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Full TT, Lipo & MR in Five Days! - Bay Area, CA

Hi ladies! So I'm a 43 yr old mom of two, a 21...

Hi ladies! So I'm a 43 yr old mom of two, a 21 yr old son & 8 yr old son. I guess you can say I was in shape size 9/10 most of my life. I'm 5'7" and usually weighed about 170 which was great for my body. But then add a 2nd marriage, a new son born via emergency C section ( larger than normal scar) & a bubbie that likes to eat out. I saw it coming gradually but just wasn't motivated. Then it appeared. The double chin, chunky arms & the kangaroo patch from hell. I work 12.5 hrs 3-4 days a wk on the night shift and just never make the time needed to get back in shape.

So, I made the decision to get a BL. Went in to see a very prominent Bay Area PS & loved him. After my exam, he said if I liked myself in my bra, wait a few years for the BL because he didn't think I would like the scars. However, he said the way to best change my body would be a TT & lipo on my inner thighs, flanks & chin ( darn him for noticing my chinny chin chin!)

I know this is going to boost my confidence & get me to where I need to be. I just didn't have the self confidence I used to. My mom, who lived with us, recently died and I really struggled after her illness & passing. I have absolutely loved this group for it's support & suggestions.

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Tomorrow's the big day. Getting nervous about...

Tomorrow's the big day. Getting nervous about the recovery but I'm already with ice packs, drinks, jello, & medication- nothing can go wrong !! Woo hooo

Day 6 post-op: Cried like a baby. Ist pre- op...

Day 6 post-op: Cried like a baby. Ist pre- op visit today and thought I would be getting my drains removed since the nurse who called the day before mentioned that. Well, no luck and I was just devastated. Having lots of pain from lipo, tylenol3 w/codiene not doing the trick, drain sites extremely sensitive. PS nurse very understanding & kind . Asked if I have been taking the Zanex to help calm fears. I said "Zanex? No, I'm pain & just wanted the drains out, I dont need a mood elevator! "

This gal just held my hand, as I blubbered and calmly explained the medicine will help calm me which helps control pain & fears about drains. She brought in a pill & a crystal glass and w/ in 15 minutes, I was a new person! She took out all my lip site strips, showed me how to rub vasiline on my new belly button & drain sites and everything just changed. I was relaxed & felt hopefull about controlling the pain & made my 2nd follow up appt for next wk.

I was so relaxed & comfortable and have been cleared to take aleve or advil for pain, which I love.

Apparently, I thought I was stronger mentally than my body. I had a large section of skin removed & 3 liters of fat! Yuck! My body went through a huge change and now I need to sit back and let it tell me what it needs to heal. Phew... Had to vent, thanks ladies!

Post Op Day 12: ok, starting to feel better! Lots...

Post Op Day 12: ok, starting to feel better! Lots of energy this morning, although my incision near both of my hips are really tender. Looking forward to post op#3 tomorrow, please let the drains be removed!! Fingers are crossed, instead of needing to dump the collectors every 2-3 hours , I now only need to do it 2-3 times a day. So what could make my happy day go bad? Nature! My period arrived 5 days early. So it's supposed to be 100 degrees today, I'm sporting my seal suit & I get to be on my period as well.. I just gotta sit back & laugh!

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Okay, this question is rather personal, need your advice! To avoid having my period the day after my tt/lipo, I will leave my contraceptive method (Nuva Ring) in for an extra week. I feel that having my period eight days after procedure is better than getting it the day after. Don't know if it makes too much of a difference, it will be annoying anyway, but since you are in that situation I am being a dare devil to ask you: what do you think? Better to get it day after or later?
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Sorry for the late reply- but my suggestion is if you still have your drains in, keep your ring in the avoid your period. I thought mine were coming out on day #13 but they didn't. The swelling/ bloating I used to get has seemed to improve. My problem is I'm not a huge fan of tampons & pads just get in the way of the drains.
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Thansk for the useful tips. Hope you continue to do well, girl. Cheers!
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Hang in there it DOES get better with time! I'm 3 weeks post op today and I'm almost back to my normal self. I still have some swelling byt overall happy with results!!
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hey mama, we are not that far off on our recovery. Im 10 days now, and everyday is better and better. Jus keep in mind that you are strong and you will love the outcome. I know how hard it is mentally to get through all this, I had a hard day and nearly cried every few minutes. So just get through these few weeks..and BAM..sexy mama. HUGS, keep in touch :) Im thnking happy thoughts for you
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SommieB you are so funny! I can't wait to be at day ten but you are right, everyday gets better & better!
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Glad you are doing better!  Keep us up to date and post those pictures as soon as you can.  I am excited to see those:)

