Five Weeks Post OP - New Pics (TT w/MR, BL/BA) - Battle Creek, MI

I had my first experience with plastic surgery...

I had my first experience with plastic surgery when I was 23. I had already had one child and I had the biggest breasts. I hated them. I couldn't wear shirts, they were in the way, my back know the spiel. I had a reduction. I was thrilled to have smaller breasts, but not so thrilled with the scarring. The surgeon that performed the reduction tried a procedure he hadn't done before (I was not aware he was going to try it) and he did not change my areola size nor do anything about the side fat (ya'll know what I'm talking about there!)

So while I have been happy to have smaller breasts, I wanted to fix them eventually.

I went through a divorce, remarriage and two more children. I gained a lot of weight. I recently decided enough was enough, I hated how big I had gotten and in April, decided to kick ass and lose the weight for good.

I decided that when I hit a certain weight, I would look into a tummy tuck (since three kids and a large weight loss didn't do me any favors) and a breast lift/revision and implant.

I found a doctor I really liked, and made the decision (yesterday!) to take the plunge! I am now nervous. I am not nervous about the surgery - surgery doesn't scare me. I think it's because I am doing something major for myself Kinda feel a little guilty.

Anyway, I am glad I found this site and look forward to all the stories, tips, tricks, and friends! :)

Been googling arnica Montana....I am still a bit...

Been googling arnica Montana....I am still a bit confused about it. Ugh. I swear there is far more information this time around than my first round with plastic surgery.

I am getting excited for my pre-op appt! Next week! Woohoo!

I know i need to add my before pics. I'll try and work on that.

I'm working hard to get as much weight off as possible before surgery too. I'm close to goal, but i want to be as close as possible.

Oh, and yeah...i was window shopping online for bathing suits last night. Omg I'm so excited...this will be the first two piece I've worn since i was 19 (i will be 36 in a few weeks!)

So of course i am sitting here obsessing over this...

So of course i am sitting here obsessing over

I took my before pics (and can't figure out how to upload them), but got to looking at them and sheesh....giant flabby belly makes me look way bigge.r than i really am. Its quite depressing to think about.

I was also trying to figure out what size yoga pants i might need? I know i will be swelling, but i know i am likely to lose a size or so....anyone?

Aha! Figured out I have to be on a pc to upload...

Aha! Figured out I have to be on a pc to upload my pics. LOL.

So here....Before. :)

Got a huge packet of info in the mail today. It...

Got a huge packet of info in the mail today. It really hit me how real this is and soon.....i actually teared up...

Omg i am getting so excited for my pre-op appt!...

Omg i am getting so excited for my pre-op appt!
I seriously cannot wait to get fixed! I was so disgusted trying to find a bra to wear for tonights Christmas party tonight. Nothing fits this saggy crap right. Ugh. Oh well. Only a few more weeks!!!

I have the freaking flu.i feel like butt. This is...

I have the freaking flu.i feel like butt. This is notgood. Only two weeks until surgery. Crap.

I'm nervous, i admit. Still sick, though i feel...

I'm nervous, i admit. Still sick, though i feel better, so I'm hoping that won't delay surgery.

It went very well! My new boobs and tummy are...

It went very well! My new boobs and tummy are paid for. Lol. I don't think it's really hit me just yet though.

I had pre-op pics today. That was actually pretty hysterical. My ps was takin gthe pics an dapparently i was turning exactly where he wanted me to and he said, "you're a natural! Hav eyou done this before?" I tol dhim shhhh, don't tell my secrets! Lol!

He went on to tell dh and i later that he was really excited to do my surgery, that i have a great skeleton.....we all got a good chuckle out of that! Haha!

He told m ehe no longer has patients wear the cg all the time, just when i am moving/walking around.

Got my scripts an dfilled them, got the otc meds needed, and i justhave a fe wmore things to get and iwil be all set for Jan 2!!! I amso excited and i can't wait!

Ooh i meant to add i decided on 375cc silicone gel...

Ooh i meant to add i decided on 375cc silicone gel implants top. Dh wanted bigger but i didn't. Lol.

Hard to believe it's almost time.....I'm starting...

