2 weeks post-op and very happy I did this.

My consult is booked! I figured I'd wait to...

My consult is booked! I figured I'd wait to start my story until something was put in writing, making it official (almost). My surgery date isn't booked yet of course, but she did give me the option of August 20th if everything goes as planned, meaning the consult and my finances (still in the process of saving up).

And as the title says, I'm VERY EXCITED!! We've been corresponding via phone and email a few times, getting information, questions answered, etc., and today her receptionist wrote me back with the times she has available for a consult next month around the dates I plan on going to visit my inlaws (who conveniently live in a city she travels to once a month to operate within). My eyes got all watery as I read everything she had written to me. I was elated! I responded with all the information she needed and my desired appointment time and once I hit "send" I felt like I was going to puke lol From what I've read and heard, she's supposed to be a very good surgeon, specialized in breast surgery. She does most of the reconstruction surgeries for women who've lost 1 or both breasts in the Northern part of our province.

Though I have gotten my hopes up over her, I am going to wait until the consult to fully decide how I feel about her and her team. It's funny, I've wanted bigger breasts for over 10 years now. I remember in early high school, realizing I was done developing physically, and looked to both my mom and dad's side of the family and knowing I wasn't going to grow any bigger.

I even went so far as to try herbal ingredients listed on several pills in an attempt to continue growing (they clearly didn't work lol). But I'm glad I didn't get surgery earlier in my life. Everything feels "right" for me now. Had I had them done when before I would've likely been getting them for boys, to increase my attraction and attention by men. And I would probably not be the same person I am now.

I am in a happily committed relationship of 8 years with 2 children (5 and 2 years old). And I'm also very happy with myself. The only 2 things I would change is my breast size and a small mole on my face that I plan on having removed at the same time as the breast augmentation. I feel like I'll be entirely complete once I get this done, and everything is falling into place perfectly (the surgeon, the location, the timeline, finances, self esteem, and I've even convinced my man who wasn't on board before!).

I'm nearly 26 years old, 5'7, 137lbs, and a 34a or a small 34b depending on the bra. I've always been slightly bottom heavy, not drastically, but my hips, thighs and butt have a little extra squeeze room to them, whereas from my belly button up is much thinner. I work out several times a week (cardio and light weights) just to maintain some muscle.

I nursed both of my children for about 6 months each and grew to a full B with my first child, and then deflated down, grew to a medium C with my second child, and then fully deflated down to an A =( I absolutely loved them when they were bigger. I felt like clothes really fit me, and I had the shape that I so longed for. I considered continuing to pump milk to try and keep my breasts bigger lol So yeah, that's my story so far.

I check realself several times a day and read everyone's stories and experiences on both the breast implant and the breast augmentation sections. So grateful for this website, I don't think I'd be nearly as ready for this as I am now without seeing how many other women have gone through it and shared their adventures in boobie hunting (and getting those trophy boobs! lol).


Thanks for sharing your uplifting story here with us! It sounds like you're definitely ready for this. Nursing boobs are the best when you start out small. I loved that era, too!

I truly hope this is everything you want it to be and that you adore your results. Looking forward to hearing how the consultation goes!

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How exciting! Keep us updated on how everything goes!

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Trying to put before pics up...

Trying to put before pics up...


Excited for you!!! Your day will be here before you know it!!
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I had to laugh about the three bras! I did 2 bras to try to see what i'd look like w cleavage. I saw a video on you tube where this girl said that the budweiser girls do that at promos. I had no clue people did that!
But great idea, i may have to try it again as my surgery is sched. may 11th and i am still worrying about size. I dont want to go too big. ;)
Glad you posted a review and sorry you have a while to wait. it's like watching water boil!
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I should've posted a pic when I had 4 bras on with that same grey shirt. I literally laughed at myself in the mirror. I looked like a cartoon or something with how oversized they were.

And I totally know what you mean about watching water boil! I've been reading reviews, looking at before and afters, watching videos, talking my friends and families ears off because I'm so excited about it. It feels like forever away and I have a feeling I'm going to have to tone it down a bit or go crazy with obsession by the time the surgery date comes. Though if all goes really well with finances in the next few months I may be able to get them done sooner then previously planned *crosses fingers*

Well it's still 23 more days until my consult. ...

