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Had brow lift, face lift and neck lipo and breast...

Had brow lift, face lift and neck lipo and breast augmentation.Wow.......I am still in shock. I will be 48 this year and was feeling droopy, very droopy. It made me feel tired just looking at my face, which I sometimes did not recognize.
I definitely had days where I felt better about my looks, but not that many. I have been thinking this over for a few years and finally did it. I still can't believe I did it, I really am in shock.

First day- I thought I looked scary but was in good spirits. Second and third day a little similar. Did not even look at my breasts until third day. My big swollen bruised head has been my priority. Day 4- Really, really afraid I am looking worse and wondering what the heck I have done and why.

Day 5- today I guess I am looking better. I have really been icing pretty much 16 hrs of the day. Still sleeping upright. I have the drain tube in my neck still, tomorrow I will have it removed and I think that will really help in the shape that used to be my head and neck. I am hoping the staples will also be removed. I removed the neck strap late afternoon yesterday. It was irritating my neck, I think I had it to tight and I was starting to get a new abrasion, do not want to risk an infection. Be sure not to wear it to tight. Have kept two ice coolers by my bed. I restock and rotate frozen peas and ice/cold packs. Have a lot of these ready. I would try and find a nice mask that you can freeze. Have taken all meds prescribed, multi-vitamin, vitamin C and drinking a lot of fluids. Did feel extremely nauseous firts two days and used prescribed suppositories. They worked wonders, however the only time I did feel ill was when i got up to use the restroom but I did feel really ill.

That is all for now. I will update tomorrow.

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I will be able to share more information as this process continues.

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How are you now in mid June? Your photo looks good. I'm in the Bay Area, too, and considering this. Would you mind sharing your doctor's name?
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That actually is not a photo of me. I will catch you up on how I feel now. My breasts are lower now, but much better than before. My neck is still red with some hard banding (lumps). I can cover the redness with powder, but I do have a jawline now, definition and no more turkey neck. I had the endoscopic brow lift. One brow looks great and the other is hopefully getting there. Overall I am happy with the results. My face is still going through changes. I am using Obagi so my skin is going through shedding and redness. I do look better, but it has been quite a process and some days I did not feel I looked better. Emotionally and physically it is quite a roller coaster ride. I am glad I did it. I in no way shape or form look pulled, plastic or puffy. The office I went to was in Blackhawk and they have been fantastic.
On a final note:
I know everybody heals at a different pace. For me there was no way that I was really fit to be seen in public before three weeks.
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Thanks for your reply. I do know it's a roller coaster ride till the healing is over, but you sound positive. Relieved to hear, as you said, you don't appear pulled, puffy, and plastic!!! That's the big fear of people embarking on it. Can you reveal the name of your surgeon? I'm hoping to connect with an MD who has a good reputation. I'm in Walnut Creek.
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Dr. Ronan at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. They took excellent care of me. The office (on-site surgical facility)and staff were fantastic. Dr. Ronan is direct, extemely professional and skilled. I was very pleased with my entire experience.
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Thank you so much! I wish more folks would be forthcoming with the names of good doctors. Some of
the stories on this site are sad, and may have been prevented if people knew who are the
best and trustworthiest surgeons in their areas.
Thanks again for your openess~
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Now I am 4 1/2 weeks post-op. The bruising on my cheeks gone at the 4 week point. Still have a pretty good size bruise on the side of my face above jawline. I have been able to work, but I do quite a bit at home. If I had to really work with the public at three weeks I still would have not been comfortable. I am still waiting for my brow lift to look more like I expected (no movement yet). My neck is really red and has hard banding and lumps. I know with time that will all change. Sounds like I am complaining, this is just the stage where I am. I do have to say I am so happy I did it. So happy I went through it and it is pretty much over, just healing and looking better. My breasts are fine, I really want to sleep on my side, sometimes I do for a short time and just adjust a pillow so it is more comfortable (in between my breasts). The one thing is I am super, super tired and wonder if this could be a bit of an anesthesia hangover. Otherwise all is well.
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Hi there, how are you doing?I still have numb cheeks with mottled bruising..there is improvement every day but real slow now. My breasts, (especially the right ) are really painful when i wake up... it seems that the silicone implant shifts during the night and when it goes back in to position it hurts like hell.. hope all well with you and yours!
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yes, bigger and higher figures..mine too.. swelling will go down and reduce size by approx 10%, so i am told by my G8 doc... implants will drop also and settle... takes up to 4 weeks on average.. he didn't mention massaging them.. i do not want to fiddle with them! As i think this would make me feel odd... they do not feel part of me at all.. YET!
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Hi, glad you are feeling ok... its really tough i know... i think the anestesia and medz play a huge part in the emotional neck is also swollen and sore... it is getting better every day.. i find that the more feeling that is returning to my face reassuring but the downside is... my ears hurt! Sleeping is a pain as being upright sucks..
Re the brows.. its the swelling.. once it goes down it will be ok and remember that there are 2 sides to ur face and one might well react differently to the other, just like the boobs.. my right one is a wierd shape at the mo but looking bettre every day....

