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Tummy Tuck For 36 Year Old Mother of Two - Bay Area, CA

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 children, 11 and 6...

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 children, 11 and 6 year olds. I blame what my 6 year old calls"the blob" on the fact that I worked in SF during my first pregnancy and there was a deli and taqueria right across the street. Too many salami sandwhiches and carnitas burritos accompanied with an almost 10 pounder boy and c-section gave me what one doctor called during a routine physical a few years ago "souvenirs." She was referring to my many stretch marks, extra skin and very flabby tummy. I've always wanted a tummy tuck but always felt it was beyond reach. Whenever i mentioned it to family or friends theyd always say "Why?"
i have always been somewhat fit. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I like to hike. Our family snowboards in the winter. I am 5 feet one inch and weigh 114 pounds so I am pettite. But i gave up many years ago on my abs. Nothing i would do could eliminate the extra skin. They say its 70% diet and 30% exercise or whatever the ratio is. My diet is definitely not perfect. But there were times when i was strict and cut out the "bad" carbs and ate for the most part, healthy. I still couldnt get rid of that "blob." What really did it for me was our family trip to Mexico this past summer. I thought to myself this is such an amazing vacation and I am so blessed. Kids are having a blast and this place is beautiful..gorgeous beaches etc...but WHY do I keep hiding behind my kids when its picture time??? This is so unfair. I work out religiously, I kick ass as a floor nurse and I work hard at home and at work. Why am I so ashamed of my tummy? I used to call them " battle scars." Maybe it would make me feel better. I did go thru the "guilty mom" phase but as I read posts on here I realize how true it is that we shouldn't feel guilty.

I have "souvenirs" too from my 10lb 11oz baby girl, so I feel your pain! I have had 2 c-sections & have the same issue with extra skin. I have worked out so much & tried lots of different diets, but no luck with the tummy :( I think a tuumy tuck is the only answer for the loose skin. Even the trainer at my gym said exercise can only do so much. Good luck to you! I am in the Bay Area too & still researching...I hope everything goes well for you!
Thanks! Good luck to you in your research!

Four more weeks till surgery. Time has certainly...

Four more weeks till surgery. Time has certainly flew by especially. The SF Giants kept us busy during their playoff run so I hadnt thought about the surgery much. I thought maybe I would freeze some dinners, but now i dont think that will happen. I figure we have enough cookbooks for my hubby to get ideas. I am now wishing i scheduled surgery earlier cuz the waiting is hard. Oh well..
i feel like my eating habits have gone down hill. Ugh. The thought of not being able to work out is tough also. But i guess it is ok and will just take time.

19 more days. 7 more shifts at work. I have been...

19 more days. 7 more shifts at work. I have been eating so poorly. My husband said I might as well eat all the crap food now since my tummy is going bye-bye. I know i should probably still eat healthy and for the most part, I do. I think it could be "stress" eating and some nervousness about the surgery. I bought some granny panties the other day. I actually think my husband's boxers are more comfy. Haha. The waiting is blah. Wish i had scheduled surgery before thanksgiving now. My rationale was that i wanted to feel normal and eat!
$2 an hour sounds great! I have a 14 year old & 9 year old, so I am hoping to bribe them when my time comes too! lol! I wish I could schedule mine now...but I have had some setbacks with $. Trying to pay it all in cash, so have to save a little more. I can't wait to see your before & afters!
2 more weeks, and after tonight, 4 more shifts at work! Oh my, nervous yet excited. I've hired my 11 year old son to be my nurse. He's agreed to $2 an hour, lol!
How exciting that it is just about 2 weeks away! Will you rate your doctor on here afterwards? I am still researching them. I hope that your day gets here soon for you!

7 more days...very excited. I bought a wedge...

7 more days...very excited. I bought a wedge pillow yesterday. Will pack my overnight bag soon. 2 more shifts at work. Can't wait to be on the "flat side"!

So I just posted my before Pics. It's weird. For...

