Babies are here!! :)

Lets see...long story short...Lol! In my early...

Lets see...long story short...Lol! In my early 20's I was always a 36C and weighed around 185-200#'s ..I then had 2 kids and l at my heaviest weighed 252...I got back down to 200 and then lost weighed after I breastfed. Down to 140 and lost all volume in my breasts. I have been considering this for over a year now and my husband says go for it. Ive been seeing so many successful stories and how happy women are and its really helped with my decision to go for it! Im 31 and live in Ohio...I really want to do this for myself and of course my husband will be happy as well! He always tells me he misses my 'big boobs' haha! So finally from looking around multiple docs and hundreds of reviews I narrowed it down to one and will meet with him first week in February. Cant wait! Im hoping to go for a D-DD! Im 5'3...From what ive been seeing and doing research, im thinking High profile under the muscle maybe 400-450 cc's..Obviously I'll know more of whats good for me when I meet with the Doc! I would say that yes I do have a slight droop and do not want a lift..I've seen many cases that look just like mine and didnt have to have one...Plusbi dont have the money, Lol. ..Alright I'll check back in a few weeks with update from Doc! Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Xoxo

Oh yeah also Silicone! I'm even thinking about...

Oh yeah also Silicone! I'm even thinking about going 500cc's, smooth, high profile, under the muscle, inframammary incision ...Go big or go home right!? :)

Less than 2 weeks for my appt with Doc to see what...

Less than 2 weeks for my appt with Doc to see what size and stuff, i'm leaning in the 500's....I also dont think that i need a lift right now...Im not looking for perky and stuff, i just want my D/DD volume back!!! From the looks of my nipples to my crease they are above anyway so i think theyre fine and im not concerned about a lift..i've seen MANY cases like mine or even lower and they didnt get a lift and months later their breasts look awesome and look for the same thing i am, volume! I've also quit smoking which ive been wanting to anyway...Gross! Lol

Yay one more week and I have 2 consultations on...

Yay one more week and I have 2 consultations on the same day back to back!! Its gonna be a boobie touchy day! ! Haha :)

One more day for my consultations! I go bright and...

One more day for my consultations! I go bright and early Wednesday morning, first one at 9am and the next one which is like a half hour away at 11:30am! Very excited! ! :) I have a feeling that they will both tell me im borderline for a lift and will benefit from it. I think I'll be ok and believe that I can achieve that 30's natural look :)

Well, had my 2 consuls today! The first one went...

Well, had my 2 consuls today! The first one went EXTREMELY well. The doc spent all together, a good hour and a half with me! Thats awesome! It was also a free consul. The second one was $25 and I got $50 off . I made it with 15 minutes to spare. I liked him but the atmosphere was really different than the first and I was only in the room for a half hour total. Seemed kinda rushed. He talked fast. Lol. So yeah I chose the first doc! Surgery is scheduled for February 19th at 7:30am woohoo! Mentor Memory Gel 550ccs High profile under the muscle, inframammory incision.
Like I said before I bet they will say I will benefit from a lift. Yep they both said it! The first one said he was concerned and that I would not be happy with just an augmentation and said I of course had ptosis. He showed me photos of ones that had ptosis and didnt get a lift and seeing the results. Some werent bad but some were! Mine looked worse than the ones he showed me :/ So i am deciding to go with the lift. Might as well do it! If im going to spend this amount of money, I need to look at this for the long run and not have to think about if I will need a lift in a year or 2 or what if I get the snoopy boob effect? I really dont want to go through that. More headaches and stress that I want to avoid! So Friday I go for my before pics and sign papers and tuesday I go for lab work and the following tuesday will be surgery day! Shit just got real. Lol :)

Lol im going to just get the Augmentation done and...

Lol im going to just get the Augmentation done and see how my results are.

**Correction, I found out today that I am getting...

**Correction, I found out today that I am getting Sientra silicone HP 550ccs smooth Implants...Paid my deposit plus some, signed the papers and got the before photos taken! Just need to do the pre op testing in a few days..A little over a week!! Im starting to get really excited!! :)

Paid the rest of the bill today, done deal now!...

Paid the rest of the bill today, done deal now! Did the pre admission test and Im very healthy no need for a blood test. Prescriptions are filled and im ready to go!..6 more days!!! Im not nervous at all right now, just very excited!!! My boo will be off all week with me :)

4 more days!!!! Holla!!! :)

4 more days!!!! Holla!!! :)

Question, I just thought about this....if these...

