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About Time for a Change!!! Baton Rouge, LA

I have been a member of real self for about two...

I have been a member of real self for about two months. I really enjoy reading the reviews and seeing the major transformation. So I decided to share my tt journey so Dr. Cox can have more reviews as well as it would allow me to express myself as I go through this experience. I am a mother of four children two boys and two girls(ages 19, 17, 14, 12). They all were delivered by cesarean sections. I recently lost over 80 pounds and have decided to treat myself to a tummy tuck. Although my husband doesn't think that I need a tummy tuck, he supports me fully with my decision. He tells me that if my stomach was twice the size that it is now he would still love me. The size of my stomach has always bothered me even when I was a child. My surgery is schedule for July 22 and I'm very excited and anxious. I can't believe I'm actually going to go through with it but I am looking forward to seeing a flat stomach for once in my life. I'm not quite ready to show the actual dreaded- horrific belly.


Today I had my pre-op appointment. I opted to have tummy tuck with lipo to help contour the abdominal. I'm still numb but happy to have this procedure to correct this belly. My husband and kids ask me how I feel about having a long scar? I laugh because I have 4 c section scars and a long horizontal scar in the center of my stomach already. Anything is an improvement and I know Dr Cox will do a great job. Also I have been on Amazon shopping. I think I have bought more than I need.
- wedge pillow
-leg elevation pillow
-toilet extender
- scar away
-neck pillow
-maxi dresses
Also I schedule my dr appointment with my primary care next week. I pray that it goes well and get the all clear signal. We are going on a family vacation a week before my surgery which will be a good distraction. My daughter showed me a cool timer app to download so I can take pic without holding my phone.

It won't be Long Now

Today I called to find out my appointment time for surgery. I was hoping for an early schedule so I can get it over with first instead of sitting, waiting and letting the antiscipation build up. My surgery is schedule for 9am and I have to arrive an hour before surgery. My oldest son (14) ask how do I feel (nervous) about having the surgery? My youngest hugs me all day long and tells me that he is getting all the hugs before surgery. He knows that he won't be able to hug me for while after my procedure. Last weekend we took a small family vacation and it was a great distraction for me. We really enjoyed quality family time unfortuanaly I gaindv2 lbs. I'm working hard this week to get if off before my surgery date. Although we own a sectional that has 2 recliners and sofa bed, I wish I would have rented a medical bed. I think it would be more convienent and comfortable for me to sleep. I'll probably post more pics after surgery.

Thank God

Surgery went well and now it's time to recover and heal. I'll post pic Thursday or Friday after shower.

Looking Good Looking Good

Today was my first day taking a shower and I am really pleased with the results at only 2 days post op. Dr Cox exceeded my expectation. I am glad that I choose Dr. Cox to do my tummy tuck. Believe me when I tell you this wasn't an easy job. He performed a miracle with this tummy. At only 2 days post I can expect even better results as time goes on. Another satisfied patient.

Feeling Blessed

Everyday it gets better and better. Today I was determined to have a BM so I drink citrus magnesium and I'm taking Tylenol every 6 hours for pain and Percocet at night. I slept in my bed for 2 nights and it was horrible. So I told my husband that I rather sleep downstairs on the recliner. Now I'm a happy camper again. I took another shower and it is so relaxing to have the hot water run down my back. My husband and kids are amazed at Dr cox work. My son said I'm looking skinny but my breast is looking bigger. Now he thinks I need breast reduction.

Grateful and Blessed

Today was the first day that I got dressed up and went outside since surgery. I had my first post op appointment. I got my drain tubes removed. I feel more like myself again instead of a patient. Although I did a lot of walking, I still find it hard to stand straighten up. I know everyone heals at their own pace. Hopefully it won't be to much longer.

Swelling Swelling


Today I drove to the uniform shop to purchase some kids school uniform. School starts next week and I'm so happy to have the house to myself. I don't know if I was supposed to start driving or wait for a doctor to clear me. I'm not on pain meds so I thought I would be okay. Also I took a shower without assistance today. Today I tried on a waist cinched(squeem) that I purchased last year that I only wore 3x. I felt tight but comfortable in the beginning. Now I'm ready to put my binder after I launder it. My posture improved but I can't breathe in it.