So I just posted my before Pics. It's weird. For 12 years I never found the need to take a pic of the yucky tummy. While my husband was taking the pic, he finally admitted he was glad that I was having this procedure done. I think during the aftermath and years of having this belly you just kind of accept it for what they are: remnants of the beautiful thing called child birth. I can't believe that in a week I will be on my way to recovery.
Husband has been great. We picked out and decorated our Christmas tree and I have purchased and wrapped about 80% of christmas gifts. Christmas lights are up so I feel ecstatic about that. Tomorrow we will be taking kids to Union Square in SF to see the christmas tree and also the SF Giants World Series Trophies (woohooo!!!). Wednesday I'll be packing my overnight bag and possibly go see Breaking Dawn and of course a mani-pedi.
I cannot wait to be 6 months post-op and in a bikram yoga class showing off my flat tummy!!!
But boy oh boy, the last 5 nights of eating a bowl full of ice cream sure did not help me lose weight. I went from 114 pounds to 121 pounds within the span of 10 days. It's okay. I'll lose it post-op and once I start working out again...
Good luck to you on Thursday! I'm sure you will get fantastic results! Soon you will be able to see all your hard work to get those nice abs underneath. :) So excited for you!
thank you!
Our big day is Thursday how are you feeling? I know my emotions have been all over the place but today I'm in a good spot, ready to get it done. Hopefully I stay this way lol

It's post op day 2 and I am feeling ok. The...

It's post op day 2 and I am feeling ok. The marcaine pump is working quite well. I really only have pain when getting up and sitting down. Once I am up and walking there's hardly any pain. I am hunched over so my back hurts if I walk too long around the house. I have been taking childrens tylenol. Vicodin upsets my stomach so i have been taking small doses like 80 and ocassionally 160 mg tylenol. Been eating small meals throughout the day like oatmeal, granola bars or string cheese. Also had a BM this morning, very glad! Only 25 cc's drained in my JP drain so I am crossing my fingers PS will take it out Monday.
Ps said there was a 1 1/2 inches of muscle separation at my navel.and half an inch at lower abs. He removed 1 pound of extra skin.
It's post op day 3 and I was able to get up off the couch by myself. Yesterday i coughed and it hurt like hell. Splinting does help a little. I peaked underneath my CG and my incision looks good. It's very thin compared to my c-section scar. Tomorrow is first post op appt. Crossing fingers PS removes JP drain. Only 10 cc's drained yesterday so here's hoping.
Good luck!! Who's your PS?
How are you feeling?

Post op appt.#1 was today, happy with results,...

Post op appt.#1 was today, happy with results, all the extra skin gone but belly and vaginal area are swollen. Drain and marcaine pump are scheduled to be removed this Friday on POD#8. After appt hubby and i had lunch al fresco. It was nice to be outside and enjoy some sunshine as it has been raining the last 4 days in the bay area. Then i came home and took a 2 hour nap. The outing wore me out!
Happy healing...yes it was nice to see the sun in the Bay today. Rain will be back tomorrow. The flu is definetly going around be careful and don't get sick!

Pod 5 is almost over. Starting to hate this CG. I...

Pod 5 is almost over. Starting to hate this CG. I just feel like it is too tight. I adjusted it this morning and may re adjust tonight. Didnt take any tylenol today. I think i will have hubby drop me off to get a pedicure tomorrow as another full day at home might just drive me insane. Friday can't come soon enough.

Pod #6. Had a good day. Got a pedicure and went...

Pod #6. Had a good day. Got a pedicure and went to starbucks. Usually i may get a grande iced chai. Today i got a tall and couldnt finish it. Made a tomato basil egg sandwhich for lunch and it was delicious. I am eating a lot less than pre-surgery and i hope to continue to eat smaller more frequent and healthier meals. Less than 48 hours till my 2nd post op appt and can't wait. I will be helping hubby put.together dinner today. He will do the chopping/cooking and i will delegate. Feels good to be able to help a little.

End of POD 7. I took pics earlier this morning...