Question, I just thought about this....if these are going beneath muscles, should I have a script for a muscle relaxer? I got scripts for Ambien, Cipro and Percocets...I see a lot of people that get scripts for those after a breast aug.

Yay tomorrow is the day!! :)

Yay tomorrow is the day!! :)

Off I go and of course I didnt sleep for crap!! "/...

Off I go and of course I didnt sleep for crap!! "/ Will check in later ladies! Xo

Just got home about an hou r ago. Everything went...

Just got home about an hou r ago. Everything went really well! ! Just feeling heavily engorged, lol. I woke up from surgery and kept asking if my husband had seen them yet. Lmao. So far so good! I go in the morning to get bandages off and sports bra on. Took a perc at 10. I ts been acouple hours and im doing great. Thank goodness! took a couple pics with the bandage on and I have drains, cant really see much but the upper humps from being higj right now but I will try to u pload pics this week :) xoxo ladies and happy healing!!

I have a case of Frankenboob! They are long and my...

I have a case of Frankenboob! They are long and my nips are lower as of right now...hopefully with time they will settle down and fluff! Feeling sore but staying on the couch..walk around for a bit then I lay back down...these drains I cant wait to get out. They feel like im wearing an underwire bra that is poking out, lol! Annoying more than hurting...fluid in the drains has gone down a lot so hope I will get them out in the morning. Haven't slept yet but not really tired. Just glad im able to lay on the couch..

Overall im very grateful that the surgery went...

Overall im very grateful that the surgery went very well and my Doc was very considerate and caring. AND of course more boobs than what I had! ! Cannot wait for summer!!

I have my moments, but id say 90% of the day is...

I have my moments, but id say 90% of the day is great! Ive been moving them up and in like doc said and that actually makes them feel so much better! Theres a big difference in my drains so im hoping to get them out soon! Yesterday was 60ccs total. Today so far has been 20 in each and that was noon. Its 7pm now and theres like nothing in them! Yay! Ive also switched back n forth from ibuprofen and percocets. If im really sore ill take a perc and if not ill take ibuprofen. Seems to work really well. Ive also been sleeping like normal just have to remember to get out of bed easy when I wake up. So far so good! Lovin my girls. Just will take time for some droppage ;)

Wow I can already see a difference in the girls...

Wow I can already see a difference in the girls and it hasnt even been a week yet! They are looking great and im feeling awesome and yes I would do it all over again minus the first day of nausea, haha! Got my drains out yesterday! Soooo much better :)

OMG I'm in love with them :) They have dropped...

OMG I'm in love with them :) They have dropped some more..Little bit more to go...I did not have one bruise! Doc said im healing perfectly :) Best decision I ever made!

So today is 11 days..Ive uploaded one from day one...

So today is 11 days..Ive uploaded one from day one and today so you can see the difference already in them. Its amazing considering on the 5th will only be 2 weeks post op for me..Can only imagine what they will look like at 3 months!! My left one is dropping faster than my right and is more tender. My right one i can tell is more relaxed and not a problem at all..My left one i just think is still swollen. It doesnt bother me until i move it inwards when im doing my massages. Just feel the burning sensation in my nipple, but PS said its normal..Just have to keep telling myself its waaayyy early! I think to myself, even if my boobs dont give me much more of a difference, i am very happy with them because its totally better than what i started with! (But they are improving so there will still be much more of a difference after today and many more days to come! :)
Ive been off the meds and don't take anything now, just the rest of my Arnica pills until they're gone :) So now it's just the waiting game!
I feel that im going through about the same thing RxGirl went through. So just gotta wait for progression!

Today is 22 days (3 weeks) and i'm still loving...

Today is 22 days (3 weeks) and i'm still loving them! they are still changing and i couldnt be happier! i go to the store and i see i get looks and it feels great! Lol! 2 new pics from today. you can tell changes :) (Starting to look more natural and i can tell the nips are moving upwards so thats great!) No more tingly feeling in left breast. They both are squishy but you can tell you cant be 100 % with them just yet..I do feel now they are a part of me :) Glad i didnt go bigger and glad i didnt go smaller. i feel they are just right for my frame!

I uploaded a new pic from tonight (23 days) with...

I uploaded a new pic from tonight (23 days) with my husband taking the pic. it's always different when you take it yourself! As you can see, on my left is dropping faster.

