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This site has been my life line. I am happily...

This site has been my life line. I am happily married and Mother to 2 wonderful kids, son that is 8 and daughter that is 6. My husband has been extremely supportive and has went to all of my appointments with me. It all started with me not being happy with my saggy and deflated breasts after breast feeding 2 babies. We decided if I was going to get a BA I should look into the whole Mommy Makeover. I have never had a flat stomach and have struggled with my weight as an adult, especially after having babies. I finally lost my baby weight but still have the hanging stomach and another 10 pounds to lose but just won't go away. My Dr. is well respected and has done some procedures for a couple of my friends. Call me crazy but I did not get a second opinion. I am sure I could find someone to do it for less but as you know with such an invasive surgery it's worth paying for he best. Most important I am very comfortable with him and his staff. I'm having a TT, BA, and lipo on my love handles. My husband and I decided not to tell many, but I am beginning to get really nervous that I will need more of a support system. He is taking one week off for sure and is willing to take more if needed. I guess I am nervous some will not accept it. I live in a small community where everyone pretty much knows everyone. My daughter is quite the talker and we have not come up with what to tell her or my son yet. I don't ever want her to feel as insecure as I have. Any suggestions? My surgery date is May 1st. Please help!


Thanks for starting your story! I'm sure I sound like a broken record around these parts, but tell people it's reconstructive surgery, because it IS. Also, not sure if you have any hernias or not, but ladies who do often just say they're getting hernia surgery.

I hope you're able to get that figured out, but most importantly your husband is supportive. Yay, husband!

Please keep us posted. Looking forward to following your transformation!

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I am also scheduled for May (the 9th), in Beachwood for a MM. Who is your Dr? And my kids are the same ages I JUST told my kids yesterday. I told them I was getting my tummy fixed. I elaborated a little (that it bothers my back, makes my pants fit funny, both true) but I more so talked about what to expect the first time they see me after surgery. that I will be sleepy, maybe a little sick. I figured if any parents/teachers called to ask what was wrong with me I could play if off as a hernia ::shrug::
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Oh, duh, good luck to you and this journey, its so exciting! I also have a feeling we have the same Dr. because my initial cost was quoted the same as yours, although I took off the BA and added lipo to the inner thighs. ;)

Well I had my surgery May 1st and it went very...

Well I had my surgery May 1st and it went very well. I stayed overnight which I think was a huge help. Promise I will post my photos and a better description tomorrow. I do have a question I seem to have a yeast infection from the antibiotic I assume. I plan to call my PS tomorrow but has anyone else experienced ths? It comes on bad at night and seems to have a rash along with it. Please help with advice if you too have experienced this. Thank you.


Hope you are healing well!
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Thank you, I am doing well, hard to believe its already been 3 weeks but at the same time it feels like longer, lol. How are you recovering?
Really good. Just get tired fast and feeling a little lazy. I have to get moving to get a little momentum going. Lol.
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