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I paid a top-surgeon price to Dr. Mehta, and got a...

I paid a top-surgeon price to Dr. Mehta, and got a lot of problems. He is very kind, and listens to you, and answers your questions, which is why I went with him.

BUT, my open nose surgery was a mess. He didn't know who the anesthesiologists, even though he told me beforehand that he did. And the anesthesiologist guy showed up the surgery 3 hours late. I should have just walked away at this point!

The surgery went 4.5 hours (2-3 hours he said) and I was bruised beyond recognition. (6 months later I had jaw surgery, took 2 hours and the most dark my face got was a dirty yellowish colour.)

He didn't actually take account what I wanted (even though I photoshopped exactly how I wanted to prevent any misunderstandings). The problem with him that he is very sweet and insures you that he understands, but does what ever he planed initially.

The bump that I want to get rid of, is still there; I have another little pimple like bump appeared on my nose after the surgery as well. I can't breath very well, and now my nose slightly crooked too.

And most importantly almost two years after the surgery, the stitching to reduce my alar base are NOT healing and they are actually becoming larger scars, like giant acne pores on the sides of my nose, and stitches actually very visible. Did I mentioned, they also bleed from time to time?

There is no difference between the before and after pictures. I paid my life savings, and I want my money back.

So, he seems to be a very nice person, but be aware: you will have a lot of problems. Seek someone who is actually THE board certified, not A board certified like him, and have lots of experience.

(By the way, he is not the guy on this picture.)

Just curious why you waited 2 years to post something? Doesn't Dr. Mehta have a policy where he will fix your rhinoplasty if you're not happy within 2 years? What was his response to your concerns? Also, I met with Dr. Mehta and he is the guy pictured on this website, are you sure you're writing your review in the right place?
I have already answered you privately that the picture on his own website (which is Dr. Mehta) and the profile picture on this site does not belong to the same person. If you can't see the difference on those pictures, you might be very happy with your results. I waited two years because I was advised to wait to see the real changes, as everyone has different skin thickness, and different healing process. I didn't like the holes on the side of my nose, along with the other things I said in my review. If you like what you see on my pictures above, then you will be fine.
I think it is more suspicious when people wait years to post their first good review right after someone's negative review. Many people suffer in silence because it is embarrassing, many people do not always come across doctor's online profiles to review on, or like "before and after" stated, we wait in hopes that our condition will improve so as to not advise against a doctor too early. I think it is smart you waited to review, and thanks for sharing pictures. Very helpful!
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