Well it's still 23 more days until my consult. Still super excited. Too bad it's a 12 hour drive away. The drive down is going to be agony with all the anticipation of meeting with the surgeon and her team. Oh and, the saving up of money is going better then expected so I might even be able to get the BA sooner then I'd thought (which would be lovely).

I ordered a bandeau bikini in too large of a size on purpose. It came in today and I love it!! Too bad it'll be too big for a few more months. But it's so nice to be able to order an entire suit in one size! I used to have to order smalls on top and medium/large on bottom. I've also never been able to wear bandeau since they make you look much smaller if you're already small up top. (I'll post a before photo of it)

Also I did the rice test today. I did 1 3/4c on each side. I think that's about a 415cc. I really liked the look of it, but I'll probably request 450cc in my consult since everyone seems to say they wish they had've gone slightly bigger. I'm hoping the surgeon says that it isn't too big for me. I guess I'll have to wait and see =)

Oh and I have a question, how heavy do your breasts feel afterwords? Like is it a really noticeable weight? Is it easy to get used to? And is that part of what contributes to the pain following surgery?

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Hey everyone. Honestly not much of an update here...

Hey everyone. Honestly not much of an update here just saying that it's 2 weeks left till my consult. I'm hoping all goes well with it. I'd hate for me to not be impressed with the surgeon and her team and have to plan another trip just to go have a consult somewhere else. It's so inconvenient living far away from all major cities. I'm keeping my hopes high and thinking positive. If all goes well I could very well get the surgery at the end of July instead of the end of August now.

And I still would love to hear others experiences and thoughts on the weight of their implants. How they feel once they've settled and what it's comparable to. Thanks in advance!

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I (finally) had my consult. It went great, far...

I (finally) had my consult. It went great, far surpassed how well I hoped it would go. My mother-in-law went with me because I was nervous but the whole staff was nice and made me feel at ease. They were so warm and comforting like we were already friends even though we'd only really spoken through email a few times. I was really impressed with the surgeon herself. She was so informative and reassuring. She convinced me to go with silicone rather then saline like I had initially wanted. We decided on 450cc high profile, inframammery, submuscular, round, smooth, silicone implants. She told me that the surgery would be less then the receptionist had quoted me, and she told me she would remove my one facial mole that I dislike for free since I would be asleep anyway. Now I'm just waiting on finances to book the surgery for this Summer. It's hard to believe that in 2 months this will all become real when I go in for the BA. Now I just have to play the waiting game.


I'm happy for you ! Do you have a surgery date yet ?
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No not yet. We plan on not getting any help with finances (loan or credit card), prefer to just pay cash and the money hasn't been as easy to come by lately. Things were going great savings-wise back in early May and it was looking like I was going to be able to get the surgery on the 23rd or 24th of July (since she only has 2 surgery days a month that she operates during in the city I'll be in). But now it's looking like I'll have to wait until her August days which are the 20th or the 21st. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't that much longer but I would've still liked to have the Summer to heal before the rush of my daughter going back to school. But I'm sure either way will be fine. Just have to play the waiting game now. I'm still looking forward to it and I do sometimes feel discouraged at how far away it seems. But I'm sure once the date is here I'll look back and think "Where did the time go?"
Yay Pachie so excited for you! My surgery was a breeze, just stay positive and do what you can to be prepared for your recovery period. That's like watching water boil too since you arent allowed to do lots of things, they are uncomfortable for a bit and you have to wait for them to drop. =)
but they are soooo worth any inconvenience!! I am shopping for a corset.....boobilicious!
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Small update. I'm feeling very down lately about...

Small update. I'm feeling very down lately about the surgery. I thought for sure we'd have enough $$ saved up to pay the 25% in order to book the appointment. I want to have about 85% saved up before I book it to ensure that we have enough come time to pay for it in full. The date that I had assumed would be my surgery date is the 23rd of July which is less then a month away. I should be very excited but now it's looking less and less like I'll be able to get it then =( There is still time of course but I'm worried my surgeons 2 operating days in my in-laws home town will be booked up for July. And if it is I'll have to hope that I can get scheduled in for the 2 surgery days in August if we can get the money together by then. But it'll be towards the end of the month and I'm worried about rushing things before my daughter has to go back to school in the fall. Ugh! So overall I'm just feeling discouraged after having such high hopes and enthusiasm that this would finally be happening for me. I guess I should work on being patient, but still, UGH!


