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Hi ladies :) & gents ( there are a few ;) ) !!...

Hi ladies :) & gents ( there are a few ;) ) !! Well I just spent a long time writing everything & lost it all ... I don't know know why ?!! Any way, I'll try and remember what I said. As hesitant as I was to write a review, I couldn't imagine not sharing my story too. I started researching the procedure back in September. I said to myself, I can do this. I can ACTUALLY have the body I've always wanted !! THAT'S when it became REAL ...... I was just waiting for everything to line up . I chose not to write a review cause I didn't know when it was going down... Lol !! I didn't know all the details. I went back-n-forth in my head about everything. This site is SO valuable and has helped me along the way. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you !!!

About me :) I am 33 ( WOW) with 3 beautiful children. I have 2 girls & finally had my son 3 years ago. I've known their dad for 17 years but we've been together for almost 14 years now !!! Omg, time flies !! When I dropped the bomb about having this done he wasn't so supportive. As time goes by , he realizes I AM getting this done with or without his support!! He tells me to just exercise. I tell him, my ASS is not going to fill out with fullness & volume if I exercise !!! It will tone up and shrink, BUT will definitely NOT be MAGICALLY bootylicious !!! Before I had kids I had an okay body. I am that girl with a pretty face and an OK body..... Not the best, but I've seen worse. I just want my body to match my face :( I remember being a teenager wishing & thinking how lucky girls with ASS were !! Something about nice hips, a flat stomach, & a big booty was SO sexy to me ....I just LOVE that physique & always have!!! I am always trying to find that perfect pair of jeans and the right shirt just to cover all the right areas to make it look like I have that !!! I guess it took me this far-- but I have never really been comfortable in my own skin. I will post before kid pics, pics of me now , and what I wish for. And my measurements as soon as I get it all together :) O & I forgot to mention I did exercise for 2 years after having my son. We went on vacation last May & when we came back I never got back into my routine. I've gained 40 - 50 lbs In the last 9 months !!! I know, I know it's crazy... It sounds like a lot & IT IS !!! I swear I really don't eat that much... I just look at food & gain weight ( true story .. Lol) I skip meals all day and eat a big meal at night. I think this is why I guess !! Enough about me battling my weight , I don't want to bore y'all !! But I do want to say , I'm not too depressed about it cause I know all the little tricks to lose weight fast.... After I had my son I did a 90 day juice cleanse & lost 72lbs in 90 days ( not even a lick of food ), I've done " the master cleanse" AKA " the lemonade diet " .... The list goes on :) But when I was exercising -- I was so tired of not seeing the results REALLY wanted that I started to get discouraged !!

Fast forward to now , I AM scheduled (yaaahaaaaooo) .. Whatever that's means... Lol, I think it means excited !!! My date was for 4/24/14 but I pushed it to 7/18. I did that because I want to be able to heal without worrying about getting the kids off to school, sitting & all that good stuff ! Even though I'm not looking forward to the heat !!! With that being said , as much as I want hubby to come and take care of me, he has to stay with the kiddos -- my mom & him are gonna switch off and take turns. Two of my closest friends are supposed to be coming with me ... Fingers crossed :-/....to be cont..

***How I chose my doctor***I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Well, at first, I was 100% without a doubt going with Dr. Constantino Mendieta. While researching him, I came across realself !! At first I didn't know how to use it.. Lol, I know I'm crazy !! It took me a few times to come back & THEN I discovered how awesome it was!! It's a hidden jewel & thanks to all of you who share your stories!!! So back to the docs :) .... I went from Mendieta, DR (Yily or Duran), to Jimerson , Fisher, Cortes , Salama then back to Mendieta !! Those were all my choices but I never had a consult with any of them !! I just went by my research and I think pics speak for themselves. So I was looking at the results of other patients to see who I actually wanted to go with then of course call for a consult :) I had to be feeling the doc too !! But when I checked out Salzhauer for a few minutes I honestly didn't think he could give me the look I wanted. So why did I choose him?! Well, I loved DR prices & package deals but could not get the balls to go there!! I just felt in my heart that going into something like this surgery where you are already a nervous wreck, traveling to another Country would have made me even more nervous!! I wanted to go into this with as much of a positive perspective as possible. And traveling that far would NOT have helped. So, that's when I heard about Fisher. I thought the price was right and the package deal was even better !! But I didn't feel it in my heart with him ... Idk I just didn't feel it !!! Plus you cannot even talk to the doc at Vanity. I'm sorry but I want to be able to talk to you before I spend thousands on you !! I live out of state, so having over the phone consults is a must ! Moving on.... I had my first consult with Dr. Salzhauer over the phone & although I went back & forth, he was my last consult :D !! I just kept thinking of our conversation& the price was right !!! I pray that he gives me what I'm looking for ( I think he will ) the reason his pics concern me is cause most of his before & afters are of smaller girls. I am a thick chick lol !!! He did seem confident that he could give me my result though. With that said , I'm putting all my faith in you DR. SALZ ;)

I will keep u guys updated on the weight loss & pics coming soon :)

Adding pics.....

