Blotched? Implant Removal with Capsulectomy & Breast Lift - BC, Canada

I was uncomfortable for about 2 years with bakers...

I was uncomfortable for about 2 years with bakers IV capsular contracture (the worst kind). I originally got silicone implants in 1983; replaced these for saline in 1998 with the silicone scare and capsule formation. In general I liked having implants but was forced to have removal due to capsules. The Dr suggested a lift too.

I am 11 weeks post op now. I have been kind of horrified at the shape of my breasts. I thought a lift would give me small but well shaped girls. There is a tight, band looking shape below the nipples. Any fullness is above the nipple line. I need to decide wether to implant again or not. I don't mind small but I don't want misshapen. PS I am 55.

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I have had a one short session with the PS post op. I have had a number of concerns which the staff /RNs look after. They are terrible as they belittle my concerns such as increased pain around 5 weeks post op- they said that is impossible if the incisions are healing well. They don't recommend breast massage except of the incisions to break down scar tissue- try massaging new incisions! On the net I learnt that massage is considered helpful. They won't let me see the doctor. ASK lots of questions before you choose a PS- Find out if the staff is competent! The doctor seemed fine in person- but do I have a botched job? They were happy to take my $$ but I didn't get service!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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I just read your story and wondered what you decided and how things turned out. Did your breasts soften? I think it is awful that your doctor treated you that way. Hugs.
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Hello, I am 51 and have had silicone implants since I was 36. Over the last couple years my health has decline severely. Like arthritis in the foot and chronic joint pain. My lower back has inflamation 24/7 with much pain. I think my right one is leaking. From what I understand the saline implants still become filled with bacteria, fungus & mold and when you form a leak you get an infection. A lot of people also get auto immune deceases. Please think you are 55 do you really want to go to the doctor 15 or so years from now to have them replanted again and will your health be okay and will you be able to afford it. Bless You. I am currently seeking an explant doctor in Phoenix, AZ to do a removal ASAP. If anyone out there has a good doctor please help me. Thanks
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It is early and I wrote silicone. I have saline implants and I am sick.
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I don't know of a doctor in Arizona mine did a fantastic job, he's in Encino California. You'll feel so much better when their out! Sending you much Love.
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Hello, I have saline implants at the age of 36 and I am now 51 and feeling very sick. Chronic fatigue, inflamation, arthritis that is almost crippling & more as well. Please think before you leap. Do it for you no one else. If your esteem is low try to work on that. Seriously later in life you will regret getting replanted. God Bless You
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Hi, your breasts pre explant look very similar to mine. All I can say is that I will be a very happy lady if mine look as good as your do post explant! I agree with tiny titted songbirdie (lovely name), you live them titties alone!!
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Hi There, Give your breast some time. Please don't do implants again. Your better off with your cute little natural breast. I think the skin will relax and have a softer look in a few months. Many doctors will talk you right back into implants and that would be more of the same. Give it time, you are beautiful! Much Love.
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Hi Victoria3531, I just came across you review. I had my explant on July 6th and don't regret it at all. I read where you said you are thinking about having implants put back in, and that is why I'm posting to you now. It has bee a little over a week since my explant and I have already decided to have my asymmetrical breasts fixed, but not with implants. I thought maybe this might be something you may want to research. My ps told to to waid 6 months to let my breast heal good and then he is going to fix my breasts without implants. He gave me a dvd to bring home and look at. My husband watched it and saidn it makes perfect sense. We are going to be doing the "Brava System" in january. You use the brava system for several weeks to expand the breast and force it to grow new tissue. Once the breast is expanded to 4 time the size then he is going to do fat transfer to my breast. They take the fat from the parts of your body that are the hardest for you to loose. He had trained on the system by the ps that developed it. He has done several women with very good results. My husband said it is better than having a foreign object inside my body again.

I feel better now than I have in years. I have accepted my breast for they way they are now, but I know that come January I wll start the system and I am excited about it. Not sure if there is anyone where you live that has trained with the founding ps on this process. Take a look at this website. It not my ps site - it is the site for the ps that founded the Brava Every pic on the site is done with the patients own body fat.

By the way I am in the market for some cute bras, you said you found calvin kline that work good. What type are they.

Let me know what you think of the pics on the site.
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I see that you already posted a question. Try posting again with a photo or two. That should help the doctors be able to give you good answers...

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Thanks so much for posting your story! I'm sorry you didn't have a better experience with your implant removal. :( I see what you mean about the band, too.

You might want to post a question in RealSelf's doctor q&a community to get some input. Especially if you would consider further revision.

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