I hope things work out for you to get your BA when you plan. I'm a terrible saver but a great bill payer, so I financed mine at my credit union. I quit smoking and have what used to be my cigarette money go straight to my loan every week. I don't usually finance anything that isn't a car or house, but I am a a lot older than you so I didn't feel like I had as much time to wait, LOL.
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Hmm so maybe I should take up smoking and then quit and put aside all that money!!

I'm the same way, the only thing we've taken money out for is our mortgage. Everything else we save up for. It's nice to not have debt but at the same time it'd be nice to be able to just go out and get new things like other people do rather then having to plan for a long time. But, in the same thought, it does give us time to think things over thoroughly.

Congrats on your girls, they look fantastic by the way =)
Hey pachie....Sorry to hear you may have to delay the BA. I hope everything works out financially & you will be able to schedule the apt. soon! BTW - you have very pretty shaped breasts. You are going to look FABULOUS.....Good Luck:-)
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Well it's booked. Deposit made of $2058 made. ...

Well it's booked. Deposit made of $2058 made. I'll be paying the remaining balance next week. We didn't get the full amount saved up but fortunately my mom said she would pay the difference until we could pay her back (which I'm EXTREMELY grateful for since I would've had to wait until next Summer for another chance to get the surgery). August 20th at 8am is the official date/time. 24 days away. 22 days until the kids and I leave to go to our in-laws who agreed to help out during recovery (boy, I'm lucky to have such great family).

Before I was only feeling excited, but now that's it in writing I'm starting to feel nervous. I'm a little frightened of the anaesthesia. My heart has been skipping beats occisionally for the last 8 months or so but when I went to get it checked out they found nothing with the blood tests and ECG. They figured it was anxiety/stress (which I found odd because I have a pretty non-dramatic life other then when my kids misbehave). So I can't help being a little worried that maybe they overlooked something and the anaesthetic will effect me badly. Maybe it's normal jitters, and fear of the unknown since I've never had surgery or anything before.

Feeling pretty confident about my decisions though. I'm certain that I want this and that all of the details that I've chosen are the right ones for me.


We are going to have the same boobie birthday! Congrats! :)
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Exciting!! Scheduling the date and parting with the money makes it so much more "real". About the skipping a beat thing with your heart - have your Dr. check your thyroid. I went through that several years ago. I honestly thought I was having heart problems in my 30's, which made no sense since there is no history and I took good care of myself. Turned out to be hyperthyroidism (Graves disease). I was super blessed to have a Dr. who checked for that before subjecting me to a bunch of other tests. I wasn't a "classic" case because I wasn't dropping a lot of weight. Anyway, If that's what it is, I'll be happy to share my story with you - just don't let them nuke your thyroid right away! It can be successfully treated with short term drug therapy. Good luck and let me know.
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Yay! Good for you! Appoint is booked, i am so excited ! Keep us posted!
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It's fully paid for nothing to do but wait until...

It's fully paid for nothing to do but wait until the kids and I leave to go see the inlaws (where they'll be helping take care of me and the kids) in 18 days.

I went through the thing I dreaded most yesterday so it really is all downhill from here. I told my Dad. He's very old fashioned, though not religious. I was 16 when I got my first tattoo and he was so upset he didn't want to speak to me. He didn't yell or anything, just asked me to leave his room. I felt like he was disappointed in me and that was much worse then getting in trouble. Even though it's 10 years later I was terrified. If he gets doesn't approve of piercings and tattoos, imagine how he'd react to elective surgery... He's on the other side of the country so luckily I had an excuse to tell him via text msg. The suspense of waiting for a response killed me. When he finally responded he asked for a clarification on what type of surgery I was getting so I replied "Breast Augmentation" and he typed "That's what I was afraid of. I hope it goes well for you. Love Dad" Of course I read it in the worst tone possible, imagining he was saying it with disgust and disappointment and I was terribly upset over it. When I woke this morning I thought about it and figured I was overreacting. He probably didn't mean it the way I read it, and it's not like he's never going to speak to me again because of this. I knew he wouldn't approve so in reality, his reaction was far from the worst I could've expected. Plus it'll give him some time to talk it over with his spouse, who I confided in months ago and she'll likely reason with him and help him get over the shock.