I went through my pictures and found the best three I could find that would give an idea of what I'm working with. Flat butt & now that I look at my boobies ... They're looking kinda sad too! It's funny cause I always thought I had nice boobs, huh... I GUESS NOT !! I think since I've been on this site, I see the beauty of what implants can do. I never really liked implants cause I always thought they looked so unnatural but after looking at ladies who have gotten their breast done... I truly think it's all about the doctor who does them and what type of implant used makes all the difference. So anyway ... Here are my pics before I had kids @ 165lbs...

Pics ...

A pic of me after kids @ 204lbs

This is crazzzy !!!

Here are pics of me now at 260lbs ..YIKES :-/ ..OMG ... Here goes !! I really DO NOT like looking at these! And please excuse the cellulite ....

Feelin' more confident w/ my choice of doc !

Just wanted to share what's on "the" mind.... So, we all know this is an emotional journey of ups ~n ~downs to say the least !!! In my mind I was wondering "why am I not getting excited " ... But I think cause my surgery is far away even though it will be here before I know it, it's just not feeling real yet. But I am starting to feel different :D.....I was ALL over the place. Going back & forth... Saying to myself " did I make the right decision ?" Thank god I am over that !! I FINALLY feel relief that I've made a GOOD choice and I'm actually going through with this! I thought for sure after putting my $$ dollar dollar bills $$ down (lol )that I would feel that relief and that feeling of EXCITEMENT that wouldn't go away and actually be happy & STAY happy .....but it wasn't until now after seeing D'sWifey go through her surgery .... It just made it that much more REAL and gave that excitement I SO needed... so thanks Wifey ;) I know we see so many ladies go through their surgeries BUT idk, it just made it REAL for me!!!

When I spoke to Dr. Salzhauer for my phone consult , he asked me what I was interested in doing. I told him I was interested in doing a bbl. And a TT at some point but that I didn't want to do them together. He asked how much I weighed and he told me he wanted me to lose 5-10 lbs. he explained that my BMI has to be at 32 or less. At the time I didn't weigh myself so I thought I weighed less than I actually was when I spoke to him . So he told me to take some pics and send them to him and he'd call me back. So, I took my pics & sent them along w/ my wish pics. It was funny cause he didn't get back to me right away ... It took him a few minutes... So I sent him a text saying omg what do you think ... I'm scared lol ?! He called me right back and made me feel so comfortable. He told me the look I wanted was achievable. In my mind -- while he's talking --- I'm like, "YES" !! But he did tell me I will need the TT. Which I already knew BUT for a second it was hard to hear. Just for the heck of it I asked what procedure HE suggested first and he said the bbl. BUT the good news is that he said he will be VERY aggressive w/ lipo cause he knows I'm interested in getting a TT that it will make his job easier (whoooo whoooop ) !!! I won't mind the xtra skin .... Hopefully it won't be too bad ! So he gave me his personal cell # which he does for all his patients ... I love that !!
I texted him the other day just to let him know I picked him and I guess I was looking for a lil reassurance cause of the way I was feeling. I mentioned how most of his before and afters are of small girls but that I have faith he'll give me what I'm looking for. He got back to me right away ... He was so nice and told me he would do his best to give me what I want. THAT is all I needed to hear :D

My conversation w/ him, the text message, all the interactions with his staff , AND all the ladies /reviews I've come across who have chose him have nothing but the best things to say about him and his staff ! It's SO reassuring and makes me feel more confident each day w/ my choice !!! And I'm feeling even better that I picked him :))
With that said, I'm ALL about being positive !! I do understand that these doctors are human too and you can't please everyone. But all we can do is be positive, pray, and expect to get the result we are looking for !! I'm a BIG believer in" seeing the end result and have FAITH that you will get it " !
Well ladies... I am sorry for the long post ... Until next time :) love, peace & happiness ***

A little of this & that :)

Okay so in a nutshell I AM going CRAZY try to plan for this ...lol !! First , my two best friends that were supposed to come with me, one cannot come cause she just started a new job and can't get the time off. The other has some issues going on and I'm not sure if she can go. Now I'm thinking of plan A, B, & C just in case. I went from thinking I'll just fly myself and hire a nurse. Then I thought of loading up the kids and making it a road trip ( but I don't think that will be fun coming home :)) ! Plus I probably am going to need the time to heal w/o the kids as much as I'm going to miss them :-( I am just stuck with all this planning.....

