this is way more surgery than I thought I would need

I am 5'8 and currently 137 lbs. My entire life...

I am 5'8 and currently 137 lbs. My entire life I've had wide hips. In highschool people used to comment I would have twins one forward 10 years and I had twins plus a baby. My children are 5 and 2 now, and I'm back at work so I am seriously considering spending some of the money I'm making on this makeover. I've been looking at pics and am looking for someone who is similar to me. I don't have any fat on my stomach, only skin. But I'm going to have a difficult time deciding between getting my stomach fixed or having lipo on my hips and outer thighs. Honestly in clothes it's my hips and thighs that are noticeable, my stomach is flat other than the skin. The other decision I'll have to make is if I'll have a breast lift, breast augmentation or both. At this point I'm not sure what I'm going to get, I have two consults booked for the end of this month, so I'll see what they recommend. I can't see myself getting all of those procedures in one surgery because of finances and also I'm a pretty big wimp.

Thanks so much for starting your story. You do have a flat tummy! Nice work. A TT would be great if the extra skin really bothers you. Some doctors will "throw in" the lipo, or at least some lipo, with a tummy tuck, so make sure you ask about that. Please keep us posted!


So my first consult is Monday and I am adding a...

So my first consult is Monday and I am adding a few pics. When I was pregnant it was like I developed a "spare tire" of skin around my midsection, and even though I've lost all the weight the remnants of the tire remain. It doesn't look very prominent when I'm standing, such as in the photo, but when I'm sitting down it's like a ring of skin. I haven't noticed this in most of the tummy tuck photos I've seen here.

The cost I put is purely a guess I have no idea what it's going to cost.
Hello there!! Finally I found someone who may be considering MM for late 2013.. Who knows we may be getting ours done around same time :-). I'm in Northern California. Currently getting down to my goal weight. Will start my consults in May...Pls keep us updated on how your consults go. Lots of good luck!!!!!
Thank you for commenting! YES! If you have heard bad things about a surgeon please send me a PM I would love to know. I don't know anyone local who has done anything minus one person from my gym. She has given me some info but that's all I've had to go on. I am going to post a few more pictures of the area that bothers me the most - which is my hips and you really can't tell from the first photos I posted that I have a problem there. I am actually a little nervous because my first consult is Monday morning. I am hoping at one of the consults I will feel at ease and know that it is who I should go with. So did you tell your family? That is one of my concerns, how my parents will react. I am in good shape but there are certain areas that no matter how much I lose or workout they just don't improve, so that's when I started considering surgery. It is going to take me a few months to decide what I need to get, I think. I am hoping a doctor will make that decision easier for me. I am going to have to go read your story again to see if anything I am about to ask you answered in your story.
TMA- Greetings my follow southern lady! :) GO FOR IT ALL. You will not regret it. But take your time. I am not familiar with many PS in the BR area, but I know one that I would steer clear of. I can private message you his name if you like. Also I took me 3 years to decide to do this. There is tons of emotions that go with it make sure you are completely ready and know that it is without a doubt, 200% exactly what YOU want! I am absolutely in love with my PS, and since I had my procedure one of my friends had a TT with him too. She had her procedure scheduled with another well known doctor in Lafayette and switched to my doctor after consulting with him after my procedure. I have his name listed on my profile and he has a nice website too. I consulted with 3 doctors...and I don't regret that one bit. I think any of them could have done the surgery successfully and with ease as I they were all qualified and I am an "easy" case. (small build, just like you no extra fat just mainly skin) But I went with the one that my husband and I felt most comfortable with. Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you, Please feel free to ask away. This is a very rewarding surgery if you are prepared and it is exactly what you want.

So I went for my first consult today. She...

So I went for my first consult today. She recommends I get outer thigh lipo and she said she'd do a little hip lipo at no extra cost, and a breast lift with no implant, total is $8,050. She didn't think my stomach was enough of a problem to do warrant surgery.
So I'm not really sure at this point. I have my next consult on Wed.

So I had my second consult today. This consult was...