Hard to believe it's almost time.....I'm starting to freak that I'm not ready!!!

I honestly don't know what to feel right now. I'm...

I honestly don't know what to feel right now. I'm incredibly excited and scared and then back to excited....

I can't believe its almost time!! I took my oldest daughter shopping yesterday and bought myself two post op (after swelling) tees. Lol. I really wanna buy more but its hard not knowing what size i will be anywhere.

Ok more later!! Need coffee!

Oh man are my nerves getting to me! I've...

Oh man are my nerves getting to me! I've seriously had gi upset all day from it.

I took a nap this afternoon with ds. Had a dream about "boobie bags" (quick - nam ethat movie lol!) and apparently i was giggling in my sleep aboutthem. Lol!!!

Oh just remind me how worth itthis will be!!!

Holy crap....LOL....

Holy crap....LOL....

See ya all on the flat side!!!

See ya all on the flat side!!!

Holy hell yeouch. But I'm in good spirits now that...

Holy hell yeouch. But I'm in good spirits now that I've eaten And got rid of the horrid anesthesia nausea.

I ped once since i got home half an hour ago. That was an ordeal. Cripes. Then getting comfy on the couch...yeah i cried. I couldn't turn, couldn't lift my was rough. But now I'm ok. Really really sore, but i ate some crackers and applesauce and I'm doing a bit better. Clearly if I'm updating and posting from my phone!

I have to say though boobs are amazing from what i can see and my flat belly! Holy shit!!!

I really do feel I've been run over by a truck, then he backed up and did it a few more times.

Cripes this hurts......thank God the bathroom...

Cripes this hurts......thank God the bathroom isn't far...hurts my back tremendously to walk there.

Tell me day 2 gets better....

Well, i won't candy coat it. I feel like i got run...

Well, i won't candy coat it. I feel like i got run over by a truck, and then he backed up and did it again. I did get excited when i looked at what i have done though!

DH mentioned when the nurses sat me up in bed yesterday that i looked amazing. He couldn't get over the change!

I hate the pain pump. I mean, I'm sure its helping, but its incredibly uncomfortable and in the way. The drain doesn't bother me, just the pump. Go figure. Lol.

My back kills me when i stand up, omg. I almost think that is worse than anything. Well ok, its not because quite frankly using my abdominal muscles by accident hurts like a mother!!

Thank God i don't have to wear the binder except when getting up! That is the most uncomfortable thing! Plus i like to look at myself...rofl! I will blame that on the pain pills hahaha!

I'll try and have dh get me the laptop later today and upload a pic.

Omg i coughed.....omg i can't even begin to tell...

Omg i coughed.....omg i can't even begin to tell you how horrible that just was....

Some things I've noticed today: ~ when the...

Some things I've noticed today:

~ when the anesthesia wears off, the intestines go nuts with gas. And you use a lot of abdominal muscles to fart.

~I swear my stomach shrunk. I ate 1.5 cups of applesauce and 1 serving of Tater tots today and I'm stuffed. And that was throughout the day. Crazy. Lol.

~I have Crazy little air bubble in one of my

Feel pretty rough tonight. Pain pump is empty and...

Feel pretty rough tonight. Pain pump is empty and i could feel when it ran out. Ugh.

Woke up extremely hungry and had to pee My pain...

Woke up extremely hungry and had to pee

My pain pump ran out last night, and i could tell exactly when it did! I really started to hurt.We took it out this morning, and it didn't hurt at all. In fact, it felt good to get it out because the tegaderm that was holding it on was really pulling my skin and hurt.

Had some applesauce and a little juice then omg!!! I felt the poo urge! Only a little but I'm thrilled bring only day 2 and already able to somewhat go!

I feel extremely swollen today. I unhooked the compression bra and omg did that feel so much better. I can breathe!

Slept pretty much the entire night. Only woke a few times because i was thirsty.

More later!

So I'm hurting but it's really not unbearable...

So I'm hurting but it's really not unbearable today. I'm not terribly hungry. I eat enough to stave off the nausea, but when i eat, i feel uncomfortably bloated.