End of POD 7. I took pics earlier this morning and will try to post later. Hubby took me to trader joe's so got to do some grocery shopping. Tomorrow once the drain is removed I will hopefully be on track for some resemblance of life before the surgery. I know I can't go back to normal activity for several weeks, but it would be nice to get this very annoying and disgusting drain out. And the marcaine drip/box that hangs around my neck 24/7, there were some moments when I was just going to remove it myself and throw that thing away. My PS said that the most common complaints post surgery is boredom and depression. Was he ever right. I am glad I got over that hump and will see him tomorrow morning.

POD 8. YAY, drain and marcaine pump is gone! Ps...

POD 8. YAY, drain and marcaine pump is gone! Ps said not to increase activity to avoid a seroma. In one week, steri strips will be taken off. No pain, but i am still slow bending and reaching and very cautious of movements. Can't wait to be able to start working out again, but thankful I am forced to take it easy during this holiday season.
Looks good!

Pod 12 and i drove for the first time today. I...

Pod 12 and i drove for the first time today. I kind of missed my hubby driving me around everywhere. Still making sure I take breaks on the couch periodically during the day. Last night was first night i was able to confortably lay on my side but only for short time. And that nasty belly button finally fell off. I noticed it was gone this morning and wondered how gross it would be if my hubby found it on the ground or in our bed. Lmao!
I tried on a bikini this morning and was quite pleased even though it feels like the swelling will never go away. Only time will make that go away I guess. I have also learned the importance of staying away from salty foods. Salt definitely makes me swell more. This morning i replaced my english breakfast tea with sugar and milk with green tea. And starting to eat5-6 small meals a day. Prior to surgery i would go to starbucks 5 times a week. I've gone once in last almost 2 weeks. Slowly starting to cut out the salt and sugar...baby steps to looking fabulous in that bikini come summertime!
Looking good :) happy healing
Thank you!

2 weeks post op today. Feeling great, still not...

2 weeks post op today. Feeling great, still not at 100% activity level but able to get around ok. Still relaxing and taking it easy and increasing activity slowly. Yesterday I started an "eat clean" regimen. Don't want to say diet cuz the change in eating habits has to be a lifestyle change and everyday thing where eating healthy is a part of life. I know we shouldn't try clothes on etc..but I tried on my bikini this morning. You can see the scar but I'm ok with that. Maybe I will get a cute tattoo when the scar heals. I'm still wearing the CG 24 hours a day. I actually love wearing it cuz I feel like it gives me that support and somewhat helps the swelling. PS said after 2 weeks I can just wear it for 1/2 the day, but I think I will probably wear it longer than that. Tomorrow he takes off the tape that covers the scar. I've reached the "It's worth it" stage. With clean eating, sleep and exercise I will be on track to rock that bikini come summer 2013. Hubby and I will take a trip to Vail for some snowboarding in late February so I may even get to wear that bikini sooner at the ski resort pool!!!!

3 weeks post op and I am wearing my CG about 85%...

3 weeks post op and I am wearing my CG about 85% of the time. It still gives me a lot of support and just feels good to have on. Been eating very clean these last couple of weeks and have changed my diet. No more english breakfast tea with sugar and milk in the am. It's either green tea or plain warm water. I eat 5-6 small meals a day and limit salt and processed foods. And I must say that it's rather easy to change your diet if you put your mind to it. PS says no exercising till about 6 weeks (so 3 more weeks to go). I still get a little tired if I do too much (like tonight I made 3 batches of cookie dough and needed a break in between).
I was a little freaked out that the vertical scar (from old BB) wouldn't go away. PS reassured me that it will fade in time and that if it didn't (which is rare) he would fix it if it needed to be. My scar is healing quite nicely. Just wish I could start working out, but I know that I need to let my ab muscles recuperate from the surgery. And there is so much snow in the Sierras I wish I could go snowboarding! ahh well, all in due time. Being home with the kids and hubby has been nice. Being forced to slow down has made me realize how blessed I am. I was looking at pics from this summer and me hiding behind my kids on the beach. So happy I will NOT be hiding my stomach any longer!
Just looked at all of your picture and boy has there been a huge difference each week. I can't wait to see you at a month(;
Lookin Fab!
Thank you!