So now that that's over, I'm super excited. Though still a little nervous about the actual surgery and the complications that can come with it (not the pain, I can handle pain).


Just reading your post about your dad. It's inspiring. I can't tell my mom because she has such a puritanical view of sexuality and femininity. I figure I'll just show up to Thanksgiving dinner in my bikini top and watch her mouth drop! On a positive note, I know my dad will just say something like, "Honey did you get a new bathing suit?"
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ROFL! I can just picture Thanksgiving now; "Don't you guys feel a little overdressed...?"

It was kind of funny the day after I told my Dad, my toddler was playing with my cell phone and accidentally called him and then hung up on him. So he thought it was me and returned the call. When I answered the phone it was awkward for about 20 seconds when we realized how we ended up talking and there was some tension in the air about the recent news. But then he brought it up and let me know that, though he wasn't happy, he wasn't mad at me or anything either. He was more worried about possible complications (both immediately and down the road). He explained that though I'm a grown-up now, I'm still his little girl and he would never want anything to harm me and he reassured me that he loves and always will love me. So overall the phone call was a blessing. Of all the people my son could've called, he just so happened to call my Dad.
Awww, what a sweet story Pachie!

11 days left! Getting close now. It still hasn't...

11 days left! Getting close now. It still hasn't sunk in yet. I try to picture it in my head and can't. I try to imagine what it'll be like to look down and see full breasts, and nothing comes to me. Because of this it frightens me that maybe something will go wrong between now and then and it won't happen. I want this so badly and want it to go smoothly. Also, I'm pretty scared of being put to sleep. I hope I'm not a wreck the day of surgery...

I've been having odd dreams, most every night, to do with boobs. Last night I dreamt that the implants were too wide for my chest and stuck out a few inches off the side of my ribs as well as overlapping each other in the middle. And to add to that horror, they didn't even enhance the size of my bust.

Ugh I wish this next week would hurry up! I bet it'll go as slow as molasses though lol


I remember now! Lol Sorry-
you took down your triple bra pic. I loved that pic and it has inspired others to try it too. Looked good under a shirt as well. Funny, huh?
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Well everything's ready. I got my bloodwork done,...

Well everything's ready. I got my bloodwork done, my prescriptions filled, I just have to pack the kids clothes before we leave in 3 days. I feel less scared then I did before, but I can't help being a little frightened. I hope that's normal and that I'll feel rediculous for having been worried once I'm on the other side of the surgery. Here's to hoping the next few days go by quickly!

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Well this is it. I have to call the hospital and...

Well this is it. I have to call the hospital and ask what time I need to be in tomorrow morning. No eating/drinking after midnight tonight. Going to take the advice of drinking as much as possible today to try and help stay hydrated for tomorrow. I likely won't be able to post photos until I return home in a couple weeks but I'm sure I'll be able to update the progress. I wish my man was going with me but he wasn't able to take time off work to come with us. Fortunately I have his wonderful family helping out. I'm less nervous then I thought I'd be (though there's still plenty of time for that lol) Hopefully all the shopping I have to do today (school supplies for my daughter and last minute stuff for my surgery) will keep me distracted. The only thing I'm really worried about now is if I'm going too big... I chose 450cc since I liked the look of the 400cc on me and they say as a general rule you lose 50cc when you go under the muscle. Too late to change my mind about it now. What's the expression that fits here perfectly? Oh yes, Go Big or Go Home! lol Wish me luck ladies. And a huge thank-you for everyone's wonderful support!!


AH!!! I can't believe we go under tomorrow!! I am flipping out! From excitement and the realization of the whole thing. We will do great and look fabulous! Have a great day tomorrow lady!
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best of luck with surgery and recovery i'll be keeping you in my prayers.
Woohoo! Exciting!
Good luck Pachie and I wish you a speedy recovery!
I will be waiting to hear how it goes~~
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It's over! It's done!! And already I'm in love,...