Nerve working my nerves

For about a week I have been in pain and unable to walk. I went to ER and nurse prescribe 600mg Ibuprofen and she thinks it is a nerve. She told me to follow up with my doctor. I can only imagine how expensive that bill will cost. I had ibuprofen in med cabinet at home. Med did not help. I could my ps nurse and she explain their is a nerve the runs in that area where my pain is located. When they do lipo and TT, it can affect a small % of patients. I guess I'm in that %. Although I love to wear my binder because it help to support my stomach, I'm unable to wear it due to the pressure it puts on the nerve which causes my hip to hurt really bad. My 80 years old mother walks faster than me. I find if I keep the binder off for 24 hours that my hip feels better. I hope this pass soon. I ready to be back to my normal self.

Still swollen

Worth Every Penny and More

Looking and Feeling Good

Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cox was very patient and caring. I did not feel rushed and he was concern if I had any questions. He has many years of experience and his cost is very reasonable. My tummy tuck wasn't a blank canvas. Dr Cox had a lot of work (scar tissues, hernias) to perform on me. I'm grateful that I chose him to do my tummy tuck.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I consulted with Dr. Cox recently to do my tummy tuck with lipo and a breast lift with a small implant. I like you also lost a lot of weight (120 pounds) through diet and exercise and my skin is just so stretched out. I am so nervous and scared, but so excited at the same time. You look fantastic! Were you happy with Dr. Cox and your results?
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First I would like to say Congrats on your decision... I actually had an appt today for a follow up... I truly am HAPPY w/ my decision and results. I would do over and over again. Dr Cox is a phenomenal plastic surgeon.
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Also congratulation on your weight lost. I know that took hard and dedication.
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What a wonderful transformation - you look fantastic! :)
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Thank u... I can't wait to start the gym so I can firm my back and butt.. I'm very happy w result of tummy tuck and it's only been 1 month post op
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Think you look great - good for you!
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Thank you for info..I'll keep you in mind if I decide to try product .. So far I'm trying the bio oil
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Hey i just read your post to er. Lol at the cost. I work in the e.r as a financial counselor so of course i hear all the stories of "this was a waste of time." But how are u coming along now? Belly looks good
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Time heals all wound. I feel 10x better than a couple of weeks ago. I still have a little discomfort on my right thigh hip area but nothing compare to before. In the AM I'm flat and proud of my new body
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Hey kiddo! You're looking so good! I hope you're feeling great.
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Thank u... I'm feeling better each day... After seeing ur BL, now I'm motivated to get my BL next year. Happy healing to u
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Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings & Happy Healings!
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Congrats on yout TT! Take it easy now.. happy healing:)
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Thank u
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Well u are definitely looking good. How did the post op appointment go
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Post op went ok ...glad to have drains out and Dr Cox said if I have any problems to call. My next appt in 4 weeks. I'm still walking hunched over. How long did it take for u to walk straight up? Also my swelling is a lot. Dr Cox removed 4.5lbs but the scale is the same. I'm sure that is all swelling weight.
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Yeah it's just swelling. People say to avoid the scale for awhile even though i know u are anxious to see how much weight did it really impacted. I lost 5 lbs since surgery. I was walking straight the first week. Most of that came when i realized my back was hurting. The swelling would be awhile though. My belly still hurts when i press on it which gives me the indication that it's either not all the way healed or the swelling still resides.
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Happy for you and your new belly! Enjoy the flat side!
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Thank you
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First off u do not look like u had four kids. My belly looked like yours after just one plus a load of stretch marks. U will definitely look terrific. Can't wait.
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Thanks Nikki for your support and I'm looking forward to seeing the results also.
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Good luck to you! xoxo
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Thank you ... Happy healing to you
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Thank you!!!
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