LOL s/o the LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!! bahhhaaaa

I am new to realshelf, but I really like the...

I am new to realshelf, but I really like the honesty of the women on this site so I decided to share my journey as well. I am a 21 year old African-American female. After much thought and consideration I decided that getting a brazilian butt lift is the safest way to achieve my bigger booty aspirations lol. I have always been blessed in the chest area, currently bra size 38D and wish to even things out in the rear. This surgery is to boost my confindence and enhance the way clothes will fit me. It you knew me you'd know i do thorough research before any big investment. I've wished I had a bigger butt since my teenage years but I refused to get implants they were too risky for me. Using my own fat seemed like a win-win situation to me, slim to none chance of rejection. My first doctor pick was Dr. Campos, he gets so much love on this site, but like many others I cant risk possible complications in a foreign country. So I chose a plastic surgen in the Miami, Florida Dr. Michael Salzhauer. He is a well known doctor with all the creditals and certifications not to mention his before and after pics :D #Winning. Lol but my surgery date is just over 5 months away. I've already paid my deposit plus $5000. Arianny the patient coordinator seems very busy but thats understandable. I had to edit the surgery preposal a little, however for $8,800 i got the bbl plus 6 areas for lipo all inclusive. I am a nursing student so i dnt want a shelf, just a nice bubble butt, similar to JLo or Beyonce. My current weight is 185 lbs & im 5'6" tall, my goal is to be 160-165 lbs and maintain that weight for atleast a month prior to surgery. My theme song is "Lap Dance" by Tyga lol it's my motivation song hehe. All comments, advise etc. are welcomed :)

good luck on your bbl journey hun. im new to this site as well. Maybe we can help each other out :)
Thank you!! & Yea, us bbl sisters gotta stick together.

I have a quick question for all the ladies who...

I have a quick question for all the ladies who have or are going to have surgery with Dr Salzhauer. Where did you girls stay at?? Arianny recommended the Daddy-O Hotel but i wanted a hotel with refrigerator and microwave. Right now im leaning towards the Marco Polo Ramada...any input is welcomed :)
Hey girl when is your surgery date ??
May 9, 2013
Welcome and congrats on finding your doctor and starting your new journey! Keep us posted.

Hello bbl sisters.. Its been a month since i last...

Hello bbl sisters.. Its been a month since i last updated my journey. Ever since i put down my deposit i've been having serious second thoughts. Im a student so im familiar with debt but i feel as if I've made a vain mistake. Yess with the butt ive never had im sure my life will change drastically in a good way. I keep telling myself that this is an investment to improve myself and not to feel selfish. On the other hand I keep thinking of all the things i could have bought with 10 grand :/. Its bittersweet to say the least. There is no turning back now, my hotel plane ticket and procedure all already paid in full. Are any of you girls battling "second thoughts" or feeling guilty for doing something for yourself?? I think we as women are so use to taking care of others that we tend to put ourselves last. Oh and my goal is to lose 20 pounds (goal weight 165) prior to sx. Im looking to tone with weight lifting and slim with jogging and zumba. That way i have enough fat to transfer but should also give me a small waist. Im currently taking vitamins, iron pills and biotin. *Plays "Lap Dance" by Tyga for motivation lol*
Your going to look great! Dr Salzhauer is not brought up often enough on realself but the man is EXTREMELY talented. You are in good hands. If there's anything you need let me know :)
I am a about two weeks away from sx and let me tell you, that I keep having that same inner battle. Iam just leaving it in the hands of God. I am sure that he may not be too happy with this selfsh move of mine, but iam PRAYING that he is able to shine his light my way through this process. I tend to make things happen once I set my mind to it, but I can't help the second guessing.
Girl, you want to talk about crazy? I have gotten so bad about and guilty about leaving my kids for this surgery that I have had moments where I throw up b/c my stomach gets so nervous. It's awful. I hate it. I have put this off for sooooooooooooooo many years b/c I am not able to do things for me with out always thinking about my family and guilt. :( But! I have booked my appointment with Dr. Salzheur as well. Feb. 28th and let me tell you. I want to cancel every minute and I have driven that office nuts!!!!! With questions about every damn thing. You want to educate yourself about the proceedure but you read so much of the negatives that it scares the skin off of you!! But Dr. S has been extremely compassionate with me and even took the time to discuss my anxiety which I thought was humble. He answered all my questions about all my fears...embolisims, punctured organs, death, anesthia!! LOL - All of it and he answered all of them one by one. His staff has been amazing. So, now I am praying that his artistic hands will do my body justice!!! I wish you all the best and I know YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK INCREDIBLE. ;)

