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Super Duper Nervous :-). Super Duper Excited. -Baton Rouge, LA

My facelift is scheduled for 2/4/14. Just like...

My facelift is scheduled for 2/4/14. Just like everyone else who has ever contemplated this, I'm nervous, scared, excited, ready for it to be tomorrow, ready to back out completely.

I'm 51 years old and am a breast cancer survivor. This occurred when I was 34 years old. The same clinic that did my mastectomy is doing my face.

My face started dropping and wrinkling horribly after menopause. I started noticing that my skin and neck looked worse that those of much, much older women. I'm ready to tackle this :-)
Hi there, I'm scheduled for Jan 17th mid face/neck and eyes upper/lower. I'm seriously afraid one minute and can't wait the next! I turn 50 this year and can't continue watching my neck sagging further every year. I will post a review and keep in touch with all of you.
I am scheduled 14 days after you KITKAT 64!!! and we are sharing the same feelings. Good luck!
Wow, very exciting!! You beat breast cancer and you can make it through this as well. I love what anndavis said about recovery being a "process". I look forward to following your updates.

Pre-Op Finished!!!

So, reality is setting in. I went and signed my life away and wrote the check today. I went back to my car and almost threw up. Then I looked at a bunch of amazing results and felt oh, so much better. I wish it were today. :-)

tomorrow is finally here!!!!!

Wondering if I will sleep tonight???
Good luck tomorrow. Think that most everyone is very pleased down the road from a facelift so that's a good sign.


The surgery went great!!! I woke up in almost no pain, except for around my mouth where I had a chemical peel. I was thinking how easy this was going to be
And then WHAM!! The anesthesia wore off. Reality has hit and she's not pretty. I didn't have anything done to my lips and boy they are
Lol, been there! Not fun but wait a week and you will see a huge improvement. What did you have done? Would love to see before pics.
I had a FL, upper eyes, chemical peel around my mouth. Some fat grafting in my cheeks.
Similar to what I had done. It's been two months and still quite uncomfortable from swelling, mainly at the end of the day. Six months is apparently the magic number :)

Day 3!!!

I was able to take a shower today!!! Amazing!!!! I've experienced very little pain at all. Very uncomfortable, but no pain. The worst part has been the chemical peel around my mouth. I had the drain removed and that was a huge relief.
Had a facelift done on the same day .Look similar.Very helpful to see you post.

Day 4!!

My mouth was on FIRE when I woke up this morning. I was sure it was infected. It finally calmed down after the Aquafour was liberally applied. That was so far, my biggest "oh shit" moment. My lips are still huge, but ice is helping.
Good luck! It took a few weeks for me to look human. I took a pic every day for the first two months. Now I plan to take them every couple of days.
did you just have the chemical peel around your mouth?
Hang in there!!

Day 5

I don't see much improvement today. Like, no improvement at all. I'm getting bored and ready to be out of the house. It's cold outside so I'm feeling stuck. I guess I'm going back to sleep. The best part of my day is taking a shower. Other than that, and sleeping, there's not much to do other than heal.

The best thing I did for myself is to buy a wedge shaped pillow. I also use one of those neck rolls that you use on a plane. I'm definitely a side sleeper so this is keeping me in the right position.

Still very little pain, just major discomfort.

My family

They all came over to spend the day with me. HA!!! I think we all ended up taking a good nap together.
Girl, oh gosh I had a deep peel like that 10 years ago...it was hard!! Not so much the pain but looking at it was like OUCH, UGLY!!! It scared me so much I'm going to do mine again after my FL! You are a brave lady, but you are going to look oh soooo good!!!! Happy Healing!! KAT
You look amazing!!! I can't wait till I'm on the other side of this.
Aww, thank you! The waiting is hard with the face. Luckily a friend prepared me well for what would happen so I was not freaked out when I looked like Rocky had beaten me in the ring :-)

Photos from before surgery:

Mine really hurts. It's the only thing that has been horrible about this experience. But it's finally getting better. :-)

Day 6!!!