On to the next issue, I really wanted a TT with my bbl but I didn't want to compromise my results in any way even though I know a TT will complete my look. I went from being torn about that to really considering it. So I decided to try and finance the rest of my surgery and it was denied. I tried again with a co applicant and was STILL denied !!! I was disappointed at first but in a way, maybe it's a good thing.
And now my other issue, THE BIGGEST one of all .... I know I'm dropping it all on you in one update lol but I am so busy running all day everyday ! And today was perfect cause I had the day off :) Wheeeew !! So my issue ladies --- is ----I am freaking out that Iam not going to be at my goal weight by surgery. This is bad, real bad ! I have like 50 days till my surgery and I need to lose 46 lbs. at the very least. I would like to lose 56. I started a cleanse on 5/5 and I did it for 10 days . I lost 10 lbs. then I have lost an additional 7. I'm down 17lbs but if I'm gonna get to my goal, I have to really lose 1lb a day at this point. The cleanse I was on is great but not good for long term because you body does not get protein and I'm working out and need the energy. Especially cause I workout at like 10:30- 11:00 at night. I'm going to work out after this update. I am really stressin'. To solve this problem, I was thinking about pushing my date to August if I can to give myself more time. Considering I cannot wait longer than that because then I'll never get it done till my kids are on Christmas vacation. And if not then, then next year !!! And I'm NOT waiting that long. I need my new body now !!! These are my dilemmas ... Oh and I still have to pay off my surgery, get supplies, purchase my flight, AND find a place to stay .... Talk about stressing. It's all coming down to the wire. If I can have a mid August date , that would be great cause at least I would have more time to prepare. What to do, what to do ?!!! Going to work out ... Chat later ...


Well last night I emailed Ari asking for a date in August. I was hoping for August 20th or for something in that week and she got back to me first thing this morning telling me that she had nothing until the 25th (Monday 8/25) . I accepted it because I was just so happy to have more time, but she still hasn't got back to me to confirm for sure yet.
Because it's a Monday, I wanted to know when I would be able to see the doc. Would it be on Friday or ? I just don't want to fly out too soon because I really am planning on staying just 7 nights and leave on the 8th day. I'm going to miss my kids so much !!!!
Another thing is I just looked a the school calender and realized my kids go back to school the 26th. Which means I won't be here for their first 3 days of school. This really bums me out. I wanted to have this done before they go back. I don't know why I was thinking they return in the first week of September after Labor Day. I guess there's never going to be a perfect time to go and I just have to get this done!! I just needed more time. I am praying I can get in on a cancellation and I'm hoping she can squeeze me in a lil sooner. I'm hoping for even the 18, 19 , or 20th would work better. If anyone has these dates and wants to trade that would be awesome !!! Please keep me in mind and I'll keep you all posted too .....good night everyone ***

Date confirmed !!

I just spoke to Ari and she told my new day definitely for 8/25 ! She told me to keep checking in with her for cancelations. I'm glad my date got pushed back but I really would love the 18th or 19th . At least I have more time now. I guess I'll just keep checking in for something a little sooner.

PRE-OP & weight loss update

Hi girls ! It's been a little while since I updated but I've been checking in :) ....so I went for my pre-op appointment with my doc and he passed me as far as me being healthy for my surgery. I couldn't have my blood drawn cause I wasn't fasting but I'll go tomorrow morning. I'm just praying my hemo levels are where they're supposed to be. I'll keep you all posted on that as soon as I know.

***I just can't believe how FAST time is passing..... This is craaaazzzzy , I can't be believe I'm really doing this !!!! Lol

Now this is where I get nervous but at the same time I'm confident that I will be the weight I need to be for surgery, which is , 200 lbs or less and a BMI of 32 or less. Well today for my appt . I was 223. My doc put 221 on the paperwork cause I had clothes on. It's ok cause I knew when I scheduled that appt. that I wasn't going to be exactly at the weight I needed to be, but as long as I'm 200 or less on the day of surgery then I'm GOOD :)) !!! And IAM confident I will be. I'm down 40 lbs ladies (what what) !!! I have another -- I'll say 22 to go !! I know I can do it but what if the day of surgery comes and I'm 205 , I wonder if he would still do surgery ? I'll be trying my hardest. I'm still doing my cleanse and plan on it till the day of. 27 days to go and 22 to lose -- with my cleanse at a lb. a day , I should be safe ! It's still scary though knowing I have my trip planned and someone to take care of me and what if I don't make my goal... Ugh the pressure is ON :-/ .....

