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Hello, Im very excited about FINALLY getting a MM....

Hello, Im very excited about FINALLY getting a MM. 12 years in the "making". I had my first child in 2000, second in 2002, third in 2004, and my last little guy in 2005. I got most of the stretch marks with my first pregnancy. My wieght has flectuated between 135lbs to 200lbs over the last 12 years. Ive been married for 16 years. Im 35 years old and my current stats are 5'5 and 170lbs. Ive been reading on this site for the last 2 months. Im writting now because I guess I need support from a community that is going through the same things. I have some questions for anyone out there. Did you ever doubt whether you were at the best weight before surgery? Ive been working out, and probably my healthiest that Ive been in years, but still doubting my wieght. Im having the pain pump, will I still need to fill pain medication. Ive had dependency on pain meds in the past and was wondering if its realistic to not take any. Im having a full mommy makeover and expect pain, and may limit myself to taking pain meds for the first few days. only. is this realistic? Also, Ive always had boobs ( Im a 38 D) now. I still have breast tissue. is there anyone out there that was my size and got a BL/BA. How many cc's did you get, and are you happy with that choice. My pre-op is next wed. Ill check in then.

How'd the pre-op go?
My daughter is three so I have no idea what to tell her so she understands. She will have to know that I'm in pain so she has to be careful. Good luck your date is coming soon!
I told my kids just that I wa doing it, I am extremely open with my kids & they ask questions that would surprise you sometimes but I just said I want it gone. I lost weight & now have this yucky belly. I personally don't think it's wrong to want to feel better about yourself. They keep touching the flubber and saying good bye, they are all boys though, I def think it would be different telling a girl. Boys just don't seem fazed my much. My oldest is a bit worried about me coming back he is like his momma & worries about everything but he is taking it all pretty good. Just explain as little or as much as you want but then let them ask questions.
Sorry I'm so neevous I find myself rambling. Anyway good luck.

Pre-op today. have to take all 4 kids. everyone...

pre-op today. have to take all 4 kids. everyone who can watch them has a stomach flu.
but, my kids are well behaved. I had a nightmare that I caight the stomach flu while recovering. so scary.
Im nervous about today, and have my list of questions ready. I also have a fear he's gonna tell me i need to lose more weight. But, i stopped taking the whey protein, went from reg. mochas to skinnys, increased my water, and have been doing 45min of cardio 2 'xs a day. ive lost 3 lbs since last friday. wish me luck. will update tomorrow

Pre-op was yesterday. Signed all my papers, went...

pre-op was yesterday.
Signed all my papers, went over all the instuctions, picked implant size 420cc. Decided I need a hospital bed. So looking into that. Reality is slowly settling in. My mind is racing thinking about all that has to be done. But, feeling a little deppressed today and have a huge migraine. So i just dropped the kids at school and im going to try and relax today....I'll update more when this migraine goes away.
I have pre op on Monday and have to pay for the entire procedure. I'm doing the BL and tummy tuck on March 22 as well. I hope to be in touch during recovery. I have a huge headache today too. Probably stress. Why did you decide you need a hospital bed? Are you going to rent one? Good luck.
Well, I thought that id be able to be on the couch, or my recliner, and i also sleep with a ton of pillows. I thought i could manage at home fine. but, the ps showed us ( my husband and I) how I will have to be positioned for the first week or so. He said sometimes pillows slip, etc... so my husband thought renting a hospital bed will be better. Except its been a chore getting in touch with the company. He also said I will have to breath on a oxygen type thing ( forgot the name). He said the heavyness feeling of the breast and the corset type feeling after the tummy tuck makes it hard to take deep breaths. Woman have gotten anxiety over this. Also, he said i will have a total of 6 drains plus my pain pump. I will have all of those for at least a week. This seems like alot, most of the reveiws and pix on realself havent really shown or talked about so many. so i was a little surprised. Yes lets stay in touch, us cali girls! Im going to be getting our office ready to be my cave this week. luckily, our guest bathroom has a built in bench and shower hose that disconnects. I also plan on getting the walker, and toilet riser.

Hey Ladies, So, Im kicking it into high gear....