My ps said i only need to wear my cg when i get up as it's just for support, so i think that helps. My chest wall muscles are still sore but definitely feel better. I can even manage to lie down by myself now! Can't get up yet though but i think in the next day our so i will be able to.

Really sore this evening. My abs where the muscle...

Really sore this evening. My abs where the muscle repair is kinda like a burning pain, and my boobs under my arms and around the back a bit on the left side is hurting quite a bit. I think I overdid it a bit today, but it felt good to get up and move around more. My back is a bit sore from laying on it too.

I really hate eating. I get so full and bloated from even just a little bit! UGH! When will that stop??

My doc called to check on me tonight, so that was nice. My drain is leaking at the incision, and he said wait til tomorrow and see if it heals back up on it's own, otherwise DH will go get some stuff to seal it.

Slept almost all night! Only woke up once because...

Slept almost all night! Only woke up once because my son was crying and i had to get hubby up to get him, but other than that, it was a good night!

Since i slept all night, it meant i didn't get pain meds so i was fairly sore and swollen when i woke up this morning, but it was manageable. I really feel pretty good so far today.

My kids are home from grandma and papas so that adds some fun to the mix. Lol. My son is 20 months and he seems to understand that he can't climb on mama right now. He did climb right into bed with mewhen he got home yesterday and tuck himself under the blankie with me. Lol. My girls are 15 and 8 and are really helpful. They are totally grossed out and fascinated by my drain at the same time. Rofl.

REAL BM today! I didn't take any laxatives or...

REAL BM today! I didn't take any laxatives or stool softeners. I started Citrucel fiber supplements (pill) two weeks before surgery. I also have a 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil in my coffee every morning. Worked like a charm!

PO Day 4 Slept all night! Slept hard too....

PO Day 4

Slept all night! Slept hard too. Never even made it through True Blood season 5 episode 3. Lol.

But about boob pain this morning. It was like post labor engorgement all over again and did it effing hurt!!! I was near tears. It helped to get up and walk around a bit and get some ibuprofen in though.

I was able to get up a few times by myself today! I also managed to cut up veggies and throw some chicken in the crockpot for dinner. I had help - my youngest daughter got the crockpot out, the oldest reached stuff that was too high for me, but otherwise did it myself!

Not really having pain in my tt incision, just where the muscle repair was, and some pinching on the very sides, like where the drain is and directly across on the other hip in the same spot.

I'm still draining quite a bit, but its starting to turn yellow. I don't expect to get it out tomorrow though. I'm still having quite a bit of drainage, and that's fine with me. The longer i have it in, the less it builds up in my belly!

I can't wait for the swelling to go down in my boobs. They look good, but so wide from the swelling. I kinda look like a Packer linebacker. Lol.

Appt tomorrow - can't wait! I get my dressings off and get to see myself!

PO day 5 Had my post op today. Got the...

PO day 5

Had my post op today. Got the bandages and tape off and got to see my frankenself for the first time. Wow!! I am crazy swollen, but omg, i love it! My tt incision is so so low, like tight at the pubic line and along the tips of my thighs. Low cut panties and swim bottoms won't be an issue!

My boobs look wonderful! I love my much smaller areolas. That was something the first ps didn't fix when i had my reduction.

My doc told me he took around 6# of skin/fat off. Holy crap. I knew the hang kept getting worse with the weight i lost, but i had no idea how bad!

My muscle repair wasn't a huge deal - only 5cm, but i didn't think it was all that bad anyway.

I have my drain at least another week, but i knew i would, so i am going to be on antibiotics through next Monday at least.

He said to try and get back to life add normal, barring heavy lifting. I can mostly stand up straight; he said just continue to get as upright as possible.

I'm wiped out now, but i will try to take and post pics later.

Well, i was so excited to take a shower today! It...

Well, i was so excited to take a shower today! It felt wonder, though it was short. If you buy anything for recovery, I'd say the one thing to get would be a shower chair. I have a built in one in mine, otherwise i don't know how is do it.

However......some silly little girl did not easy or drink nearly enough today,so when she hit the hot water, she nearly hit the floor. Ugh. Omg, passing out is awful. Thankfully dh hadn't left the bedroom and helped me. I got into bed , drank some water, and passed out nekkie. Lol.