It's over! It's done!! And already I'm in love, just not with the pain. Though honestly, the pain isn't anything I can't handle right now. I guess I'll recap rather then jumping back and forth from now and different parts of yesterday..

I woke up yesterday morning just after 7 and had to be in at 8:45 and I wasn't nervous when I woke up but after awhile I was feeling pretty worried. My sis in law drove me there and stayed with me while I went to the front desk and the day surgery centre and then once I got changed she went home to go help my oldest neice with the kids. I was feeling pretty nervous still and then after having the nurse stab my arm twice trying to get a vein for my iv and failing I calmed down and just felt bad for her because she kept apologizing profusely. I ended up having to get pricked twice more before then got a vein. I then met with the anesthesiologist and then with my surgeon again for before photos and to be marked up. It all went by so quickly and before I knew it I was on the table getting oxygen. I was then told I was about to get the stuff to put you to sleep and I'd feel a pain in my arm and then 15 seconds later I'd get sleepy. I didn't even get to the burning feeling, I just passed out I guess.

I woke up with an unbearably dry mouth and pretty horrible pain between my breasts where the skin was being stretched. They gave me a half shot of something in the iv and it didn't do very much. They waited 5 minutes and then gave me another half shot, which also didn't help much. Then I had to get gravol twice to make sure I wasn't feeling nautious before they gave me 2 tylenol and a oxycodone. So I had to deal with the pain for probably a half hour before it mostly went away. And in this time I was sweating horribly I kept telling them but they were more concerned with getting the pain under control I suppose so I ended up telling them 4 times before they got the hot air blower, the massaging leg things and the heavy blanket off and then they started feeding me ice chips which helped with the dry mouth as well.

After all this was done they wheeled me to the waiting area where I got to sleep for a couple hours on and off. My sis in law came to check on me and I was barely able to talk I was so tired. She left and I went to go back to sleep and the nurse came and informed me I was supposed to be trying to wake up. I spent the next hour or so trying to seem wide awake and alert and normal so I could go home and sleep. We got to leave at about 4pm. I got to the hospital at 8:45am, was in the operating room at about 11. Woke up at 1:45 (though my sis in law said they called her at 1pm and told her they had just finished surgery).

I got home and into the recliner by 5 and slept till about 7:30pm which was fine because I set my alarm for my first set of antibiotics at 8. I took them and a couple more xtra st. tylenol and then got up to visit everyone. The pain wasn't too bad but I figured I should take the painkillers anyway. I went back to sleep at 10:30pm and woke up at 1:30 and took more meds (the pain still wasn't too bad, but was worse then the time before). Then I woke up at 7ish this morning (great internal alarm I guess lol) and took my meds again. Though I do have to admit this morning was more painful then the 2 times before. I was tempted to take another oxycodone but figured I'd wait and see how the tylenol do and I can take ibuprofen as well now so maybe I'll just do that if the tylenol doesn't do enough for me.

Well I guess that brings me up to now, sitting here in a mild amount of pain, feeling stiff and some pressure wishing I had some prettier button up shirts lol I think the worst part was the nerves leading up to surgery, and now that it's over and done I wish I hadn't been so worried, but it's hard not to fear the unknown. I'll have to wait to post photos but they're looking great already =) Thanks for the support!


Thanks for your updates! Looking forward to seeing your "afters".

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Congrats!!!! So glad it went well!
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Funny, Pachie, I am right now where you were and you are right, it is very hard not to fear the unknown. Glad your surgery went well and you are happy! YAY! keep us updated and thanks for the positive stuff!
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Hey everyone. Today is day 4. Everything's has...

Hey everyone. Today is day 4. Everything's has been going better then expected. I never had to take any oxycodone other then the one they gave me in the hospital. I haven't taken any tylenol since yesterday and I only took 2 all day yesterday. Though I did wake up with what I assume is the dreaded morning boob from not being able sleep how I'd like to. Though I was almost able to sleep on my side last night. So yeah like I said, everything's pretty great.