Hey my bbl sisters!! Time sure does fly doesnt...

Hey my bbl sisters!! Time sure does fly doesnt it?! Anywho im updating via Droid today so i'll be keeping this short. Ok so after looking at numberous bbl post op supply lists ive noticed that NO ONE ever mentions "Face-Down" pillows! I dont know about yall but if ima be on my stomach 3+ weeks i need neck support. I had former neck injuries and cranking my neck from one side to another, day in and day out seems painful to say the least lol. I found a nice pillow for $29.99 at , its called the "face-down breathe easy pillow" . Im still preparing my supply list but i thought i'd share this. Im also buying "Goodnite disposable bed pads" instead of shower curtains for blood/fluid leakage while sleeping. It's less messy and plus laying on a plastic curtain would make me sweat. As far as weight loss im happy to report im right on track with a 1.5 lbs loss per week. Currently im 5 pounds lighter :D . My new goal weight is 170-175 lbs. For my weight loss im simply walking on my treadmill 3x a week, 3-5 miles each with varing inclines and playing my xbox kinnect games. I have biggest loser, my shape, kinect sports, zumba etc . Might as well have fun while exercising right? Hehe. Since my last update ive also added fat grafting to my hips. My sx is paid in full. Air plane ticket was bought in dec. so was my hotel. Im ten days at the Holiday Inn executive suite in Ft. Lauderdale. All is left is my car rental but in due time.
Until nxt time God Bless :)
Curves~ OMG the face down pillow is a great find. I've added it to my shopping list. This seems perfect for our procedure bc if you lay face down (which is going to be our position of choice for several weeks) on a regular pillow breathing may be very difficult. I am definitely gonna order this one. Thanks. Again I can't say it enough. I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!!
Your very welcome love! I thought the same thing when i discovered they had pillows made esp for stomach its funny tho becuz its a simple item so much so its usually unthought of. They have invention for everything just like they had an app for everything ha. Im just glad i could be of assistance :)
Child please....I'm at my desk now with a sore neck, I think I slept wrong last night. I can only imagine having to sleep on my stomach for weeks! Ordering my pillow now. Thanks for the info :)

After hearing of so many deaths from black market...

After hearing of so many deaths from black market produres in the last few years esp with booty shots. I understand a bigger butt is desirable HOWEVER its saddening to know some women/transgender ppl put their lives in danger over something so trivial. I was naive to alot of this epidemic up until i started researching Brazilian butt lifts. The one lady april brown i think was her name had to have all her limbs amputated after complications of hydrogel injections 5 years after she had the procedure done. Smh. Have any of you girls thought about booty shots before deciding on the bbl surgery? Or know anyone who went thru with it?... i just dont understand why someone would do it knowing how risky it is. I mean "silicone" just floating around in your body... comments are welcome. I wanna have open and honest discussion about this issue. Media is to blame too..all these disfigured women with gigantic unnatural looking asses are the norm now? Wassup with dat!?!
Thanks again for the pillow idea... also a tip for healthy weight loss... wheatgrass juice shots.. I lost 30 lbs last year and kept the weight off! Good luck mama!
Your very welcome. N thank you for the tip, im all for natural remedies :) Good luck to you too!
Hey, Curves I PM'd you :) wasn't sure if you got it. This thing is funny acting at times!

