls that are tiny get big implants all the time????

Nipple sensitivity has gone done a lot...my fiance can actually touch me now- hah.

4 week update- feeling better everyday. still...

4 week update-
feeling better everyday. still cant raise both arms all the way above my head. Or push myself up using only my arms. I got sized at Victoria's Secret ... 32 DD!!! yay. Still wish I went bigger though.

Ok I love the shape of my boobs but at the same...

Ok I love the shape of my boobs but at the same time I'm so disappointed I didn't go bigger! And that I spent so much money on this. Most people can't tell that I even got implants!!! How long do I have to wait to get bigger implants???? Since I'm still not healed. Whould increasing to 400 make that big a difference??? Also is the recovery time less? I did take 4 days off of work and couldn't drive for a week....I don't have that much vacation time left.
Dr. Feng

Love the shape but wish I went bigger:-(:-(

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Those are gorgeous!!! I'll definitely be showing your pics to my dr. when the time comes!!
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I think you could go larger. I had mine done may 30th, went from a 32 a to a 34 c. Def planning on goin bigger myself for some of the dame reasons you stated.
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So glad u r feeling better!!! DD eh? I need to get sized...i suspect I am there too

Update pix?
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I go in on Friday for my aug and lift, so thanks so much all this great info! I was wondering about the bra as well. Good advice thanks. And jsidea, your new ta-tas look amazing. Are you still worried about them being too far apart, etc.? I've heard it takes awhile til they settle in their "pockets" so to say. My doc says to do breast exercises everyday!
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Thanks! I think they're are settling nicely. My main concern now is just that I'm still in a lot of pain. I wish I got my underarms waxed before the surgery because I still cannot lift my arms above my head. My breast exercises consist of just pushing them together three times a day. I just orderhandsome bras and I'll let you know if I like them once they come in:-)
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Very little pain after 2weeks. I went 375. I am 5' 7". At 2 weeks I had Just occasional shooting pains for a few seconds (doc said nerves were healing). Other than that maybe a tiny bit of pain opening heavy doors at work etc but no major pain. It has been 5weeks now and zero pain... I hope your pain stops soon!
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Does anyone have a good sports bra that closes in the front that you recommend?? I got an Under Armour that zips in the front but not sure if it has enough support on the bottom and sides or if it is just compressing me in. Thanks!
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I went on Amazon got really cute front zip sports bra zippers have a cute little flower at end of the zipper I got 3 they were only $19.99 Comfort Choice and they came pretty fast.
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Thanks!! what size did you get? I am a 30 or 32 band size and cant find this size in any store. The smallest is 36 for the Comfort Choice one.
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They run small get one size larger I got 38C wish I got a 40
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Those are simply gorgeous! Surgeon did a good job. I, too, was surprised at how close to real they feel! I think this size is perfect!
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Thanks! I am happy with them so far. I am still a little numb under my left armpit and they are still so sore.
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Why is the mark still on chest after 5 days? Is this for real?
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From the sides those tata's look marvelous
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Thanks! I can't get the marks off! I have scrubbed with soap. Tried rubbing alcohol and even baby oil. Any suggestions??
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You are petite - don't need huge bazooka's at your size!
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Congrats. As you feel comfortable pls send pix.

You are petite, I bet the new girls will look great on you

I was also afraid of scarring but, I can't hardly even see the cut already ,it's only been 3 weeks
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Thanks angel5280..... Yours look great! Did you have a vertical cut as well as around the nipple? Because I can't even see the vertical scar! What size did you go? I am still in so much pain...it is day 3, better than yesterday but still hurts. I had my mom give me a wash cloth bath. I get my drains out tomorrow AM and can't wait! I'm hoping to be able to function by myself by tomorrow evening.
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I had the full anchor lift. The cut that goes in the fold was TRULY put in the fold (I have seen so many in here that were put on the bottom of the boob instead of in the fold). The cut that goes from nipple to the fold - I can hardly see it. My old scars from gall bladder removal and c section turned white quickly - I am VERY blessed in that regard. I have to hunt for those scars to find them
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You are lucky to have such a wonderful fiancé!  Keep us opted on how you are feeling, I really hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks! I was just worried that something was wrong because my dr said I wouldn't be in this much pain. My fiancé had been wonderful waiting on me. I'm supposed to go back to work on Thursday but we will see. I know day 2 is the worse so I'm looking forward to feeling less pain. My dr has me on arnica and brombalin for swelling.
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Sorry about the errors! I can't stand auto correct!!! I meant to say my girlfriend did nothing for a week!!
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Anyone else had so much pain after? The pressure on my chest is so much! I can barley pull my pants up. And when I got up this am I felt so dizzy and hot. It subsided but still am scared because my doc said some women don't feel any pain and I am in so much.
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I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I had a lft with implants on April 3. It was not an easy recovery. It is much harder I hear than just getting implants. Yes I had a lot of pressure on my chest and a lot of pain. Especially on the sides of my breast. It was really impossible to lift, bend over and to get up from a reclining or sitting position. Just make sure you have someone taking care of you at least for the first 3 days. Everyone heals different, a girlfriend of mine who gt the same procedure I'd last nothing for a week. She said the pain was too much. I went shopping at an outlet mall day 3 (even though I regretted it!) just don't push yourself and listen to your body. Use your pain meds if you need to( do you have any?)  and icing mine on ad off felt great.  Also don't hesitate to call your doc that's what he is there for! You can't complain too much because they have heard it all.  Please keep us posted and I hope you feel better soon. It does take time but you will get better!
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I have had the flashes of heat and dizziness as well! I think its just our bodies adjusting?
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