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36 Year Old 188 Pounds Tt Tumescent Lipo - Bayonne, NJ

Hello I am 36 years old and 188 pounds.. after...

Hello I am 36 years old and 188 pounds.. after having three children via csection my stomach looked horrible. I decided to go with doctor marco pelosi senior of bayonne nj. I thought about going to the Dominican Republic but changed my mind after hearing so many stories of infection and death. I read a few negative reviews on doctor pelosi but I knew a few people who had their surgery with doctor pelosi senior and they looked great. I went for a consultation in February and was told I needed liposuction. I decided on lipo of arms flanks hips back and tummy tuck. Doctor performed tumescent lipo a week prior to the tummy tuck. I was awake had no pain it was done on a Tuesday and on Saturday I attended a baby shower and had massage. I have no brunch and only felt a bit sore. Yesterday was my tummy tuck and today I had a follow up appointment. I was not intubated for the surgery I was given iv sedation there was an anesthesiologist there and she monitored me during my surgery which took 3 hours. I am in pain and cann stand straight bit so happy of my results. I will post before pictures and once I have drains removed will post after. I was instructed to sleep on a recliner I am on antibiotics and percocet. Doctor Pelosi and his staff treated me like a queen I cant complain of say anything negative about them. My stomach is so flat its unbelievable I have no swelling or brusing. If anyone has any questions I would be mpre then happy to answer any questions. As I said I will post after pictures once I can remove my garment
Congrats on getting the procedures you wanted to make you happy! I hope your recovery goes very well :)
Thank you so much I will post pictures as soon as I can. Recovery is goin well the only pain I have is on my right side close to my ribs and breast I have this pulling and burning sensation its quit painful but comes and goes so im taking my pain meds every 4 hours. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor so will post updates

after lipo flanks

lipo of flanks

Thanks so much ladies my recovery is going well

one week review

Ok so im having this burning sensation all over my abdomen I went to the doc friday and had my drain removed and I was told the burning is normal. I have stop taking my pain meds due to the severe constipation im having. One week only one bowel movement. I am currently drinking prune juice and plentyof water. I weigh mmyself today I am 178 not sure if I mentioned I was 189before surgery ,then 195 the day after surgery now 178. I have swelling of my abdomen I thinks its because I take my garment off for 1 or 2 hours a day after I was up. I do this because its so tight and also to wash the garment. I have a 2nd one but doesnt fit yet I am wearing a size medium. I am still walking bent forward but not as much as last week
have you updated this since April? I'm thinking of doing the same procedure- abdominal lipo under tumescent anesthesia in the a.m. followed by TT with MR under twilight anesthesia (not general, the other kind- think that's what its called!). Are you pleased with the results? Do you think the recovery has been "easier" than those who have general anesthesia? Doctors using lipo then TT say it causes less trauma to abdominal wall since they don't completely separate it, just remove fat with lipo then use the space left to pull skin down. The doctor I'm talking with is an OB/gyn with excellent references- no concerns about him safely cutting my abdomen open(since he's done that countless times for C-sections, hysterectomies, etc. etc.) guess I'm just concerned about aesthetics. His before/after pics are impressive. any info. you can provide about your recovery, what you've learned, etc. would be much appreciated!!
Sorry I haven't updated since April been very busy with school. I am happy that I decided on the local anesthesia I was able to be very alert right after the surgery. I did developed dog ears and the doctor has agreed to correct them in a few months. I read this was a possibility. I am happy with my results but do have a few issues I seem to be having asymmetry issues on the flanks the left side is smaller this can be due to swelling or maybe the lipo so I will be talking to the doctor about this at my next appointment. The rrecovery was difficult I was notaable to stand straight up until 5weeks but this is different for everyone. I'm 8 weeks now and I still have swelling and some areas of my stomach feel hard and numb. I have lost almost 30 pounds so far. I have been walk 3 miles a day for the past two weeks 4 days a week. I had alot of stretch marks the tummy tuck got rid of alot but not all. I have three children and during the recovery could not cook or do house hold duties would get very tired easily and lost my appetite.
Hey did u ever got your procedure done?

belly button update

Four months later and not satisfied with belly button I went to another doctor for a second opinion and he says I should wait until a year after surgery. Also having some asymmetrical issues one side of my waist is larger
Dr Marco Pelosi Sr.

Doctor bedside manner is great he is such a professional and caring person. Very gentle and cares about his patients. Ihave recommended him to three of my friends consultation is free

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