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I am 18 year's old, have always been...

I am 18 year's old, have always been overweight. I have played sports my ENTIRE life, most of my weight is muscle, but my thighs and abdomen refuse to get smaller.

I have been asking for this for the last 3 years, and am finally getting it done for graduation. I am really nervous, because i am deathly scared of pain. Will the Local Anesthia really hurt? and is it worth it?

Well my doctor just called me and told me it would...

Well my doctor just called me and told me it would be done a day earlier than what I was supposed to!
So I will be done on the 26. I'm really nervous..I will be doing it on my lower and upper abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs,
And my arms. And my bannana roll. Everyone say they think im stupid. But I can't lose the extra fat to save my life :(
Should I be really nervous!!
I got it done today. I am leaking alot and very sore but otherwise okay. I strongly recommend general, unless you are only getting a very small amount of fat removed. Goodluck and let me know how you do.
I have read alot on the local anesthia. My plastic surgeon personally believe that unless the procdure is only going to take around an hour, general should be used. I am not trying to scare you but some of the reviews on here said that the local burns like fire when it is given, which is why I am glad to be getting general, wake up and it's over. Just make sure your Doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, if he is he should give you the option of getting general. You have to beware of these "Non-Plastic Surgeons" doing procedures like this. I amlost fell into that trap myself. So just do alot of homework on your Doctor and it you are comfotable with getting Local, go for it. Otherwise ask about general. Goodluck and post some pictures if you have any. Mine can be viewed under my review.
Oh gosh. Well I just don't wanna go under general. I'd much rather be awake! Did you get the procedure done already!

So it is 6 more days till My procedure.. I'm very...

So it is 6 more days till My procedure.. I'm very stressed and nervous I've lost 5 pounds this month from stressing over it. I really hope this is worth it. I just can't wait for
My thighs to be slimmer. Other than the local Anes. Will the actual procedure hurt?
Oh goodness! Well are you happy with your results that you see right now? Even if you are swollen?
Well I am doing abdomen flanks arms inner and outer thighs. I'm doing local too!
I did my upper and lower Abs, flanks, and the lower part of my back. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. What all do you mean when you say all areas of your body? I can tell you from the pain I am experiencing right now, I would not have more areas than what I had done at a time. It is quite painful. I was wanting my thighs done at the same time and I am so glad that I decided to wait on them, I would be dieing right now!!
That's awesome. What did you get done?
I'm doing all the areas of my body. 3 liters is what he will be taking out he says

5 day's till my procedure and i am really nervous.

5 day's till my procedure and i am really nervous.
I had the procedure done Yesterday 5/20/11 under general ansthea, on Lower and Upper Abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs.

I feel great as of right now, I stopped taking vicodin. It feels as if i did so many crunches just as I read in these posts. It only hurts when i get up after laying down or sitting for a while. It takes me a few seconds to get up.

Im surprised because they said I would leak, altho i have not leaked at all! My swelling is not that bad, nor is the bruising. I like my results so far! but i Hope to see even better results as days pass! But im not sure if I will. My post op appt is on the 26th, so we will see what the doctor says.

I was so nervous before going into surgery but u will be fine!
oh he took out 1 liter total
omg thank you! you are doing exactly what im doing! how many inches were you before you went in? a liter of fat doesnt sound too much. he told me my thighs will not get smaller, bc i am filled with muscle. but he said he would take 3 liters of fat from me!
how is your bruising? and how is your skin type?

3 days till my procedure! I am not really nervous...

3 days till my procedure!
I am not really nervous anymore, just anxious for the results. ive made a BEACH trip in mid june, would I be able to go?
I see him tmr, he will be taking my stitches out and I will ask him about my swelling and all.

Good Luck Girl, Keep me posted
ahh i will girl, i can not sleep at the moment! but will update tomororrow!
Its not that painful, its all tolerable.

First day was hard to move around. took 2 vicodins
second take took 1 vicodin
third day i felt ok.

Its just very hard to walk without the garments it feels weird!!

It does not hurt when i swell up.

An hour till my surgery, and im really nervous....

an hour till my surgery, and im really nervous. actually thought about backing down, but i am not. ive waited too long to do this. i just took my before pictures on my own.

will let yall know how im doing, hopefully im good. im so dramatic!

I did the surgery today and it lasted from9-6pm i...

I did the surgery today and it lasted from9-6pm
i was really numb dont remember a thingg!
did u get smart lipo?
Hey! No I got vassr done so they van remove
More fat!!

Ahhh i had the procedure done May 26,2011 i was...

ahhh i had the procedure done May 26,2011
i was there from 9am to 6:30 pm.
he took 3 liters of fat out of me. it was disgusting to see there was that much in me.

He comforted me the whole entire time and got me a glass of water and let me watch tv..then he put the iv in and took a pill. and i dont remnember anything from there. i woke up nauesated so i threw upo twice. when i got home i threww up another time. he prescribed me to loratabs and something else, but he said i dont really need it. which is true, i just wanted tylenol. i have to go back in the morning to see if everything is alright.
Sadda44, U did it! How do u feel.

My surgeon told me, Im swollen and Ill see better results. Only down fall is I cant lay out in the sun without covering my spots, Which then makes people suspicious! He told me to buy Spanks instead of the garments they gave me, But I still have yet to buy them. He wanted something that wont print on my skin but i cant find anything.
Oh dang. Well my procedure went well. I was there from 9am-6:30pm! I'm leaking a good bit. And I agent eaten anything in 2 days!

And when did he say you can actually go lay out with no hiding or problems?!

So day 2. I'm not bruised that much. But I am...

So day 2. I'm not bruised that much. But I am swollen and a bit sore...I get lightheaded when I take my garment off but it might be bc I don't eat

Day 7: Im still a bit sore, but nothing i cant...

day 7:
Im still a bit sore, but nothing i cant handle. i havent taken any of the prescribed meds. im swollen and still numb. ive lost around a good 8 pounds from it. i refuse to leave my house until final results because no one knows about this.
work was great, no one noticed a thing! As of right now im not satisfied because I look like I went back to before!

Post Pictures, Haha about your friends. I was losing weight months before so no one noticed my surgery. How is your swelling? Soreness will slowly go away
Sorry for not posting until now, was very busy with school!

They said once the scars heal up properly. How are u feeling? How is your healing process?

My tummy is so big right now :( I dont know why, It might be because im doing more work now, so im swelling up more, also I might be getting my period this week!
It's cool girl. i understand!

I really would love to see pictures arghh. Are you satisfied so far though regardless of swelling? how was work june 1st?

im feeling good, Im trying to avoid seeing people for right now, so i saw my friend for this first time in 3 weeks and I told them ive been sick and throwing up so maybe thats why ive lost weight. lol she said i looked amazing. ill put a picture up of my stomach. im still sore though, my doctor told me i wont see final results till another month, and i refuse to go to the beach till then!
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