I took a few pics. I'll try and get on the laptop later and upload some. You can definitely see on the side i have the drain i am not nearly as swollen as the side without. Same with under my armpits. Terribly swollen, but i am very very happy!!!!

Oh, i have a spot of skin above the mons that got snagged by the steristrips and ripped off (kinda like when you wax your eyebrows and skin comes off with the wax). I tell ya, that tiny little spot hurts like an sob!!!

I'm a little nervous. Tomorrow will be my first day alone with my little guy. Dh goes back to work and the girls went back to school today. Wish me luck!!!

PO Day 6 Well the girls went to school and dh...

PO Day 6

Well the girls went to school and dh went back to work today so i was home with my 20 month old by myself. It actually went fairly well. He kept me running a lot though, and i am currently in bed for the evening.

That emotional crap is hitting me tonight though. I really had an ok day, but I'm so swollen and worn out. I should be thrilled. I managed to sit on the side of the tub and shave my legs, but I'm just teary. Bah. Now i get what everyone says about how emotionally draining this can be.

I didn't get pics up yesterday. I was too tired. I'll try again.

Wow, hard to believe it's already been a...

Wow, hard to believe it's already been a week!

Today was easier to get up out of bed and start the day. I've done two loads of laundry so far. My oldest daughter was kind enough to make sure anything I might need up high - coffee, bowls, cups, etc - where put on the counter for me. She's such a great kid!

I am posting my one week pic of my tummy. It's still swollen but looks pretty good to me this morning! DS (20 mos) saw my "owies" when I was in the bathroom and said, "EWWW!" LOL! I got a good laugh out of that!

How soon can I expect some relief from my boobs? They are terribly swollen, especially on the sides under my armpits. They are the reason I am still taking pain meds.

Hope everyone else is doing well in recovery.

Oh, I meant to add that I'm really glad I have...

Oh, I meant to add that I'm really glad I have quite a few semi fitted tank tops. They are so comfortable to wear with my binder and don't bunch up like tee shirts do. I have some Lucy brand and Under Armour. The UA are nice, but they are a little thick. The Lucy ones are super lightweight and are PERFECT.

Just not a good day today. I'm emotional. I feel...

Just not a good day today. I'm emotional. I feel fat, ugly, I'm sore, I just want to feel normal. I tried on a swimsuit last night and wish I hadn't. Everything on me is swollen and I looked like a beached whale.

Bless my husband, he tried to make me feel better too. I put on a pair of VS low rise bikini panties - I have NEVER EVER worn panties like this in my life - and really, they do look good, and he asked me when I've worn underwear like that. I was like, what, excuse me? And he asked again. I told him, after much thought, never. He reminded me how far I've come and that this is temporary, but even with the swelling and scarring I'm still beautiful. I hate him. I was busy wallowing in my own self pity, couldn't he see that?? God love him for making me feel less pathetic.

So yeah, it was a rough day for me. I almost didn't post because I've been in such a mood.

Just remind me that it gets better.

OK I will admit it makes me a teensy bit happy to...

OK I will admit it makes me a teensy bit happy to still have these low rise panties on and that there is no flap pushing them down and nearly off, making me take them off. ;)

I just have to say....i honestly don't know how...

I just have to say....i honestly don't know how people can get hooked on narcotics. The constipation from it alone is enough to stop me. Lol.

Doing better today. Only taking ibuprofen so far for pain/inflammation so hopefully that lasts!

PO DAY 11 OK, trying no painkillers except...


OK, trying no painkillers except ibuprofen today. Another hour or so is when my boobs usually start swelling and hurt, but let's see if I can make it.

Appt at the PS with the nurse to likely get my drain removed. Well, maybe. If the juice stops flowing to my drain a bit more I will. ;)

I really am hoping to stop by Kohl's for a few bras tomorrow. I need some. This surgical bra....well, I'm over it. LOL. My sports bras are too tight for now because of the side boob swelling, unfortunately. It sucks, cuz they are awesome, super comfortable sports bras.

And yes, I know my Packers lost last night. *SNIFF*

Holy hypersensitive skin.....omg.....