courage mon cher...
C x
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Okay, now about the breast augmentation. I feel they are bigger and higher than I would like. I am figuring the swelling will lessen and settling to take place.I was shown the massage technique today, had no idea what "massage" entailed. I feel a little ill when I do it, it is so strange to me.
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I have to say a big thank you to those of you have commented, really appreciate the support.Today was an emotional day for me, what can I say it just was and your kind words put a smile (I think) on my face.
Had the drain tube removed yesterday. I still was draining a very small amount of fluid when it was removed. I have some pretty big swelling at the sides of my neck below ears where tube was located. Really tender. I am going back in to have the staples removed. My brow is a lot lower on one side which I know will change, but my brows are lower than when I started the doctor said this will improve. I read a lot about people using the Arnica cream but I never looked up the cream myself. Wish I had. I do keep a clean cloth around the items I ice with and am still icing.
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hi...i am also 48 and have also just had a brow and face lift, lipo on tummy and back fat hips and breast augmentation!! So i know how you feel..i had it done in london uk...
I spent 3 days in hospital, i had a face mask thing, under the bandages, that was hooked up to a device which cooled it so my face was cooled for 20 hrs post surgery... i think this helped a lot as i now day 7 have very little swelling... i was told by my doc to be really careful with icing as it can damage the skin tissue ( maybe use a clean cloth around the bags of veg?)i have also been slathering Arnica cream on the bruises..
My ears are beginning to hurt though, am on last day of anti biotics.. boobs look good and flat tummy... yey!!!

Hope your swelling abates soon and you feel better, i also felt nauseous too, i think uts a combo of meds esp. the anti biotics. Taking then after food helps..
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My husband also had one of those coolers for his knee surgery. I tried to manipulate it to work for me and could only ice one side at a time. I would have loved to have had the appropriate one for my procedures. I am glad to hear they are out there.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery,and that you have great results.
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Thank you for your wishes. I will keep you posted.
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Glad everything is going well for you at this point. Remember the most important thing and that is patience. I have learned that in the last few weeks myself. Until you go through these procedures you don't know what to expect. It's been 7 weeks since my facelift and eyes were done and there still is some swelling and numbness.My doctor is great and explained this all takes time to heal, no matter what procedure you had.
You can do all the research you want which it seems you did like I did and took years before making the final decision. You will never know all the answers as each of us is different and we all can't know all the questions to ask. That's why I like this info link where we can discuss our thoughts and issues.
Remember like I said at the beginning patience on healing. I get better each day and am pleased and happy I did it.
No I do not work for a plastic surgeon or know anyone in that field personally.
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Thank you for your comment. One week post-op and I think I am healing in at a pretty good pace.
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