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Here I am following your recovery stage. Glad to hear you're doing good.
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How are you feeling?? Coughed hard thisafternoon while lying down, ouch!!
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Day five: what a difference a day makes! Woke up w/o that pounding headache and just taking 3 extra strength tylenols for pain. Lipo still the source of the worst pain but I can now describe it as just discomfort. Neck area still the most sensitive but here are some funny things I've learned in the last few days :

1. Taking a spoonful of benefiber with everything is a miracle. Never
any problems with gas & or poopin'.

2. You can never have enough pillows. Things that used to be
comfortable to sit on now require a pillow because your butt & back
Are like the princess & the pea!

3. You may not appreciate that 1st shower but the next time, it's will
feel even better because your are stronger.

4. To minimize those pounding headaches, water & Gatorade, etc.,
are your best friend. Sometimes you just can't.. But force yourself
To stay hydrated. Even if you wake up at night, take a few sips.

5. Read the other journeys of the other "real self girls" .. There is
Nothing better to calm your nerves, inspire you, or help you
prepare like the stories of others!!

Still haven't posted my post ops, getting to it!
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Take care of yourself and keep us posted. Sending speedy recovery wishes your way.
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Congratulations, you did it! It must be great to be over the worrying part and just "enjoy" the results (in pain :) ) but great results. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.
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Well I'm in the post-op club now. My surgery was on 6/9 and I woke up in recovery about 7 PM..they said I was up after the sugary but I don't remember..

This first feeling was extreme pain to my chin. Omg it was likes baseball bat beat me. My arms & thighs didn't hurt at all but my tummy way sensitive. Got more pains meds on board and I felt better. Nothing luge Demoral.

Went home about 6am Friday. Pain under control with iV. They left catheter in an extra day which made life ez. Truth is lipo more oainfull than TT.

Sleeping on and off for a few hrs. Bath was exhausting but I did peek at my tummy &wow!! It's as flat as a model. I was hoping for improvement & it's amazing. Everyday gets better. They sent me home w/ Tylenol 3 w/ codeine but I think Monday I'll get something more. It's worth it girls , keep u updated.
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Thinking about you and hope you are resting comfortably tonight.

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Ur almostntherengirl..you will do fantastical.I'm on my seconday..but I guessnmore first because my tt was at 1 yesterday...not feelin all that horrible:) my thoughts is with ya
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Sommiebreez, so glad to hear your doing ok..How was it coming out of the anesthesia ? Any tips for that yucky 1st day?! Keep us posted on your recovery! Hugs
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well the first day was not the best..had a 45 min drive home and because im prone to nausea they didnt want to give me pain meds, so tey gave me a valium. That did not help LOL. Id have to say 2nd day was the worse, and now on day 3 feelin pretty good. woohoooo Jus take it easy and let someone pamper you, dont try to do anythinng on your own for the first day, dont want to hurt more.Its really not all that bad...but you will have bumps here and there, but I think that is to be expected with anything :)

Good luckk tomorrow :)
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Well... My PS nurse suggested staying home 4 wks, then trying to go back to work light duty for 2 wks. So no belt no vest 6 wks. Got some tips from "missDiva" about wearing the silicon strips so I'm hoping all goes to plan. Posting before pics tonight. 38 more hrs to go!
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Way to go! Try to stay away fron salt, though. So, did you ask you PS how long before you can wear your duty belt? (Read it in June TT blog :) ) That thing is heavy.
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Your day is around the corner :) Are you done with all your shopping and preparations? I am so anxious about my tt and I still have 22 days of waiting.
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All done except for a quick run to Target for Gatorade, jello & broth. That's tomorrows errand. I'm working until the night before to keep busy. I can feel that I'm getting anxious about all the "what it's"..
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Wow, you must be scurrying around to get ready for your time off! I'm sorry to hear about your mom passing away. Nothing can compare to losing your mother. :( We're here for you throughout your journey! Please let us know how you're feeling as the big day nears.
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