Holy hypersensitive skin.....omg.....

PO Day 12 Still on pain meds. My boobs just...

PO Day 12

Still on pain meds. My boobs just hurts too much from the augmentation. I have a ton of swelling under my arms still, so oh well. It is what it is. No sense trying to be a hero or tough girl. ;)

My kids ended up having no school due to ice, so I rescheduled my drain removal for tomorrow morning so DH could take me. Well, long story short, I got news that my dad needs bypass surgery, and possibly tomorrow, s I called them back to see if I could still get in today. They were very accomodating and wonderful and I ended up getting them out today.

It's soooo nice to have the drain out, though I know I will be feeling the swelling tomorrow, of that I have no doubt! The nurse warned me that it would burn, but that it'd go away in a few minutes. I had myself all psyched up and ready for "da burn" but it just ended up didn't hurt, didn't burn...I don't even know how to describe it. It was just a weird feeling! LOL!

I didn't have time to go anywhere but Target afterward, but I did end up getting a bra there that is absolutely FANTASTIC! It's a cheapie Playtex Flexible Fit and it feels freaking FANtABULOUS. Seriously. $15. I'm going back for ten more, no joke. LOL!!!

My skin is sooo soo sensitive. I know it's a good thing - my nerves are healing, but still. My skin can only handle uber soft fabric on it right now, and gently at that.

PO Day 13 Ugh. Woke up this morning with a...

PO Day 13

Ugh. Woke up this morning with a tennis ball size swelling on my right hip (non drain side). Called ps office at lunchtime.they called me back and asked me to come in. They ended up aspirating 130cc. Gross. Neither the seroma nor the aspiration hurt though. Doc thinks I'll be ok until me Monday appt with regular ps (mine is on a mission trip this week and i had his partner). Said i will probably have to have one more aspiration, but no big deal. So yeah. All kinds of fun today.

14 Days PO Boobs are hurting a lot today, but...

14 Days PO

Boobs are hurting a lot today, but honestly, I feel pretty good! I'm reallllly pleased with my tummy tuck so far. I know I look puffy in my update pic, but I am still on pain meds (boobs) and I was bloated when I took them this morning. LOL. I do have some swelling since having my drain out, but nothing I can't live with.

Wish the swelling would go down on my side boobs. They seem to be settling a bit, and softening slightly, so I'm happy about that. Let DH have a feel too. I think that made him happy. ROFL!!

I am fascinated though by how different I look from just a week ago, and heck, from two weeks ago pre surgery! I will never be a super model, but I'm pretty gol-darn happy with this so far. I will try to do a side by side before/after in a bit and upload it.

PO DAY 16 Had appt to have seroma drained again...


Had appt to have seroma drained again. Doc took out 120CC's. He was a little surprised it filled that much in that amount of time. Not concerned though. It kinda hurt to have it drained today. I could definitely feel it when he got to the end. It pinched a bit.

I really, really, really wish my side boob swelling would start going down. This is awful. The tummy tuck recovery is NOTHING compared to the boob recovery. *SIGH*

PO DAY 17 I don't wanna jinx myself, but I've...


I don't wanna jinx myself, but I've noticed a slight improvement on the side boob swelling. Thank you little baby Jesus!! ;)

PO DAY 18 Yes, I sure did. I made the mistake...


Yes, I sure did. I made the mistake of weighing myself two days post op...OMG. Up 7# in 48 hours sucks.

I am happy to report I am down 2# today from pre-op! YAY! SO I know my swelling is finally starting to go down. Yes, I know I can see it, but it's nice to be reflected on the scale. LOL.

Sore today. My skin hurts the most. And I think I am getting a sinus infection. It's definitely cold like symptoms but my sinuses hurt so bad it makes me think it might be. We shall see. Hoping not. It's still a little uncomfortable to sneeze/cough/laugh at this point.

PO DAY 19 Had another follow up with my plastic...


Had another follow up with my plastic surgeon. It went well!

The weather this morning was horrible. The drive that normally takes 25 min took us an hour because of the snowstorm we are having.

Got to the PS and they got us in right away. He was very very pleased with how well I'm healing (I am to, to be perfectly honest).