Had to do one by the other. new pic showing...

Had to do one by the other. new pic showing progression day one on top post op and day 23 on bottom post op! What a difference huh? :)

39 days post op and cannot believe how much they...

39 days post op and cannot believe how much they have changed! I love them!! They feel great! Very natural. New pic uploaded you can see my (on my right side your left) that shes finally catching up!! Not sure how much more they will drop but wont be too much...

3 months :)

Its been 3 months so far and I couldn't be happier ! Right one is still dropping. Just a little slow, but I know it takes time. Love them :)

6 months already!?

Wow does time fly by! Its been a lil over 6 months now and im completely happy :) I'm so used to them I do sometimes think I should have went bigger, but thats only because it feels like they've been there forever! Pic is from this morning. Pretty sure that where they're at is where they'll stay. My right one is a tich higher, but if I wear a certain Danskin bra they even out. Weird? ;)

the difference between 3 and 6 months :)

You can definitely tell the difference here! Top is 3 months and bottom is 6 months! :)

more comparison pics :)

2 more photos added. One is day one of surgery with todays pic and the other is a before side view with an after side view! :)
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

He is in my area. When I met with him, I knew he would be my surgeon. He spent time with me and went over everything and answered any questions I had..The office is filled with smiles and warmth from all the ladies there! No long waiting time for anything! My surgery was 2 weeks after first visit. Everything runs very smooth and such a great atmosphere to be in! Love them and Dr. Vanek. I will definitely recommend him to everyone and go to him for future procedures :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there! I noticed you live near me and I am currently searching for a plastic surgeon I feel comfortable with... the decision is so hard! I went to one consult last week and the doctor only spent literally FIVE minutes with me. I was wondering who your 2nd consult was with?
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Thanks for the pics glad I didn't do the lift either.
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Please let me know what program/application you use for your "split" pictures showing day 1 and 6 months post op. great way to easily compare progress
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Photo grid for droid :)
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YOUR PICTURES GIVE ME HOPE! Thank Goodness! I also have the "torpedo" post op boob effect.... I was terrified to see that a breast augmentation is NOT instantaneous! I literally wanted to die. Any advice on getting the chest to loosen up? I was given a band to help force a downward pressure Keep us updated !
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Love your pics and boobs!! The implants lifted you nicely!These will surly keep me encouraged if my implants are high after surgery
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Sports bras! :) I would lightly push them down when I moved them around ;)
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Thank you!! :)
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I can't thank you enough for posting your last contrasting photo of 3 and 6 month post op. Seems like most everyone expects final results to show at 3 months but some women take a bit longer. Your 1 day post op photo and your 6 month photo are truly amazing...time does heal! Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful and helpful updates!

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Thank you very much!! :)
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do you think you changed much between 3 and 6 months - hard to tell from the pics - just wondering how much more I will drop - I am a little over 2 months Thanks
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Most definitely! My right one needed to catch up and it did for sure inbetween 3 to 6 months
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I uploaded a photo difference :)
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looking great! how are you feeling? just passing by your profile. ;)
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Hello! I feel great! They look and feel so natural! Very satisfied :)
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You look great :) ! I'm getting revision and I'm getting HP gel don know if I want 600 I have 420 saline and I want to stay the size I'm now 34/ DDD . What size bra do you wear now ?
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Hi! I wear a D in some bras and DD in others :)
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You look great ! I had revision 5 wks ago and I got 600 cc HP I love them .
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You look great! I'm glad everything is turning out so well for you.
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Heyyyy my friend u looking good!!! Finally I will be in the other side as well in just 3 days!!! I cant believe it! Im happy that u healing well! Mu@@@@
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Hi! How have your breasts settled? I am dealing with frankenboob/snoopy right now and it is very discouraging. Just trying to see if I have some hope and don't need to plan on a revision! Thanks!
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Hi! Its been 2 1/2 months and my breasts look like my last picture still but have dropped a little more. I think it may take a full 6 months before my final result? Time will tell. I love them though! My left one is like perfect and my right is just trying to catch up. Have you seen RxGirl s profile? Mine are doing exactly what hers did. It does take time. Some doctors will say they should be where they're at by 3 months, but who's to say that's how everyone's body is? Its not that's for sure! Check out her profile for some reassurance as well :) how long has it been for you?
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Im sooo happy for you hun!
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Thank you!!! :)
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Your girls are looking like your wish boobs!!!!!!
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