So I had my second consult today. This consult was so much more thorough than the first! I saw a ton of before and after photos of his work. He wouldn't even consider doing both a BL with BA and a TT on me in 1 surgery, b/c he said I need an extended TT, from one side to the other side - more extensive than hip to hip. He said he thinks lipo would only make me look worse. Basically he would remove my pooch in the front, plus he would remove the skin on my sides and then pull that skin up, which would also decrease my saddle bags.
So now I am totally confused and have scheduled 2 more consults because I've gotten two completely different things from 2 surgeons.
Oh my pictures were gone, I just put them back up. My next consult is April 16. I think I'm going to ask his opinion on if I could get good results with outer thigh lipo, or if I need to do a TT only. I'm thinking I might want to break it up in to 2 surgeries if possible. The idea of 4 drains and a pain pump scares me. I'm thinking maybe I could do the TT by itself in a few years.
I can't seem to see the update...
Okay so I spoke w the office manager type person and she suggested I do the lift/BA on a Thursday and then come back the next day for the TT. Has anyone done surgery 2 days in a row like that?

I just got the quote from the 2nd surgeon - to do...

I just got the quote from the 2nd surgeon - to do both surgeries would be about $19,000 and would take place over two days. That's way more than I was planning to spend. I guess if I went with this doctor I would do the TT by itself, at a cost of $10,000. I hope consults 3 & 4 help me with the decision of what I should get.
Don't let pain pump or drains scare you. Pain pump is a God send! I never took any pain meds! And drains just help to get the yuck out. They aren't bad.
Did you shower with the pain pump and drains in?
Yes M'am. My drains didn't produce much. Got them out on day 5.

My 3rd consult is less than a week away and I've...

My 3rd consult is less than a week away and I've been thinking about it and I'm fairly certain that what I want is the lift with no implant and an extended TT. I really think that once I get the TT then my outer thighs will look better - when I stand in the mirror and pull the skin on my hips up, the outer thighs look fine, it pulls that skin up too.
So I'm hoping this next doctor is able to do both in 1 surgery because I really only want to have one surgery with both procedures done. My only concern is I have so much loose skin on my breasts - I was a DDD when nursing and now am a small C - that I don't want to go down a bra size with the lift. I'm fine if I can stay the same size, but if I am going to lose size then maybe I'll do a very small implant. Surely there is a doctor here than can do both in one procedure. Fingers crossed.
I'm very happy for you and proud of you that you are figuring out what YOU want! Don't settle. I think you are on the right path. Be patient. It will all come together.

I had my 3rd consult today and it was by far my...

I had my 3rd consult today and it was by far my best one. BUT, and this is a huge but, he recommends a circumferential (not even sure how to spell that) lower body lift. That's right, all the way around. Or almost all the way around, it wouldn't be 360. He did not recommend an implant, which was what I wanted to hear, and it could be done in 1 surgery, so that's also great. But it's over $17,000 for both. And it's a total lower body lift going almost all the way around! So much more than I had thought going in to this. To do just the lower body lift w/no breast lift is around $10,000. That was about the amount I thought I'd spend. So the question is, do the LBL and not do breasts even though I am 100% certain I want a breast lift? Or pay the extra money and do both. It's a lot to think about. My husband went with me to this appointment, so I'm curious what his opinion is as well.

I think I called it the wrong thing. He...

I think I called it the wrong thing. He recommended circumferential abdominalplasty which I guess is not the same thing as a LBL? It's confusing, I'm not really sure.
I'll give it a month and see what I'm feeling like. The more I think about it the more I liked the doctor yesterday. He's done a LOT of similar procedures. I already have one more consult booked but it's not until June so I have time to decide.
I went to 6 different consults, with a huge variety of recommendations. I know I likely will need the butt, outer thigh lift, but I'm going to do mine after the TT heals. If I'm still unhappy with the back side, I'll do it later, I figure I will get a better result that way. I'm thinking if I'm hunched over, and I had the LBL, doesn't that pull the backside during healing? WHo knows.
I hadn't thought about that. He would also lipo my outer thighs during the lift, that is on the paperwork. I wouldn't need any lipo on my abdomen or anywhere else, just outer thighs. Now I need to decide if I'm going to go for any more consults or not. I felt good about the doctor today, his nurse was an acquaintance of mine that I've known and seen around since before I had my third child.

My husband is on board with me doing the whole...

My husband is on board with me doing the whole thing. Part of me thinks I should just do the circumferential tuck first and then do the lift at a later time. We are going to decide and book it in August, and have it done in 2014.
My newest dermatologist said, "Put ten doctors in a room and you'll leave with twelve opinions." Lol. But it does make it confusing. I planned on seeing three Plastic Surgeons but stopped after two because I was already overwhelmed. I'm not saying they're wrong but I also am surprised at what they say you need. Your body looks great to me. You're fit so I would have thought that made it easier? Sorry they're throwing you for such loops. I hope time and research brings you some clarity. You're the only expert on your body here!
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