Ive notice how competitive isnt getting on...

Ive notice how competitive isnt getting on realself. Everyone wants to have the biggest a$$. To each its own. But dont knock other girls and the work they've had done. Believe it or not not everyone wants a nicki minaji donkey. It looks too overdone. Im not throwing shade its just that a certain point you have to put the booty greed aside and be realistic in our expected results. Male attention is nice but to be called out any and every where you go is a lil too much for me lol. Continue to spread unity and love, talk to fellow realselfers and lets help each other through the bbl journey.
~Peace & Luv ttyl
Great post love ;) you already know how it is :) i sent you a PM i am not sure if the notifications work!Stay blessed
Thank you thank. ...and i txted you yesterday it was a 567 area code number.
Really! I didn't get anything :( do it again or PM your number and I'll now :) xoxo

Hi loves! I have a countdown app..and today i have...

Hi loves! I have a countdown app..and today i have exactly 90 days/ 3 months until my sx!!! :D Yayyy!!!! This actually is going to happen lol... in less than 5 weeks i'll 21!!! Good times. Im starting p90x today, lean version. P90x has really helped me in the past to shape and tone so i figured i'd do another round. Im still taking my gentle iron pills and biotin, and im starting multivitamins today. Doing lotd of oushups and ab exercises to increase muscle definition. I'd like to thank all my bnl sisters for being so supportive and helpful. Im still lookong for the perfect wish pic for my new booty. I want a hourglass figure with s nice plump bubble butt. I will upload my pre op pics again 2 weeks prior to sx. Only thing i dread is all the extra attention i will have to deal with. I already deal with enough for having a nice chest and pretty face. So being a triple threat is gonna be killer lol. But i think i can manage ;). C'mon summer!!
Triple threat triple threat!!!! You are going to look stunning!!!!!!
Haha thank you! Your gonna be killin em your darn self ;). Im just ready to get it over with...this anticipation is crazy lol. Are you traveling far for sx?
Gooooood luck sweetie :))))

Miami in the house!! *does dance* lol... hey...

Miami in the house!! *does dance* lol... hey ladies im trynna get stuff in order so when my tax $ gets in, i can get my supplies etc and be done with it. The more i think about it the ish i come up with lol. Anywho, any of my fellow Miami bbl sistas know of any cheap car rental places? I'll be in miami 10 days, im flying into Ft. Lauderdale airport and staying at the Holiday inn in Hollywood so transportation is a must! Right now with priceline/orbit/trip adcisor are all giving my quotes of about $350 for a standard midsize car for aweek and a half (10 days). I was hoping for $250-$300 range. Any suggestions advice is more than welcome :)
-Enjoy your Saturday ladies. God bless
try putting a bid on price line it worked for me
@yassie Ok i will. Thank you sweets :)
I used fox rental n u can look it up online n it gives u price n type of car. I got a ford focus for 139 for 10 days ... If u r worried about laying on back seat I did it first day out of SX but after that I put front seat down n laid on my tummy it was much easier:) good luck ;)

Ive been getting asked alot lately why i chose Dr....

Ive been getting asked alot lately why i chose Dr. Michael Salzhauer for my bbl sx. After my intial skype consultation with him i knew he was the right doc. He answered all my questions and you can tell he knows this way around the operating room and his main goal is to be realistic about the expected outcome while also exceeding the patients expectations. He is very very weathly so i know he isnt just in it for the money, you can til he enjoys his work. His staff have been beyond helpful and i trust him with my life most importantly. I did tons and tons of research before i swiped my care for 10 grand, its a big investment of not only money but time. He is located in Bal Harbour, Fl and has been covered in many media outlets like "Inside Edition" "The Today Show" newtimesmiami paper, youtube and has been voted best plastic surgeon in miami quite a few times. He also has a sense of humor, dnt believe me just check out some of his music parodies on youtube. His results for the bbl are amazing!! And his staff have been more than accommodating thus far, i got my arm lipo added free of cost and my hip fat transfer at a great discount. I cant wait til may!!! So overall im elated that i found Dr. Salzhauer, he is a true hidden gem. P.S they dont call him Dr. Schnoz for nothing, he fixes noses like no ones business!

