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Horrible Experience; Mean Surgeon - Baton Rouge, LA

All I wanted was a little botox. First of all, he...

All I wanted was a little botox. First of all, he did not adequately describe the surgery ("a little incision and you'll look fresher, and I'll remove fat pads under your eyes, it'll make you have more prominent cheekbones"). Huge coronal scar, over-elevated brows, itching around brows and scalp, red bump inner right brow. He said it would get better, but this was over 7 years ago and it's getting worse. One brow higher than the other, etc. And of course, board certified...that doesn't guarantee competent surgeon.


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Do not go to James Lanasa. He is a hustler.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, Alene. I Googled your doctor and came up with a Dr. Joseph La Nasa in Metairie, but he's listed as a urologist, so I'm confused -- Is this the right doc?

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Nevermind, I think I found him now -- James LaNasa?

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I just don't know how they sleep at night knowing the pain, disfigurement, and suffering they have caused innocent people. Best of luck to you.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your bad brow-lift and that it hasn't gotten better even after 7 years! That's just awful! That worries me because I did the same thing and regret it. My surgeon told me that there would just be two stitches, one above each brow within the hair line but that was not the case at all. I get tension headaches now and even worse, I hate the way they sometimes look. I have to force a frown to try and get them lower and at the same height. I feel like a gullible idiot.
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Thanks for responding, Faith. I feel like an idiot also, but how do we know who is a good surgeon?. Have you ever heard the saying "Cutting for Cash?" I didn't need any fat pad removal from under my eyes--he did it because he could charge more. So now I have dark circles and look gaunt. I can't wear bangs to hide the straight line scar on my forehead because of the chronic irritation/itching caused by the surgery. And all he could say was, "Well I don't know why your face does that?" Like it was my fault; and "maybe it'll look better when you're 80!"
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Oh Faith, I just read this and am so sorry. I too, was the foolish trusting victim of a surgeon who performed an unnecessary and brutal coronal browlift w/o any consent. I didn't believe it could have happened to anybody else until I got on this board. I had one hair transplant, but still have to wear a wig for some bangs. Im looking into doctors who reverse coronal browlifts, I found one in Mass., Dr. Yarmechuck. Wondering if you have had any relief from the surgery now that its been several years for you. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Hi, Stayhopeful,. I saw a few docs who wanted to use a tissue expander which I would have to wear for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I would look like a freak during that time. Another doc in Houston, Kent Davis, recommended a revision without the expander. During the horrible coronal browlift, the doc also removed all fat pads under my eyes. So I have deep, dark troughs under eyes. This also caused numerous visual and cosmetic impairments. I have one eyebrow lots higher than the other. That Dr Lanasa is not a good cosmetic surgeon. And he is pompous.
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Dear bestadviceplz, I am so sorry for what you have been through. My heart breaks for you and anyone who goes through this. Have you done any type of revision? Blessings to you.
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Stayhopeful, Thank you, and God bless you also!
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Stayhopeful, I'm sorry for you too. What a nightmare for all of us. I no longer have the intense tightness that I had which lasted a very long time but I still get more headaches than I used to. I also hate the way it changed my looks. I can't believe I trusted those dishonest people. Best wishes that you find the relief and results you're looking for....
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