I can now wear spanx instead of my binder (thank you little baby Jesus!!!!!), still no baths or exercise (I was hoping to be cleared for treadmill walking, but because of the seroma/swelling, not yet). I of course immediately slipped into some oh so sexy Spanx when I got home and oh does that feel so much better! I hated wearing that binder. Oh, and I can sleep normally now too! YAY!

I got back in two weeks for my next visit.

Three Weeks PO Really...I got nothing. Most of...

Three Weeks PO

Really...I got nothing. Most of the same stuff. LOL.

Day 22 Post OP Wow...what a day. It wasn't too...

Day 22 Post OP

Wow...what a day. It wasn't too bad, in a nutshell.

I did laundry, which I've don before today, so no biggie there. the little guy helped me use the broom on the kitchen and dining room floor. OK, great. The first milestone?? I VACUUMED! Yes, I did!

So, let me say first, I was very careful to not overdo it. I've done it twice now, and it's a real bitch to say the least to recover from. It HURTS.

I couldn't stand the stuff on the floors, the laundry piling up and the floors not being cleaned like I would do, so I did it little by little today. I'd do a load of laundry, then sit. Then I'd sweep the floor and sit. I was careful to pay attention to my body and if I started swelling, I was going to be done for the day. I managed three loads of laundry and vacuumed the living room! WOOHOO!

My next milestone was I felt good enough to let my little guy take a shower with me. I didn't hold him of course (he''s almost 30#) but we managed quite well until my husband came to get him out and get him dressed. WOOT!

My final milestone today was holding the little guy! Again, I didn't pick him up, but I felt ok letting him crawl into my lap and him laying down on me. Oh it was soo sooooo nice to hold him again! I really missed that. I can't wait until I can pick him up.

So it was a good day. I'm tired, a little sore, but nothing more than usual.

Saturday we are going to my twin niece and nephews 4th birthday party. Wish me luck there.

4 Weeks PO Was yesterday...and I forgot. In my...

4 Weeks PO

Was yesterday...and I forgot. In my defense, my dad had bypass surgery Tuesday so I wasn't really thinking about it.

Nothing really has changed. I am almost fully off meds, I hate wearing crap around my waist. Hate it. I don't want the binder, I don't want spanx. UGH.

My hips and thighs are still swollen. I can get into some of my jeans, but they still rub my sides wrong and I'm still wearing yoga pants.

My boobs are FINALLY starting to not swell! They still hurt at the end of the day though. They are starting to drop a bit more. The left one faster than the right, but I know I had a lot of scar tissue in the right so I'm guessing that's why.

I have a follow up appt on Monday, and I am going to beg to exercise a little and hopefully be able to take a bath. I NEED it. Both help me relax and with the stress I've had...welll....

Week 5 PO Seems so strange that I already this...

Week 5 PO

Seems so strange that I already this far out!!!!

Life is starting to get back to normal, slowly but surely. I got cleared to start slowly walking the treadmill this week, so I did (YAY!! 1.25 mi/25 min!), though I was fairly sore the next day where my MR was so I didn't do it. I will try again today I think.

My old clothes fit finally!!! And some are too big now. I am now 4# below pre-op weight, though still fairly swollen. I am watching my diet closely though. I want to stay in shape as much as possible because I have plans this summer for a mini tri, 1/2 century and 5k's. :)

My side boob swelling is FINALLLLLLLY down quite a bit. Still a lot of swelling, but it doesn't look nearly as bad or hurt like it did. And....I have side feeling on my actual boob! This is significant because I have not had feeling there in 12 years since the reduction. It's kinda weird...LOL!