P.s.s i checked his record beforehand and to date...

P.s.s i checked his record beforehand and to date he has had NO malpractice suits, no sanctions or no board violates- his record is squeaky clean. I trust him with my life, thats why he is my surgeon.

Hi ladies! I hope all is well. I was gonna delete...

Hi ladies! I hope all is well. I was gonna delete my account ts crazy that i but i changed my mind. Anywho i only have 2.5 months til my bigger booty dreams are fulfilled!!! :D. That being said i lost 3 pounds last week, i weighted myself this morning *yayy* . Me being the competitive person i am i've decided why not train for a 5k race. Runners have great legs and abs to die for. Ive always wanted to ran a race so i going to register for one on April 26 2013 that raises money for diabetes (since i had type 2 diabetes but beat it by losing 35 pounds back in 2007). By focusing on improving my mile time i know the last few pounds like melt off. I havent bought any supplies yet but in 2 wks i will update yall with my finished list. This sx is such a motivator to keep your body in good shape for the long term. I am doin this for me and no one else. I cant wait to see my new shape after surgery. To wear jeans and fill them out, to feel complete. I had braces for 9 months and they were removed in June. So after this bbl journey, everything i didnt previously like about myself will be fixed. #YOLO
I noticed you said you were trying to put on muscle. Will that aid in bbl procedure?
Im not so much worried about adding anymore muscle, but rather toning the muscle i already have. Esp in my arms (becuz of the arm lipo) and my abdomen. My hope is to have muscle definition after sx. I do resistant training 2-3x a week to balance out my cardio (which i do 3-4x a week).

FebruaryLove updated her blog on rs today(plz read...

FebruaryLove updated her blog on rs today(plz read her blog). She decribes a very traumatic experience at the hands of dr. Yily in DR . Ladies plz be careful. Understand that cheaper isnt always better. We can all speculate what happens in other countries but until you see for yourself, you really dont know. I apologize for acknowledging dr ylily as a good pick. Becuz i couldnt have been more wrong!! Thats why i refused to go out of country for sx, theyre standards are not as high as the ones in America . Take care ladies.

Let me also add that God is awesome and I am soo...

Let me also add that God is awesome and I am soo glad FebruaryLove is ok and well!!! She is one blessed woman. She'll continue to be in my prayers. & I wish her a hasty recovery!
I can not find Febluvs post??!
FebruaryLove link
Ok I found it.. I replied to it as someone who works in the medical field and is well informed. Thanks for your post. Bringing attention to her situation and others that dont go smooth sailing brings reality to us ladies that this is a serious procedure and we should all be well informed and aware. However in my opnion she definitely wasnt near death. Its to much to explain but I did post on her review if u ladies want to read it. GOD BLESS!!

Bbl wish pics- i love love love my default pic of...

Bbl wish pics- i love love love my default pic of the girl with the camera. But i cant find the original pic, so i can print it off. I want a little shelf but LOTS of projection in the middle and volume at the top and bottom. Basically a nice plump bubble butt. If anyone knows where to find good booty websites to find bbl wish pics plz let me know. It is appreciated. Thank yall :-)
I googled all different words and phrases (ie "best butt", etc) then clicked images. There are sooooooo many!! Happy searching! :-)
@DashaD thank you girl! Im trynna narrow all these all pics dwn now. Get the best of the best lineup lol..this is hard work haha! -Take care
oops replied to wrong person

Hi ladies im back again. With another alarming...

