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I am 24 years old 5'5" and at pre op i...

I am 24 years old 5'5" and at pre op i was a 34A, post op 397 sillicone mods. I had little breast tissue to begin with but decided to get implants. It was only November when i decided and not more than 3 months had gone by before i decided to have them removed. I thought i would be happy and that weird feeling of something wrong would pass, i just didnt feel like myself. Staring in the mirror i was just not myself i had these perky, perfect breasts, something i always wanted (or thought) and i hated myself. I took the next step called my PS and it was set! Under local anestesia i had them removed within 45 min they were gone! I have never been so happy and excited to see my small little cute boobs again. I cant get the money back but it was well worth the lesson. I had been stretched pretty bad but only a couple close to unnoticeable stretch marks. I had my old crease scars removed and am waiting to see my PS to take off the small bandages. No need for stich removal all dissolvable. My PS is wonderful and i would recommend him to anybody, very gentle and understanding! I am happy and blessed that this was a mistake i could change

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How are your scars now? Did they have to move your crease up or down? I'm getting ready to explant after having mine one month and I'm scared what I will look like
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I am similar to you...small 34b prior with.400cc unders. I am 6 months post op and want out. Im.scared horribly.i will be deformed. Do you have photos?
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I am inspired by your story and all I am reading on this page.. I went to see a PS yesterday and they make you feel crazy of as if something is wrong with you for wanting to have them removed..because the result will be so unattractive.. He said I should give it time/sleep on it.. but when going to have a consultaion to have them PUT In ,,its like ok when do you want to have the surgery? thats it, no questions asked..
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I did a lot of research and went through photo after photo and that was one of my biggest concerns of how they would look! I honestly think they look better :) i think it is also more about peace of mind and just loving my original self. I cant put into words the feeling after they where out it was like a mixture of relief, excitement, happiness, all of that good stuff. My PS told me that they would look exactly how they did before surgery..and they did. My advice for consultations is bring a list of questions, anything you want to know ask dont feel silly or embarrassed ask! I hope everything works out keep me updated!
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Happy small...i am in your exact boat!!! Small 34b preop. Got 400 cc mod plus silicones under the.muscle placed about 5 months ago and wanted them out ever since. How do you look now? Is your skin tightening? What size where you prior? Im very scared I am going to look hideous with them out and im scared I will want.them bacj in. do you have photos? Please help with guidance :(
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Hey there! I cannot express how great i feel...i honestly think they look better. My PS told me since they where in for only a short time there would be really no diffrence and they would go right back to normal. I do have small strech marks but only i can see them because im very nit picky but nothing no one else could notice. I am so happy with my old self that i dont even think about getting them again only about how silly i was in the first place! You have to go with your gut feeling dont worry about anyone else its your body! :) hope this helped!
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Good luck i will be praying for you and your recovery! Keep us updated!
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Thank you again Happysmall, I am having my implants out tomorrow by Dr. Weil. I will post before and after pictures soon. My breast appear to be in great shape so he will do the explantation with a local anesthesia shot and oral medication for pain/nerves. He will cut the implant to drain the saline enabling removal through a small incision under the breasts natural fold. I am nervous and worried about infection and contaminates in the saline and implant as the en-bloc procedure will not be performed. I will be using antibiotics and pain medications. My general Dr. has agreed to monitor my follow-up care. I will also follow holistic methods to detox my body of known implant contaminates, which I will be happy to share as well. Wish me luck!
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Glad you had the realisation that you could be happy just the way u are I hope mine go back to pretty much what I had before. It's been 6 yrs but I have not had kids or lost/gained a lot of weight so my fingers r crossed and thank goodness I did not get big implants! Thanks for sharing ur progress... Congratulations!! E
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Thank you for sharing. I made an appointment and will be seeing your Dr. on Friday. The cost won't be the same but Dr. Weil is the most reasonable in the area as far as I can tell. I just want them out after ten years. Again, thank you so much for sharing. I will try to share my progress here if I can, I am having trouble signing in here.
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Hi HappySmall. I'm glad everything went well for you and you were able to do this early on. It's such a good feeling to be grateful for what we have. Just a shame that it takes such a drastic measure and so much money to realise we can be happy with ourselves just as we are. All the best for your continuing recovery. x
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