And even crazier is the feeling of NOT having the flap! Underwear freaking FIT, and cute ones at that! My jeans are fitting weird though. Instead of mid rise, I NEED low rise to fit me right. Go freaking figure.
Kalamazoo Plastic Surgeon

I had three consultations, and Dr. Elluru really stuck out as the one I wanted to go with. He has very good bedside manner, good results and really seems to know what women want. Always easy to get an appointment and the staff is super nice too!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I just wanted to congratulate you on your recovery and thank you for sharing your story. Your question regarding the side swelling underneath the arm is what brought me to your review. I'm wondering how that ended up now that it's been quite a while now. I seem to be having the same problem although I am only 1 1/2 week po. Hope to hear about your progress.
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Hope your dads bypass went well!! And you look great!!! How is your stomache swelling going? My stomache swelling looks alot like yours and my ps wants to go back in and take care of the swelling.I have surgery planned for Tues. I think that mine is probably different though because I had also developed a fever. I think thats why shes going in this soon to take care of it. Hope your doing well. This recovery period seems to take forever, doesnt it? !! Wah!!!! I know we'll be happy though down the road!! :) We have to keep our eye on the prize! lol
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Hope you are feeling well! :)
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looking good......happy healing continues...
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Looking good!
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First off prayer for your Daddy a safe speedy recovery. Just read you reviews great progress. I have 9 more days and I bought a couple pair if VS panties I hope to be able to wear after. Hope you continue to improve
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Thank you! He just came home yesterday after 8 days in the hospital. :) OOH, I did too!!! The hipsters are a great fit for me!
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That is so wonderful....Your pic's show you are improving very well...yipeee
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I hope your dad is doing well. My boobs aren't dropping at the same pace either. My PS cleared me for baths at 2 weeks PO but I didn't have lipo. I'm wondering if that's what makes the instructions different.
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I don't think so. I think it was just that I still technically had open woulds, i.e., scabs. :)
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And by woulds of course I mean WOUNDS. LOL.
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lol ok. It's a crap shoot with my boobs. They keep morphing everyday and looking better. Happy healing.
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Haha...i know, right?? Its crazy!!
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So sorry to hear about your dad and hope he is doing okay! And I can totally relate on both points of not wanting to wear anything around my waist (what a pain in the @ss that is!) and also needing a bath! I am seeing my ps on Monday as well and I hope I remember to ask him about the bath because I am desperate for one! Sounds like you need one too! Crazy how fast the time goes! How is the little one doing? My daughter had her first ever show at school and I got to go see her and she did so amazing. It was the best day of my life seeing my little baby on stage! :) I tried on some bikinis yesterday but was way too swollen to show it off haha. Cannot wait for swell hell to end!!! :)
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Cleared for a bath, but ya's not as great as I'd hoped...LOL....
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Haha it never is! I took a semi-bath with my daughter the other day but I still haven't found time to take a bath for real by myself! Can't wait!
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Hang in there!! U look great! And your dad will do very well. is he in Kazoo? They have come so far with bypass surgery, it's almost common place . But I have been there with my dad and it is so scary to watch and u feel so helpless. Just like u, he will be beget than before in the end!! I feel much the same as u and I am 3 weeks out today. Just want to wear normal clothes comfortably and feel normal! But we will get thru this together! Take a few more after pictures and post them. Take a good look at your before pics! U have come so far!!!You look beautiful!
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Sorry make that "better than before"
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Thanks Lulu, i appreciate the support! No we tried to get him to go to kzoo since dh has connections there, but he went to ft Wayne. I will taker pics. I've been running back and forth to the hospital, so i am in some serious swell hell and waiting until it goes down a little. LOL.
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Too bad, I used to work over there and they do great work. But I am sure he is in great hands, and if he if comfortable and confident that's huge! I understand how stressful it is, let alone the running and taking care of your kids, etc all. Put your feet up, get out the ice pack , and a nice glass of wine. Think how awesome we will look this summer! I am going to buy a 2 piece-the first in at least 15+ years and I only wore that on a cruise among strangers! You my dear can rock a bikini!!! I have no doubt!!
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Omg....i forgot i have wine......
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We will totally be hot this summer!!! I am way excited to open our pool! I bet you can't wait either!!!
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Yupper!! We live on a lake so I feel like I am on vacation every day after work!
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Good luck at the party! :) You look fantastic!
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I am glad that you are doing so well. :) One day we will all feel normal again. I understand the floor problem...I swept and steam mopped last Friday. My four year old offered to help me with laundry yesterday. She did some of my bending by putting clothes from hamper into washer. She is always offering to help me. :)
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