Hi ladies im back again. With another alarming story. Anyone who reads my blogs knows i try to keep it 1000%. That being said i am only the messenger.The following blog is one of the first i read on realself (months ago) when I was very interested in Dr. Leon Campos, he is excellent on making hourglass figures! Anywho i stumbled across a ladies blog who talked about her surgery with Campos and her recovery at BEAUTY CARE in Tijuana. Shory version of her story, she met a lady who came alone for lipo & bbl with DR. PANTOJA. SHE DIED YALL!! She collapsed onto the floor after arriving back from surgery with Dr Pantoja. Im not trying to scare anyone. I just want everyone to be aware of what they ARENT telling us. The Dr had beauty care shut down because of dr pantojas mistake! Then they lied to women who saw all of it (dr campos patient) and told her the lady was just deydrated when in fact the lady had DIED!..its scandalous yall!! I still believe in staying in the USA for surgery. But to each its own. Please read her blog the link will be posted below. And please keep FEBRUARYLOVE in your prayers!!!
-Take Care
"Surgery w/ Dr Campos" story is the 2nd or 3rd entry
This site has become disgusting. Not surprising, it's filled with a bunch of unhappy women who love to argue with other women about nonsense. Why are people always being attacked on here because of information that they share with the community? Information that most prospective patients find to be very informative, be it negative or positive. If you don't like a person's opinion on THEIR blog, then you have every right to ignore them. You don't have to start a confrontation. This is crazy. Doctors should really make us all go through mental evaluations and speak with counselors before having this surgery, because a lot of people on this site are just mentally unstable or highly depressed. Why are people always attacked on this site when they are speaking their truth or posting information to help others? We don't have to look at this woman's blog if we don't want to. We don't have to receive her updates. We need to pray for some of these women on here. Some of them can be highly combative and just angry. I would hate to see what kind of hell they're putting individuals close to them through. It's always World War II on here. Stop this nonsense. Some ladies should really take time to themselves to determine what's causing them to be so unhappy in their personal lives that causes them to come on this website and just lash out every chance they get. Let's respect the opinions of our sisters that post on THEIR blogs. If we don't like their opinions, from this day forward ladies, let's just click out and ignore it. If you want to fight every day just join the army. They allow women to fight on the front line now. Be all you can be and just join the Army. This country needs combative people like you.
@BadBitch2013 i couldnt agree more!!!! I was called miserable on the 'addressing negativity' post. Lol i had to laugh... its sad tho, becuz they run the truth off of this site! FebruaryLove dipped out, and all she did was be truthful about her experience! How can you be mad at a person for doin what this website is suppose t be about in the first place?? -Opinions, experiences, reviews etc. In all honestly i wasnt expecting the number of angry ppl today...its alarming. All i can do is continue to pray for all of us. Im not apologetic for keepin in 100% . And the negativity i went through today wont shy me away from my mission on this site. Which is be of help to anyone i can :-) I wish there was a like button on here becuz i'd like your comment 20 times lol. Thanks again! Im grateful im not the only sane person getting plastic surgery!
i honestly thank you for posting ANY & ALL information of research you've found I see me had read this info for themselves, but I ASSURE YOU many of us had not I'm neutral here, but thank you so much for the insight god bless

S/O to @madameme and @crabybakes aka crabby...

S/O to @madameme and @crabybakes aka crabby patties!!! Lol The live entertainment was fun!!! We should do it again real soon! haha thanks a bunch xoxo

Im still trying to figure out why girls have a problem with you reporting this story. With everything you do there will be good and bad including this surgery. Im still excited about my surgery but Im well aware that something can still gi wring
Sorry didnt finish......go wrong. Btw you cracking me up girl...
Quote: "Doctors should really make us all go through mental evaluations and speak with counselors before having this surgery, because a lot of people on this site are just mentally unstable or highly depressed", "If you want to fight every day just join the army!" LOVE IT AND SOO TRUE!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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