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I'm in my 30s, kids, married and a strong desire...

I'm in my 30s, kids, married and a strong desire to for a MM.
Want to get a ttuck,breast,&lipo on arms.
I would like to stay close to home so that is one of the reasons I may choose Dr. Hisaki. I have cash only (10k) don't want to share with too many people (family) in fear of their opinions.
Made a step forward today and made a consultation apt for July 2013. I pray all goes well and I can keep going forward. If anyone is around the same stage would love to hear from you.


I am 6 days post op, I have mated pain very well, the most difficult thing is lack of mobility.... I have documented my journey so far if you want to take a look...
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Hi! I'm happy for you as you start your journey. On the topic of family, I did not tell mine both times until a week before. I had already chosen my docs, paid, and set the appt. also bought what I needed so I wouldn't have to have extra help besides what my boyfriend would provide. I felt like I was running away, lol, but you do what you have to when you are doing for you! Good luck!
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Thank you for responding. I kind of feel like I would be running away but as long as my husband is ok with it then he is enough support I need to continueThanks so much!

thank you!!

I am overwhelmed with the encouragement and support you ladies have given me!
Obviously your journey is being used for good because it is helping others like myself who is scared and clueless.
But I do not go into major decisions without educating myself and who better to teach than all of you! Thank you, thank you. The more info the better. Please continue to send me messages. Thanks again!


Would love to hear where you decide to go and what's next. Thanks!
Thank you, I will!
Yes, that makes sense. Thank you so much foe taking the time to respond!



Girl it worth it and you will be a lot happier. You are right just tell the people you need to some people will get jealous other will try to talk you out of it. Remember just one thing you are doing this for you and nobody else. It's time to make you happy now so keep plugging away with that yes decision in your head.
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Got your message. Congrats on scheduling it! I'm posting so other moms can start answering the questions you'll have as you get closer to next week!
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My status: Got 100% ok from my husband, only told one other person, short by $1100,Surgery set for September. Any insight ladies? BTW: if any can answer these questions- Where n what kind of pressure garments Do i get a bikini wax what items should i purchase prior to mmo
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6 days away!!!

All set up for my MMO!!! in six days! This what I have and what I requested: pressure abdomen garment for lipo and TT and a bra with sleeves for implants, lift and lipo on arms. Meds, on Monday, arnica and that's about it. Any suggestions. Dr told me not to use cream just yet. But I saw some of you all use but how soon after. Also asked that incision be low, high lift, alot of Any advice would be so appreciated! Super excited!


Hi ilco glad u have got things together got surgery. Can u tell me where u bought your garments from. My preop is in a month!
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Congrats on a great decision!
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Coming home a new with a new body!

Thursday is the big day! So excited but having second thoughts. I'm sure alot of you felt this money could be used towards other things and if you haven't gotten your MMo I'm sure you may go through similar feelings. But for you veterans any advice is appreciated!


Hey llco how are you?? Hope everything went well. Checking in to see everything's ok ..
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Praying for you tomorrow! :)
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I didn't start having second thoughts until just a few days before. Some of it was about the money, but mostly it was about the "what ifs". Luckily, the doctor prescribed Xanax the day before and morning off. Lol! I looked at it like this.... In general, a new car would cost us $30-40 thousand, and we only drive a car for 8 or 10 years and its not worth anything when we are done with it. I have to have this body for the rest of my life! I didn't want to be "driving around" a ragged out body when I feel like I've still got a lot of miles left in me! :) Yes, It is a lot of money, but I was worth it, and so are you! And on the what ifs.... When my hubby was worried sick the night before, I just looked at him and said, "there is more of a chance of me dying in a car crash on the way to surgery than there is something really bad happening from the surgery." Different people have different philosophies, but I just had faith. I put it in God's hands. If He didn't want me to do it, He would make a way for it not to happen. I am so happy I did this! I NEVER do anything for myself.... Really.... Like NEV-ER! I'm only 2 1/2 weeks post op and don't even really know what the final results will look like, but I love that I took control and fixed something that I could never do with diet and exercise. I did the work. I lost the weight. I tried every cream and home remedy there is to fix it, but couldn't. I EARNED the right to do this and you did too. My advice.... Eat LOTS of pineapple. Like... so much you never want to look at another pineapple again! Take two stool softeners EVERY NIGHT before bed starting tonight! Buy Milk of Magnesia, and take it if you go more than two days between BMs. Take Arnica religiously! Borrow a walker. Your back is going to get so tired. It will pass quickly, but it makes everything so difficult in the early days. If you get nauseated easily, ask for a prescription for Zofran. It's the only reason I made it through my first 8 showers. And finally, be patient and give it time. There is not much that can't be fixed. You're gonna look fantastic! Take before pics! Even if you don't post them. Take them, email them to yourself and delete them if you have to. But you need to be able to remember "before". Best wishes and prayers for you, your family and medical team! See you on the flat side! :)
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I did it!!!!

My mmo was Thursday, now Monday. Feel so much better. What I would do differently, what I would highly suggest and was it with it-
I would do differently: ask for specific markings making sure dr is succtioning all areas, where incision will be and how high or low ariola will be. I would highly highly recommend a walker and toilet seat riser. Would I do it over? Yes yes yes!


Yay! Welcome to the flat side! Rest up and be well! :)
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So excited for you! Are we gonna get to see any pics? Happy healing :)
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Decided to go bigger

I'm 5'1, 120 lbs and went with 350cc saline. Glad I did!

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Told my momdad and sister today

They were very supportive. Shocked but glad I did!


How are you doing? (((Hugs))))
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Hi lcollins, Can you please let us all know how you are doing? I am thinking of going with Dr. Hisaka too, but need more advice. I tried to send you a private message, but its not anywhere on your profile. Please respond.
dr. hisaki

Sounds great.

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