4 weeks, 4 days post op. a couple days ago I...

4 weeks, 4 days post op. a couple days ago I tried on my snowboarding pants and was so happy that I finally could fit them with no overhang "blob". I started snowboarding a couple years after my son was born so I've never had a flat tummy while in snowboard pants. Felt so good. 6 weeks before surgery I weighed in at about 114/115. Right before surgery I gained weight and was at 120. I am now at 115. I have not started working out again as PS says 6 weeks until I can resume my regular activity. I have started walking though 45 minutes leisure walks. I attribute the weight loss to the clean eating. 5-6 small meals a day, lean protein, lots of fruits and veggies and the only thing I drink is water. When I want rice in my meal I have quinoa instead. On the weekends I get one cheat meal or snack a day. Gone are my daily trips to Peet's coffee or Starbucks. Since surgery I've gone to starbucks i think 4 times and always a drink that has less than 300 calories. That's a big deal for me. It does help that I have been off from work and am able to put together healthy meals. One thing I have learned from being off work is that there are no excuses to not eat healthy and exercise. I have to make the time. I've made small changes in eating habits and it seems to be well worth it. I used to HATE chicken breast. Now I eat it instead of my favorite chicken thighs. I used to love mayo. Now I use olive oil mayo and use it sparingly. I was never into bananas. Now I incorporate it in my smoothies, oatmeals...Also I've been eating a lot less sugary and processed foods. I'm constantly looking at how much sodium and sugar a product has. I've replaced sourdough bread with whole grain/whole wheat bread. But I'll still have my favorites every now and then. Just a matter of portion control. Instead of a bag of potato chips, maybe just a few potato chips. And instead of a whole ice cream sandwich, maybe just 1/2.
Not really liking my vertical scar. PS says it will lighten up and flatten out and if he feels it won't after a few months he will do a small revision. My horizontal scar is doing ok. It's much better than my c-section scar and if my c-section scar gives me any indication of how my new scar will be, then I am not too worried. My c-section scar lightened over a few years and I rarely wear anything that low anyways...
You look great! Happy healing!
You look great! Love how baggy the snow board pants look (you look like a teenager with the trim tummy and pant falling to your hips).

6 weeks post op and i started on the treadmill 2...

6 weeks post op and i started on the treadmill 2 days ago. I am easing my way back to working out. Last week I went on a couple of runs down the bunny slope (snowboard). I was terrified of falling at first but did fine. I also went and bought some new underwear at victoria's secret. Felt amazing to try on clothes without the blob. Will try to post some pics soon!

Just posted a couple new pics. Went back to work...

just posted a couple new pics. Went back to work last week and did fine working 12 hour shifts. Starting to reap the benefits of this surgery with the exercising and eating right. Been eating pretty clean 80% of the time. And I have incorporated exercise pretty heavily. 3 days of weight training and 3 days of yoga or bikram per week with 1 rest day. I still swell at certain times of the day, mostly after heavy exercise or after I've eaten even just a tiny bit of salt. I am very happy that I did this surgery. Get ready for the summer months and bikinis!!
You are looking great!! Love it when new clothes fit right & I am sure you're so happy that you'll be ready for bikini season! Yay!
You look fantastic!!!
Glad to see you're doing well!


Hi everyone, I've been so busy to get on here. But wanted to check in. Working out 5-6 days a week
Almost all weights and cardio 2-3 times a week. Yoga I try to get in once a week. I've been using myfitnesspal app to track what I eat. I think I weigh like 110 pounds now, almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight 12 years ago. I hardly weigh myself nowadays cuz I'm working on building muscle. If anyone has an Instagram acct I am sfborn and you can see some progress pics.
Looking great!
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