That's it for now ..... Xoxo !! I'll be posting new pics soon :)

Clearance passed !!!!!

What a relief ... My clearance passed !!! My doc is just waiting on my pregnancy test to come back because their machine is not working right....that'll take a lil longer. There could be a slight possibility that I am but I don't think so ( let's hope not right now ). Anyway, I was really curious what my iron levels were and the girl I spoke to just said everything was "normal ". She explained that my iron level was above 20. So just to clarify ladies, your iron is very different from your hemoglobin levels. My hemo is 13.5 and my doc requires 11.5 or higher .... I AM in the CLEAR :)))) I am so happy ... This is the best news !!everything is falling into place. Now after my preg test comes back , my doc will send in all paperwork.

All I have to say is , THANK YOU, THANK you :)) I am all smiles.

Need some support ladies !!

Hi all ! Everything is up in the air. To make a long story short , after my pre op physical on 7/29 I stopped my cleanse for 5 days which set me back on weight loss. I started again a couple days ago and with my surgery being 17 days away I AM really trying to stay positive but I'm nervous as hell. At this rate if I continue to lose a lb. a day, I will be like 207 for surgery day. I'm supposed to be 203 that day !!
What made me even more nervous is that I got a call from Ruth (clearance coordinator for Dr. Salz) telling me she got my medical clearance ....she is concerned about my weight and that if I'm not 203 the day of then they would turn me away. It would really suck if I couldn't get my surgery done for being 5 lbs. over the weight they want me to be at. So I'm kinda feeling down about it . At this point I'm praying for a miracle.
On a positive note, I lost 2 lbs from yesterday until this morning . So that made me happy :))
With my cleanse I'm supposed to lose a lb. a day ....BUT I've lost like 10lbs in 3 days !!!! Which makes me feel good but after the first few days of losing a lot of water weight , you slow down to a lb. a day. I am just praying and trying to believe I can get there!!!
I would be so disappointed knowing that I have everything all planned. The kids are gonna be all taken care of, someone to care for me, and the trip is planned. I just hope I don't have to reschedule for 5 lbs. I did know right from the start how much they wanted me to be and I tried really hard to get there!!! If I'm in good health I don't see why not ? Right ? I don't know. I'm just all over the place ... Sorry ladies for the long rant :) it was supposed to be short.
One more thing , aren't there docs out there who will do your surgery if your above 200 ? I think I've seen girls go in at like 220.
But I can respect Dr. Salz regulations. Cause trust me, I WISH I was around 180 right now cause then i'd come outta surgery, after swelling goes down, I would be my perfect weight ! For me I just can't stand being in this body any more !!!!! I'm working out , losing weight and I hate how I look in my clothes. I don't care if I'm 207 going in cause at least I'll feel tighter and sexier ..... Anyways, thanks for listening .... Talk to you all soon ....

Update w/ weight & pre- op call w/ Ari :)

Ok ladies , I have good news !! I weighed myself and I am back on track. It looks like I will make my weight. I'm 218 as of this morning ,so by tomorrow morn I should be down another 2 lbs hopefully !!! Me losing 2 lbs a day is a surprise to me cause by now... I started my cleanse on the 5th, I should be down to a 1lb a day. I'm LOVING it :))) and I'm all smiles..... I'm not complaining !!! So if I keep going like this I should be just under the 203 mark if I'm calculating right for the day of :D !

On another note ... I had my Pre-OP over the phone with Ari today. I just love her ... She's just cool and like-able !! She does her job and does it well:) ... shout out to ARI !!! And you just feel like you've known her forever when you talk to her .. Ya know?! Anyway .... Everything went well during our talk. I just have to send back the questionnaire she sent me . She also wants me to send Ruth the info on my pharmacy so they can call in my scripts. Which reminds me ... I have to do that now.
Until next time ...

Transportation to Miami is all screwed up !!!

