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Exilis on my Tummy After Pregnancy - Baton Rouge, LA

I have a small area of lose skin around my belly...

I have a small area of lose skin around my belly button from pregnancy.I just completed my sixth exilis treatment on my tummy. I don't see any changes yet, but am still hopeful. It's only been a month and a half so we will see...the procedure is not bad at all. It can get very hot but it is tolerable.

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Where were your sessions done? I'm looking at a Dr in a Baton Rouge as well and just wondering if it's the same place.
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Hi! I'm no expert, but I did have Exilis on my neck, arms and upper thighs. I had about four sessions and saw no improvement, whatsoever. The nurse was very candid from the beginning and said some people do very well and others have no visible results. I spent about $2500 for no results. I find the Alma Accent machine works better for me, and the Viora Reaction. You have such a small area to tighten, improvement should have been visible after two treatments. My opinion, of course!
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Just remember that when body contouring, while fat loss will start to occur fairly quickly (before the end of the treatment series), skin tightening takes 3 to 4 months after the final treatment for full results as it takes that long for the body to heal and new collagen and elastin to grow in the area treated. Body areas generally need 4-6 treatments and if skin tightening is the goal, patience is required!
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