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I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly...

I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly lower than the other. No one but me ever noticed this and it was only apparent sometimes. The surgeon recommended a brow lift. I wasn’t sure I needed this surgery and flip-flopped changing my mind a few times.

The reason I went to see this surgeon was for a rhinoplasty estimate not for a brow lift. This doctor always tells you to wait for his assistant before leaving. She then arrives with estimates of anything that was mentioned during the appt. I ended up with many estimates for up to 6 procedures. I mentioned a few times that I didn’t think I needed all these and should probably wait until I’m older. Now I understand that they have all been trained very well to sell, sell, sell. They add all these procedures with a high price and then take off a huge amount at the end so it appears as if you’re getting them at a substantial bargain IF you do them all at once. When it was time to sign the consent forms for this, I said I wouldn’t do it because it sounded too scary and I was not convinced I even wanted this surgery. The pre-op nurse said to talk to the Dr. because the paperwork was outdated and didn’t pertain to the method that he used. She said the doctor only used 2 screws. The thought of screws on my skull still scared me so I told the doctor that I would not be doing the surgery but he assured me that he didn’t use screws and that I would only have 2 stitches, one above each eyebrow, behind the hairline.

Two days before the surgery, I spoke to the Dr. on the phone because I had reservations. He assured me that I wouldn’t look weird and told me that people will think I look refreshed and assume I must have a new hair style. I ended up with 5 incisions, each with a few stitches, and with some foreign objects placed under my skin, attached to my skull! They feel like small marbles and are very sensitive to touch. Even 3 months later, I must brush and wash my hair carefully because they still sensitive. I get a lot of dull headaches because I feel like I’m wearing a very tight visor that I can’t take off. I feel tinges of pain here and there. I often have to massage my forehead to relieve the tension. And ONE EYEBROW IS STILL SOMETIMES LOWER THAN THE OTHER and I have a WEIRD UNNATURAL LOOK.

You have been through a lot with this surgeon. He has missed the mark every time with your procedures. If your original complaint was the brows were uneven I'm wondering why he would have pulled the other one up at all; and it appears he gave the higher brow a really good pull...why??? There should be cosmetic surgery insurance to protect against ironic outcomes. There needs to be some kind of checks and balances against surgeon who don't seem to care what the cosmetic outcome is. If patients could purchase a one-time insurance before going under the knife, sort of like air travel insurance, our insurance people could deal with their insurance people. And when a surgeon has too many claims, their insurance people should report them to the state board for disciplinary action. Until it hurts someone other than just the patient, nothing will change, even though the industry does suffer in loss of consumer confidence. No telling what percentage of people change their minds about cosmetic procedures after they see so many botch jobs. Too many "dufus" surgeons are allowed to go along their merry way doing substandard work for big bucks and giving the whole industry a bad name. But try not to let this ruin your general outlook because you have a very pleasant youthful face and the fact he performed virtually no artistry on you still doesn't diminish that fact. So try to stay upbeat and don't give up your search for better revision work no matter how long it might take. It will all seem worth it when it finally happens.
You're right and thank you! There are no consequences for surgeons who trick unsuspecting and trusting customers. We need to all start writing our legislatures so that we can be better protected. As long as they get paid, some of these surgeons have no trouble sleeping at night knowing that they’ve ruined people’s faces and lives.
I do not have a problem with plastic surgery. I DO have a problem with BROW LIFTS!
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