Today I've been blah all day long. Tomorrow will be a better day. I'm ready for the healing to start in ernest!! Note to anyone considering this surgery: take a LOT of stool softeners. I'm going to attempt a short walk this afternoon. :-)
Cheer up and hang in there! It does get better. And the stool softener, oy veh, I agree!

Day 7!!!

Feeling really good. Going to have the stitches removed today. So looking forward to be outside for a bit!! My right ear hurt really bad last night. I must have slept on it wrong. It's much better this morning.

Did I mention the need for stool softeners?? Just forget about those and go straight to a laxative. Your body will thank me later for that little pearl of wisdom.
YOLO, it's great you're on the other side of it. The peel sounds awful. I hope you get the best results possible! I had the upper bleph about four years ago and it was a breeze by itself. It makes a huge difference all by itself. I hope you love your results!
Oh -- and thanks for the tips regarding stool softeners/laxatives. I will add this to my list.
Yeah, laxative, even better. I had constipation so bad that the bearing down caused my face to swell and bleed even more. About the ear - mine still hurt when I sleep on them at 2 mos post op.

Day 8!!!!!

I'm driving!!! And it feels really good!!! Not far, but yay me!!! Now when I got out of the car I definitely got some uncomfortable looks. I held my head high and smiled.

Behind my ears are very tender, but other than that, I'm feeling good. :-)
Thanks --- I do feel like I'm on the upswing and it really hasn't been that bad. I have eyelids!!!! I have a neck!!!!! I'd do it again in a second. :-)

Day 9!!!!

Feeling good!!! I still have tons of swelling, but fortunately, very very little pain. I do have that "strap" feeling under my neck, but it doesn't bother me. The chemical peel is beginning to heal. Finally!!

Day 11!!!!

Feeling good!!! I'm really glad I'm not going to work anytime soon as I definitely do not feel ready to face the world. I think that 14 days is a really short time to recover from this. My face is still lopsided and the chemical peel is still very raw. I feel like my left side is doing better than my right. Who knows, maybe I just look at it too much.
You're looking great!
You are right, two weeks is not enough time for a facelift! I, and afew others here on RS, who went through our FL at the same time all ended up having to take three weeks off. You're looking great though!
One side of your face will heal more quickly than the other. My right side looks a little lopsided. It is just swelling. And I am 2.5 mos post op. Give it time. You look so much younger!!!

Day 13!!!!

Maybe it's time to put a little makeup on. HA!!!
At Day 13, you're really coming along. You look fantastic!
Thanks!!' Feeling almost human again. :-)

Feeling Great!!!

So yesterday, during a shower, this HUGE scab fell off behind my ear. It felt so good after it fell. I didn't even realize it was back there. Under my neck is still tight, but oddly I find that comforting. This was one of the big things I worried about, that it would drive me insane, but it's really ok.
All in all, I find that I'm doing much better than I thought.
Congratulations! You are getting over the hump..hopefully things will keep getting better from here on out. BTW, I totally agree w/you that the changes to our face happen dramatically after menopause. I've read that we lose 30% of the collagen to our faces after menopause because of the lack of estrogen, it is directly correlated. Unfortunately for me, I was post menopausal at 42 and boy, I felt like my face caved in over night. Fortunately, for now, I have used fillers and botox to make it acceptable but I am anticipating that within 3 years, by age 50, I will also need a facelift. Best of luck on your recovery. Please keep us posted. Amelia


I saw my 3 year old grandbaby today and she said, "Nonnie, you are HEALING". Sweet baby girl. She's right, I'm healing!! Still away to go, but doing ok. My neck hurts at night, but I love it!! Can't wait for the swelling in my cheeks and eyes to go down.

6 months!!!

Yay!! 6 months have gone by and honestly, most times I forget that I've gone through a facelift.
You look GREAT!!!!
You look great! My surgery was scheduled just 4 days before yours, but I had to postpone because my husband had an accident :( I am scheduled for September 12 and here I go again, feeling so nervous and excited at the same time. Congrats you look very happy and pretty, what a change!
I remember that laly59!! Good luck to you on the 12th. It's really not that bad. And whatever discomfort you experience, you will forget about. I was reading my comments and I'm glad I wrote about it, I definitely don't remember. :-)
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