20 Y/o Had Under Eye Bags my Entire Life - Got Tired of the Questions and Sleepy Looks

Not much of a review but will upload pictures of...

Not much of a review but will upload pictures of before and after. I've had this problem for the longest. I never actually noticed it until elementary school when I was bothered by the questions. I notice it was hereditary from my mother who has not had any type of correction. My consultation was welcoming and two weeks after I got my surgery.


I have to find pictures in my phone where you can see the under eye bags real well..

Post Op

Before surgery . These pictures don't show much justice though .

Post op

Very nice results ! Lookin great!
Hi I was wondering if he offered a payment plan or does it have to be paid in full? Nice results btw!!
Yes , he offers a payment plan through two companies one being care credit . & thanks :)


How long will discoloration of the face will last? It's almost as an owl look with creases . I'll post a picture . It's been a week since the surgery. Maybe it's still a little bruised .
you look WONDERFUL, I get mine done in late August and like you I have dealt with it my entire life pretty much. I am in my mid-thirties and mine is so bad with bags and hollowing now that I look down right scary and older beyond my years. No level of makeup can even cover mine. I cannot wait to get mine done and I have been wearing makeup to cover it since I was 16. Mine too is hereditary. I must say again you look fantastic! I originally just had bags and circles, but after my kids I got these horrible skeleton like hollows that just looked scary along with the bags and dark circles so I just looked strung out all the time. I cannot wait for my surgery.
Yes ! & thanks . I couldn't go any longer with those bags. To say I look younger than 20 I felt hold with those bags. I'm so ready to see my results. But I have a few worries.
Thank you


I'm kind of worried about my results. I'm anxious to see them but I can't help but notice this big ball under my eye.
Your results look great. Seeing the before and after photos are inspirational. I would also just ask your CS about any concerns you have, and get the opinion of another well respected CS at the same time. Two minds are always better than one. Congratulations on the amazing results once again :) I'm considering having the same surgery, so I may PM you soon.
Yes it's okay. I just had my post op appointment and got his opinion. & thanks
I think you look really great! You will continue to heal, but dont discount going to a 2nd doc asking for a consultation just to get an outside opinion as to how you are healing... the results are incredible as far as I can see...

2 weeks & 2 days post op

Photos from just waking up. I can still see some deep bruising and swellen just as my doctor said. The 30 of June will mark a month and hopefully I see more results I'm looking for.

Side by side

Year before surgery and 23 days after surgery .
Your results look great. I'm 5 weeks post and my results aren't nearly as good as yours. But I'm also a bit older than you.... Same issues with hereditary bags led me to my surgery.

One Month

Up close there still is a knot under my right eye.
Hello. Your results are beautiful. Keep posting pictures! !
Thanks & I will try my best .
Holy cow this is remarkable! I am SO doing this. Thank you for sharing!

Lumps & bags appearing after one month

I went to my second post op appointment on 07/16. I told my cs about how I felt my left eye still looked like a bag under it and how my right eye had a bump. It's only been one month. Two months on 7/30. So, I was told it was swelling and that it need more time to heal. If it still appear by my appointment in Sept-Oct he will inject steroid shots .

Morning photos

Month 2

July 30 .. Sorry for late upload ..
Hi.did you get transconjunctival surgery? The one where they go inside to remove fat. Because I don't see scars or anything.
Yes . Sorry I forgot to state that.

September 2014

Hey I see the dark circles have lightened up. .looks good. Hopefully mine will too. I'M starting to wonder if Surgery was the right thing to do.

oct 11

I have a post op appointment on Wed. Hopefully it's sighing he can do & suggest for the fat that still seems to be under my eyes. My right upper eyelid is real swollen.

Do yall see a difference ? I need other people opinions. In before and after

Light vs Dark

In the sun you can still see my bags but in a room you they aren't noticeable. This is as in taking pictures not face to face.
You look beautiful!
You look lovely i have to get my eyes redone got surgery in Prague was a disaster .
You look beautiful- great job on your eyes!
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His in interaction was the warmest. I had no doubt about him so I scheduled and didn't give it anytime.

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