Another thing I forget to tell you guys was --- who I was depending on to take care of me and drive me to and from Florida Backed out on me (that SUCKED !!!) but I came up with a better plan. I had to check plan ABC&D ! There is no way I'm letting this date slip outta my hands .. NOoooo Noooo :)
Now I'm hoping & praying my plan runs smooth n creamy like buttttaaah baby !! It will , it will :))

***Ask, believe , receive .... Love & happiness


Ok ladies , the last few days have been CRAZY !!! First off I drove 30 hrs to get here !! I arrived the morning of surgery. I had no time to sleep ... I was delerious !!! I felt like a zombie !
Any way I feel ok for the most part other than when I stand .. I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I took my iron this morning. I'll post pics in a few I AM bruised bad.

Here's some pics

I really wanted to show you all my weight loss pre-op pics but I did not have time to take any. Another thing is I couldn't have my arm lipo'd cause I wanted my thighs more :)

Quick pic w/o garmet

Today was a rough day for me... I'll explain later. For now here's a pic ....

Wish pic I showed Dr. Salz

Front view pics w/& w/o garmet

This was yesterday . 2days post.

First 6 days post-op

Ok so other than the usual stiffness or soreness (which for me isn't bad ), probably the worst and it's tolerable is the ups and downs of feeling light headed or tired & fatigued !! If you take your iron the way it's supposed to be taken, you should be fine. I take mine with a glass of Emergen-c ( it's a powdered packet that has 1000 mg of vit c and comes in all flavors) So I do that on an empty stomach 3x a day and take my 3 antibiotics that I have to space out 15 minutes apart but with those you have to eat. So just stay on top of your meds and you should be good ladies :)
Another thing is the damn surgery brought my period on again. So I had it twice this month. The 3rd day I tried going for a car ride and I puked everywhere ! Bad mistake cause the heat makes you swell and feel like your gonna pass out ...between that and getting car sick plus my iron was low ... It was a bad mix !! Everyday does get better but I went out in the heat to do a load of laundry this morning and omg it was a mission because I had to go put money on a laundry card(pain in the ASS) then go do the load!!! I came back to take a shower and I was exhausted lol , so simple things give you that lightheaded fatigue passing out feeling. Just take care for all future ladies and stay on top of your iron and eat lots of protein and iron rich foods. And you'll feel much better.
I'll post new pics later ... Ttys
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I did have a consult with him over the phone & he was so cool and down to earth. He was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable talking to him :)