Though I do have one concern, right from the moment I woke up, I had an extreme pulling/stretching sensation between my breasts and for whatever reason I immediately was scared of symmastia. My surgeon did say that it might feel like the skin won't stretch, but it will. So I'm hoping that nothing will come of it. But it does seem like the skin between them near the bottom of them has raised slightly, and I was wondering if this is normal. I thought maybe it was swelling or maybe it's just temporary until the skin has stretched properly. It's not drastic but of course anything to do with your own body can cause concern so I thought I should ask.

Any of your own experiences with this in the comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!!!


Congrats!! You look great, especially for only 1 week out. Did the fluid clear ok for you? I hope you're still doing good.
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Thanks! I don't feel the fluid in and around the implants anymore but I do still notice my slightly lifted skin in between the breasts (and you can kind of see it from the shadowing in the frontal photo). It's even more prominent if I raise my arms in certain ways or if I push my chest out. I'm hoping that it's just being lifted because of the tension and tightness between my breasts and once the skin has stretched, and all the swelling is completely gone, that it'll disappear. But honestly, as long as it doesn't get worse, I don't mind. I'm too happy with my results to let something minor take away from the overall experience.

Hey Pachie's a boobie girl now! LOL

Lookin good Pachie! Have you tried on that pink bikini top now that you have boobies??

I bet you are going to have to buy some new clothes. Awww, shucks huh!

Congratulations Pachie!
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Hello everyone! 2 weeks post-op now. There isn't...

Hello everyone! 2 weeks post-op now. There isn't much to update on. I'm loving them more then ever. I still wake up with them stiff and sore in the morning (and can't wait until I can sleep on my side again!). Pretty much no pain whatsoever but I am still limited in lifting heavier objects and reaching too far. I'm not limited by a lot though so I am almost back to normal. I'd say I'm about 95%.

I am still slightly worried about the lifted skin in between my breasts. You can see it in the frontal photo, the little bit of shadow that's created from the raised skin. But from all the research I've done and photos I've seen that look similar, it doesn't appear to be symmastia so I guess I'll wait and see if it's still swelling or something that'll go down in time. Like I've said though, it's minor and I'll gladly take it, if I have to, in order to have these wonderful additions =P


Also, have you tried putting a pillow between your boobs when laying on your side? Try that and hug the pillow to you. Let me know if it helps you at all.
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Hey Pachie!

How are you? Are you massaging yet?
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Hello scrappy,
I'm doing great, how bout you? I have started massaging, though not too aggressively. There was no mention of massage with my surgeon, nor was it in my post-operative care sheets, so I assumed that means she doesn't normally suggest it. I looked up how to do it online and started doing it myself though. But I'm still uncertain why so many surgeons recommend it. Everything seems to be healing wonderfully on it's own so far. They've softened up considerably and have lots of bounce to them (dare I say like natural boobs =P )

3 weeks post-op now. They really, truly feel like...

3 weeks post-op now. They really, truly feel like my own. I can sleep on my side again (as of 4 nights ago). They are getting so much softer and are slightly bouncy now which I'm very happy about. The skin, because it's been so taut, has given me some plugged pores causing redness that I don't really like but I'm sure will go away shortly. I love how the incisions look now that the steristrips have fallen off. They aren't perfectly even, but they're so thin that I don't think it will matter once they're healed. The skin around the incisions is slightly irritated which might've been from the steristrips themselves, though I'm not certain on that.


You look amazing! I hope I look as good as you that quickly after surgery - your incisions are healing so well and your implants are already sitting pretty nicely.
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Wow Pachie! Looking good!

And what a difference in your pink bandeau! Dont you just love it?? I am worried those things will fall down though, so careful when wearing it in public! lol

Your scars look great too! Barely noticeable at all, esp. compared to my incisions. Even now at 4 months m ine are darker. I attribute it to being half Asian though.

I'll be posting a pic of mine soon. Thanks for posting new pics! I can tell your skin is relaxing- Nice!
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I really do love it =) Although, I almost forget how small I was before. Comparing the pink bandeau photos really shows it though!! lol

And your scars look great. Very flat and even. Which once they fade will be even nicer! I never realized how hard it would be to take a photo of the underside of my boob though. I must've taken about 50 pics before I moved to the window to get better lighting lol
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