Hey Ladies,

So, Im kicking it into high gear. Just ordered my hospital bed, and cleaned the whole house this weekend. I have 10 more days, and Im now getting excited. A few things I wanted to go over. 1) Besides knowing about the pain did anyone ever look forward to the little break of reality for few days? Is this weird? But, Im a stay at home mom, and for some reason I keep looking at it as a "break". Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. I feel guilty for my husband and everyone who has to take my place while im recovering. I feel guilty for having this done during spring break, and can't take my kids anywhere....and the money.....
2) I did see the list of 10 things no one told you before a mommy makeover, and was wondering if the post op girls have anything to add to the list. Was there something you forgot to buy, or something you needed after surgery that would be helpful for me to know?
3) Did anyone have 6 yes 6, drains for 5 days plus a pain pump? Can I get some thoughts on this.... I thought it was alot
4) I do strenght training, and my abs and other muscles are so sore afterwards, when should I stop training.
5) when should i stop my spray tans and tanning beds
6) did anyone have to breath from a machine while they were at home? ( i forgot the name, breath thingy, sounded funny. My dr said he's sending me home with one because alot of woman can't take deep breaths afterwards.....with the tummy tightening, and pressure from the breast. If anyone had one, was it helpful.
Im posting my pics this weekend
First of all no not realistic to think you will not take pain meds. I get sick from them but seriously the pain is so incredible without it makes recovery impossible, so plan on taking them. I wanted to be on ibuprofen or tylanol by yesterday, I tried and I managed but it was so uncomfortable I ended up taking them last night just so I could sleep then today I have alternated loratab w/ 800 ibuprofen. I have 4 drains and also had the pain pump, the drains are uncomfortable & grose but help with the healing. I have 3 kids and have felt so guilty but it's done now and the guilt is much less. I do feel bad about all the work and stress that my husband now has to deal with, but after a couple days he now know just how hard I work being a stay at home mom. :)
About the weight my PS said its more important to be at a maintainable weight then the "ideal" weight. He said u can gain or lose 15-20% of you body weight and have no neg effect on the surgery.
My best advice stay on top of your meds, stool softener and relax and take your time to heal. If you do to much it will catch up with you.
Oh and you Breast I was a VS size 36D but with a padded push up bra. I tried lots of sizes and went w/ 500 cc they look huge now, but I'm only 5 days out and still extreemly swollen but I think it's gonna be great, I had a bl w/ ba.
Hope this info helps.
Oh and the breathing thing I have a little hand held breathing machine it just helps to prevent phemonia it's no big deal.

Ugh! just had a great message and lost it! Anyway...

ugh! just had a great message and lost it!
Anyway Ill make this one short.
I need more ideas on low sodium foods- and EZ to make meals for my husband to make the kids. 1 more week so im going shopping.

4 days till surgery. I thought that Id be more...

4 days till surgery. I thought that Id be more into buying everything and getting the house ready. But, my mood since last week has changed. I went shopping and even though I had a list, i forgot alot of things. I wanted to have all my supplies already, but Im going today to finish it up. I feel very cloudy headed since I quit smoking. I feel scattered and not prepared. But, I guess you cant completley prepare for something like this. Ive lost 7 lbs in the last 2 weeks from walking , which is good. And Im trying to get enough courage to post my pix. Anyway, thats my update today, not exciting, hopefully ill feel better tomorrow
I hope you are doing well. Haven't heard you.
Hope you are doing well. I'm pretty good today. Hoping each day is better.
13 Hours left with this saggy old tummy. Good luck tomorrow!!

Hi all!, I have not forgot about all of you. I...

Hi all!,

I have not forgot about all of you. I wanted to send my update. I had the MM on march 22nd. Unfortunatley, I had complications. My surgery went over about 2 hours because they couldnt stop the bleeding.Having said that, I also have had complications with my right areola. The doctor doesnt know why, but I may need to do some skin grafting. Everything else looks great!, But as many of you know Ive been a little depressed. Hopefully, my areola will heal and I won't need the skin grafting. My nipple is fine but just the areola is taking a very long time to heal. My doctor removed 7 pounds from my stomach, I had a breast lift and implants ( 425 on the right breast and 475 on the left). I also had lipo on the flanks. I had 6 drains and never swelled. I think the drains helped the swelling. But, what is with my posture? It looks like I need a butt lift! I dont know when my posture will come back! Anyone had this problem? Obviously, im not standing completley staright up yet. Im just wondering when will I be able to? Also, My appettie is so different, I get full very fast, and have lost 10lbs since the surgery YEAH!. Ill update soon, thank you to everyone who has posted, Im embarressed about my right areola, but hopefully posting this difficult time may help someone.
I am sorry that you are having a long time healing. Please keep me informed and stay in touch with me. My surgery is scheduled for April 27 and I am getting nervous.
I'm sorry that you have been having a difficult recovery! I wish things would go better for you and I hope they do from here on out. So the doctor removed 7lbs and then you lost another 10? Thats great I'm sure you are looking amazing:)
Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett

Once everything is healed I will update my rating. Im also going for a second opinion.

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