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Recovery blues girl I know what you mean! I had bad migraines for 3 days after sx. My Dr said sometimes that happens after lipo he told me to drink a soda w/ caffeine or drink coffee it wirks instantly takes it away! Anyway your looking fab get plenty of rest and take care of you....recovery is no joke!
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Keep us updated. Did u drive back home?
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Definitely will do :) and we're driving now ! In Georgia ...I feel much better today but because the surgery brought my period on , I've been having a throbbing headache for the past 2 days !! So I'm just taking my iron, & Tylenol when I need to.
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I cannot believe u r in a car!!! U r STRONG! Pls dont mess up that booty! Get home safe!
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@Dreamin2reality wow ur strong and amazing. Gd luck
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Omg you look sooo good so far!!! You're figure looks beautiful. I'm so happy for you!! I hope you're feeling better hun.
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Awww :) thank you , I can see it but I can't if you get what I mean. I am really really swollen and CANNOT wait until it drops some ! I pray it rounds out :)
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happy healing hun. when you have time, please let me know what cleanse you are in because I have 10 weeks to lose 40lbs and I'm freaking out. I know I won't lose it by diet and exercise that quick.
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Ok u can do it !!! Here it is .... To each 8 oz glass of spring water u add 2 tbsp of organic grade B maple syrup, 2 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice, and 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper. It's called the "master cleanse " AKA" the lemonade diet. If you drink 8-10 glasses a day and plenty of water you will lose 1lb a day !! If you make like half a gallon lik 64 oz. just multiply the ingredients.but just a warning the pepper just gets a lil more spicy the longer it sits. So if your heading to work and need food for you day -- there u go :) it's convenient!! Or.... There is a juicing cleanse and if you need to lose a lb a day this will work too. You get yourself a juicer .. If your looking to go cheap , get a jack lalane juicer. You can find them on line or target carries them. Juice only fruit juice earlier on in the day ; for instance I would do pineapple , orange ,apple for breakfast or an energy one like a handful of baby spinach , 2 limes, 1/3 of fresh pineapple , 1/2 a cucumber , and 2 apples with a cup of ice .. Mmmm i had this all the time and it's really good and gives u energy. Anyway , they say if your trying to lose weight lean more towards less fruit juice at night. Switch it up or pic a fav :) plus the spinach or kale or whatever you use will increase your iron levels of needed. Look both of the cleanses up and learn more. I alternated between the 2 . There are tons of juicing recipes on line and to make it simple buy things that create a lot of juice and it will be easier on your pockets. I lived on that spinach one but switched it up once in a while. My iron was great and I lost weight. For the master cleanse you need to do a morning flush as well and that makes u GO ;) if u know what I mean every morning you drink 32 oz of spring water and Celtic grey sea salt (2tsp) in 32oz. You can find the maple syrup on line or I don't know i don't your close to a whole foods store . Another great book someone just shared with me is "the 17 day diet". Check it out , one of these will save u or you can alternate. Hope this helps u , oh yah and I did workout every night too. I made my goal weight the day of :))
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thank you doll, is that all you had? did you eat? I've tried that before and the taste was spicy as hell lol!!!
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No food ! That's all :-/ ! For the pepper , you can do it to taste, you don't have to do the exact amount. It works :)
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Ahhh .. i wish you wouldve taken some pics pre-op to compare .. but nonetheless, you look GREAT!!!
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Your shape is amazing!!!! I love it!!!! I hope you're getting enough rest to make up for the long drive and the sx :) Quick question though, how tall are you? I'm 5" and I'm debating doing a full mommy makeover TT, BBL and BA. I think I might need to lose a lot of weight though, I'm currently at 188 and I think I am shorter than you so I think we have pretty much have the same shape, does that make sense? Anymawhoo I think you look great and I'm totally jealous of another Salz Doll!! but in a good way!! :)
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Aww your so sweet !! I went in heavier than I wanted to (205) and yes it makes perfect sense :) I'm 5'6" .. So it probably all equals out. I just can't wait for my shape to form u know. It feels square and flat right now :( but everything is coming along :) You will do great and you'll look amazing .. Don't stress too much ! I would have LOVED to be smaller but I know I'm def going back for a second round for a TT and touch ups if needed. If I were u I would do the bbl first then do others as a combo later. Just in my opinion so u can get touch ups or anything later. Plus I couldn't imagine healing from that many things ... Ugh !!!
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EXACTLY my thoughts!! I rather him just have to fix a little here and there the day he does my TT. I mean, its going to be all paid for, so i have to get something done, whether its a TT or Breast lift with Augmentation. And don't worry once all that swelling goes down that butt will fluff out. Just take care of it!! Do you know how many CC's was taken out & put in your butt?
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Yeah it's a lot!! Physically Mentally and Financially!! LOL I wish I could have seen your 205 pics cuz NewQueen2014 and I are trying to figure out if you are more her body shape or mine, lmao. We are leaning towards her body shape :) BTW since the plan is that you are going to get a TT did Salz lipo your stomach? It looks much smaller than your before pics!
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I hear ya ... When i asked him which one to get done first , he said bbl . Is that what u plan on doing first ? And Friday I go see him & I'll ask what he took out and what he put in :) I'll let u know.
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Lol ... Yes it's much smaller but way too swollen , I think it will tighten up but I'll still have loose skin so I'll definitely need a TT ! Sorry I couldn't take b4 pics but if you go to my pics and look at the one of me dressed in a grey& black sweater .... I was 204 there and even tho I have clothes on you can get an idea.
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My number one priority is the TT, second is the BA and last is the BBL but i do like the idea of aggressive lipo before the TT so that would mean BBL first. Im so complicated lol
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Well we wont know for months what the final result will be but you already look great!!!!
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Plus if u get bbl first ... He has more fat to work with. And if you go back for a mommy makeover you could get touch ups too :-)
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Very true!
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Yes.. please find out!! :-) & yes, IF i decide to separate the procedures, i would do the BBL first so that he removes the maximum amount of fat. But, he text me to day .. and he said that the only place he wouldn't lipo (if i combine the procedures) is the tummy .. but that my outcome will still be the same. So now that makes me wonder ... is it even worth me separating? For a little bit of fat in my upper abdomen? But dam .. i have GOOD fat in my abdomen .. so to see that all go to waste, if i combine it, will hurt lol. I want 1500 CC's , but i'd like to leave thin out of all this. I think he did an amazinggggg job with you .. i want my back like yours when i'm done ;) thank you so much for all your advice .. I really really appreciate it!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery and that your results turn out to be everything you wanted!!! xooxo
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Thank you all ladies !! I just cant wait till swelling goes down too , maybe I'll post a pic of my belly shot but it's just really swollen , really really swollen.
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