Getting my Nose Done - Charleston sc

Well i have decided to get a nose job i have a big...

Well i have decided to get a nose job i have a big nose like ms piggy and i hate its very un attractive i have been researching for weeks now and i think i found a great doctor, and great prices and i don't haft to wait a long time to get the surgery done i sent a request today for info and someone called me back a few hours later unbelievable she was very helpful and Answered all my questions that she could i have my consultation Tuesday
Good luck.
Thanks foxyboxy

im going to do my consultation Tuesday

I just down loaded Skype im so ready lol im going to do my consultation over the phone i stay 12 hours away. I really don't want to stay in Florida five days tho
Congrats lady! You should have been able to see him. I personally had issues with my Skype and used face time instead. Were you able to hear him talk?
Thanks yes i was able to here him and talk to him he could see me but i couldn't see him
Thanks for starting your story here. I hope your consultation goes well. Where will you be traveling from?

so my surgery is going to be 6,000

Plus 200 for a surgery clearance from the doctor here in sc my expenses are going to be about 1500 just to make the trip their and back so im looking about 7,700 total for every thing
Who are you doing it with?
Dr Michael salzhauer
Im going to see a doctor in Charleston Thursday for a consultation also

i had a consultation with dr Brian windenhouse

In Charleston sc this week

decided to go with a different doctor

Im going to go with a doctor in sc i want to be close to home to heal
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Brian windenhouse

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