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I had coolsculpting done 7 days ago and I'm...

I had coolsculpting done 7 days ago and I'm totally OVER this pain. Chronic pins and needles feeling and or cramping. The procedure itself did not bother me at all, a little uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes but after that it just felt like pressure. I even fell asleep at one point during the procedure. I had 2 areas done, lower abdomen with the large applicator and upper abdomen with the small applicator. I did not get any bruising or swelling after the procedure. I have been taking Bromaline before and after the procedure, which is suppose to help with all that and I think it certainly did. I may be a little bloated but I think I'm always bloated so I won't list that as a side effect.
The day after the procedure I was very sore (kind of like after a really hard workout) I'm glad I decided to take that day off of work. The day after (day 3) was terrible, not only was I in horrendous pain but I started getting low back spasms. Luckily the day after that the back spasms subsided. But what really bothers me is this chronic cramping feels like pins and needles and its impossible to sleep at night. Day 4, I started to doing some online research and read about the Neurontin, so I had my Dr call that in for me. Honestly all it does it take the "edge" off and make you extremely drowsy. IB Profin doesn't seem to work either. Too be honest the only time the pain ever goes away or subsides is when I have a drink. Not that I'm saying hey everyone start drinking booze to feel better but it does work. Haha. Ive also tried wearing really tight pants (like biker shorts) under my clothing and that helps a little. Well here I am day 7 didn't sleep at all last night because of the pain, wondering if this will ever go away and if all this is going to be worth it. I guess only time will tell. I have all my before and during photos, I'll gladly post them once I have the end result. After all this I better get results. If this doesn't work I can honestly say I WOULD NEVER recommend this to anyone. Wish me luck and if anyone has any other tips and advice on how long I will be in pain for please post a comment! I'm pretty much at my wits end with this pain.


Get a prescription for Neurontin, a nerve-blocker.
I did, Neurontin did not work for me, just made me drowsy. Luckily today which is Day 9 past procedure I'm finally starting to feel better.

9 Days After Procedure Finally Feeling Better

Still a little sore but at least the cramping and pins and needles type feeling seems to be gone. Which is a huge blessing because I was at my wits end with that. I still do not see any results but don't expect to for quite some time. I will keep you all updated.


How long did they treat each area for?
Sorry, I'm just seeing this question. Each area was treated for 1 hour.
I'm not thrilled about any procedure that requires drugs during the recovery period.

7 Weeks After Coolsculpting Procedure (STILL NO RESULTS)

I am not seeing any results yet, and if anything is happening it is very, very minimal. I read on here that people start to see results in 4 to 6 weeks. Well, not the case for me. My Nurse told me I won't see any results for at least 3 months. I will be patient until that time, but as of now I'm not seeing anything. Just thought I would update everyone.


I did it twice on and I'm very, very suprised with results!!!
I did this procedure nearly a year ago with no results. It was painful so I thought it was working but no luck for me...just a little lighter in my purse.
Quick you work out at all, or are you just relying on results? Because I am on week 6 as of tomorrow on my procedure on the lower abs and flanks and I must say imam definitely starting to see results! In the beginng I was looking in the mirror everyday and I had to stop became I was not seeing anything, but now I can definitely say I'm starting to see. I know it's working cause my workout regimine is the same before I got the procedure, and my body was just not responding. So hopefully you will start to see some results soon, and good luck!

7 Months later no results on CoolSculpting. I tried Vanquish and it works!

So after being completely unsatisfied with my CoolSculpting treatment and not having any results and a whole lot of pain, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the office that did the treatment. Luckily for me I was offered to be a test patient for the new Vanquish Treatment that just hit the market. Wow, all I can say it this was MUCH Better. Vanquish is completely pain free, comfortable, NO side effects and works much faster. I went in for 4, 30 minute treatments and I lost 1 and 1/2 inches around my waist. This procedure uses heat to melt the fat cells away opposed to freezing it away with the horrendous CoolSculpting Procedure. I'm sure CoolSculpting has worked for some people, but it did not work for me. I really liked the Vanquish treatment and actually saw results with it. And who doesn't want to do something that is pain free?? I would highly recommend doing this procedure over CoolSculpting. I got this procedure done for free because of my dissatisfaction with the CoolSculpting treatment and seeing NO results. I was told the treatment costs around $2000 for 4 to 6 treatments, Vanquish also covers a larger target area then CoolSculpting and is completely pain free. I highly recommend anyone in the market looking in to CoolSculpting to do the Vanquish Treatment instead. Trust me, you will thank me later.


can you show an updated picture please?
I will post an updated picture but please keep in mind this is after Vanquish. The Coolsculpting treatment did not work for me at all.
OMG!!! I had my abdomen done 7 days ago and I am DYING of pain I am having all of the same symptoms, did you do anything other than drink to make pain go away or did it gradually go away on it's own?

Updated Picture 3 months after Vanquish Treatment

This picture was taken a few weeks ago after I had 4 Vanquish Treatments in November/December. Coolsculpting did NOT work for me, Vanquish did and as you can see I had major results.


BEWARE. Vanquish is not FDA approved for inch loss or fat reduction. Did your doctor tell you this prior to the procedure??? It has been reported to the FDA the BTL Enterprises is marketing a muscular deep tissue relief product as a miracle cure for abdomen inch loss. People have reported burnt abdominal areas and skin damage from this unit. There are other FDA approved products on the market that will give the same result without pain or dangerous circumstances. The Laser Lipo Strawberry unit works great and is better priced. Please be careful recommending non-FDA procedures to others. It could be very dangerous.
Go to your profile.
I'm sorry you are upset; but RS reviews are left up so other people can search for them and find out what people say. That includes the comments after the original review. The uproar has to do with someone posting on your review what sounds to be an advertisement for another type of lipo. Also you had a bad review of cool-sculpting and I guess people want to comment on that.

I don't want to list my Dr. YET, I would prefer to wait until I see a final result.

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